BREAKING: Founder Arrested For “Disorderly Conduct” of Trying to Leave Home

MPD patrolman Ryan Olsen prepares to assault software programmer and father Jeremy Kauffman.

MPD patrolman Ryan Olsen prepares to assault software programmer and father Jeremy Kauffman.

Originally streamed to his social media profile live, Jeremy Kauffman of has been arrested for “Disorderly Conduct” by a Manchester police officer for simply trying to leave his home. The Manchester police state descended on Kauffman’s neighborhood to conduct a homicide investigation in a home at 332 Hanover St., which is apparently near where Kauffman lives. Apparently this included preventing all the neighbors from simply leaving their own properties, a lot like being locked down in a prison by the guards.

Kauffman, a respected software engineer and entrepreneur currently CEO and founder of the decentralized blockchain-based media protocol called recorded the threats and eventual attack by Manchester Police’s patrolman Ryan Olsen on his smartphone. In the approx two minute video, Kauffman is in his driveway and explains to the viewer that he is being kept in his property against his will by the arbitrary detention by MPD. He is not told he’s a suspect in the homicide investigation but is being prevented from leaving to pick up his son.

When he merely walks down his driveway to investigate what is happening near his own home, Kauffman is threatened by officer Olsen who tells him to “go back that way” and when Kauffman asks on what law he’s basing his orders, Olsen says “I’m not gonna tell you again.” When pressed to cite the statute, Olsen pulls out the old police catch-all, “Disorderly Conduct“. Seconds later, Olsen leaves his post across the street, shouting at Kauffman, then manhandles him after telling him repeatedly to “walk back please”. Please? Is this a request or an order?

Olsen arrests Kauffman, charging him with a “Class A” misdemeanor version of “Disorderly Conduct”, which means Kauffman will be facing down up to a year in jail for his heroic non-cooperation with the oppressive Manchester police state. He was released on PR bail pending arraignment in Manchester District Court.

YouTube Version:

LBRY Version:

Jeremy Kauffman, Founder of

Jeremy Kauffman, Founder of

Despite the awful arrest by the terrible Manchester cops – the worst gang in the state – it was refreshing to see some courageous activist video by a Manchester area activist. Kudos to Jeremy for doing a great job standing up for his freedom to travel and proving that when the police state comes down, we’re all just in a big open air general population prison cell. If only we had more activists like him. May his example inspire others to stand up to the police state. Freedom was never won by begging.

Related news: Keene Cop Block has just released our new updated-for-2018 know-your-rights flyer! It’s a simple rundown of individual rights when dealing with the police. It is intended for distribution across New Hampshire, but may also be useful to other areas. It’s informative and keeps-it-simple. 2018 Edition: Front Side / Back Side. I’ve handed out several hundred of these in just the last two weeks around Keene State College and the students really appreciate the information.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for developments in this case.

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  1. Kudos to Jeremy for standing up for his rights!

  2. Very proud of him ..

  3. You need to go and pick up your kid from the babysitter but you say you are more interested in what’s going on. So your kid is obviously second or further down the line in your life. Instead of listening to the officer you chose being arrested. It was a crime scene. What part of that did you miss. I have a feeling there is more to this then what was shown on video. Again, I’m sure your kid feels real special knowing dad chose to go to jail instead of picking him up. You are a bad parent.

  4. -Police State New Hampshire- Glad I don’t live there. LOL at Jacks.

  5. Good to do, and good to record and broadcast.
    Optics matter though. You had a real reason to leave, but then you erased the exigency by saying it wasn’t that important after all.
    The fact is, you did have a important reason to leave, not that you really needed one.

  6. Gary Trieste – It doesn’t matter what kind of reason he gave for leaving. He chose to go to jail instead of picking his child up. He said that on the video. I’m sure there is a lot more ‘video” then what was shown here.

  7. ^ Bootlicking is a serious religion for some people.

  8. Jumping Jacks: Are you retarded? I don’t use that word lightly. When a police officer makes an arrest which obviously occurred the video camera stops recording because the cops will shut off the device. It’s standard operating procedure. He didn’t choose to go to jail instead of picking up his child because they wouldn’t let him go pick up his child and he didn’t choose to be arrested. The cop made that decision. The only decision he made was in regard to confronting the officer about the situation. Obviously he knew full well that this officer was going to utilize violence against him for doing so, but the arrest, abuse, and kidnapping was entirely on the officer.

    David: Manchester is not New Hampshire. It’s the only city I’ve seen that doesn’t fear activists and thanks to people from Keene and now maybe Jeremy we’ll begin to tackle Manchester. Manchester cops don’t fear us because of what I believe is a lack of leadership on the activism front in the city. A select handful of Manchester activists are politically talented, but most are shitty at on-the-ground activism sneering at it as if it were a disease. The reality is we need on-the-ground activism like this to draw in more activists. This is the sort of activism that has made the political battles possible. Without on the ground activism we would not have seen the Free State Project succeed. On the ground activism results in video and evidence that there are in fact a lot of other like minded people in New Hampshire fighting the good fight- and that it is worthwhile for one to move to the state to partake in that fight.

  9. Jacks: The officer never said it was a crime scene. He said something about it being a “public scene” whatever that means. The choice of words makes it sound as though its some sort of spectacle intended for public consumption. I couldn’t find any use of this combination of words online or definitions thereof. Using language that doesn’t have any meaning or doesn’t communicate with the masses is effectively meaningless. Maybe he was saying it was a crime scene, but if an officer can’t effectively communicate it’s hard to argue a law was broken here. A person receiving the order does generally have to have been communicated to in a language they understand.

  10. johnson – There is more to this story then him just walking out and getting arrested without warning. He did choose to be arrested instead of picking up his child. He made that clear a number of times. By the way, you people can’t read minds. You have no clue as to what a officer is going to do or not. You are pathetic to defend that fool when he clearly chose being arrested over picking up his child. He even said he didn’t care if he was arrested. Where does that put his kid in his life? . If he is choosing his activism and the consequences of those actions over his child, CPS should get involved. He made it very clear where he drew the line. Activism over his own child. Don’t forget, I’m sure most of the story is on the cutting room floor. Ian and all the other minions love to edit videos and exclude anything that shows them in the wrong. You are focusing on the wrong thing. So, I suggest you pull yourself off of the cross you nailed yourself to and look at things for what they really are instead of some idiot’s edited video.

  11. Jacks my love, I’ll remind you that the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the right to record public officials in public places is a clearly established freedom (Glik v. Cunniffe). This ruling is practically legendary in libertarian circles, Jacks. I’m surprised you’ve completely forgotten about it.

    And there’s more, Jacks! Last year, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals came to a similar decision (Fields v. City of Philadelphia)! They ruled that the First Amendment’s protections extend to people who use their smartphones to record police interactions with other parties while in public view.

    These rulings make things pretty clear, don’t they pookums? One of the purposes of the First Amendment is to protect privacy. But there can be no expectation of privacy when someone chooses to conduct their affairs within public view. This means that if police officers wish to avoid scrutiny, then they’d better find someplace private to conduct their affairs – not arrest every looky-loo who refuses to obey an order to move along.

    Now Jacks, since you’re always standing up for the notion that the law’s the law, I would think you’d want to hold government workers to the same standard. Do you think you’re doing that here?

  12. Jacks: I’m designating you officially retarded.

    “He even said he didn’t care if he was arrested. Where does that put his kid in his life?”

    He stated very clearly in the video that his kid was taken care of and his reason for continuing to protest the officer was clear. The officer was blatantly violating his rights. You know this because he threatened to arrest based on charges that were not applicable. There is no case here. He was released on personal reconnaissance within a few hours of arrest and the case will be dropped or won in court. There won’t be any jail time. After that there may even be a civil suit over the officers violation of his fundamental rights. You can generally get really close to an officer and he can’t legally do shit to stop you. Police are not liable for your safety regardless so whether you act against there advice or not does not matter. Exceptions to stopping you would be if there was a clear and imminent danger. There clearly was no imminent danger in this case as the officers made no such claim.

  13. I sympathize with you BC, but I’m afraid that Jacks is the sort creature who prefers to show tacit obedience to government workers instead of demanding that they respect his rights. In his mind, any order barked from a government worker must immediately be obeyed regardless of any demonstrable evidence of lawbreaking. Sadly, creatures like Jacks are completely oblivious to the menace this sort of thinking has created. And now it’s become quite commonplace. Fortunately for us freedom-loving sorts, the courts have been reversing this trend, and it’s been leaving a bad taste in Jacks’s mouth ever since. Isn’t that right, Jacks?

  14. He’s already jumped to advocating that the government take Kauffman’s child from him by force and put the kid into state care where it will end up in the perilous foster system or up for adoption, despite the absolute mountains of evidence of the harm that is done to children by separating them from their families (yes, especially their fathers). All because Kauffman wanted to be free from coercive force in his own front yard. Bootlickers are insane and they would use your kids as levers to make you obey.

  15. Wishing terrible things upon his political rivals (or their children) is far from unusual for the likes of Jacks, KA. You really should stick around to see the full scope of Jacks’s character. He fervently admires all sorts of awful things – like prison rape for instance.

  16. Bit catcher – Designating me a “retard” clearly shows your immaturity. Activists are always whining the police are violating their rights which is clearly BS since most of you lose in court, waste taxpayer money, and in no time busted again for the same thing. He clearly said he was going to pick up his kid from the babysitter. When the officer confronted him, he then started saying he will go to jail. So instead of cooperating with the officer, he blew his kid off and asked to go to jail. He chose his activism over his own child. There is no denying that because he said that numerous times on the video. Also, I’m sure the video was edited and I’m sure there was an initial confrontation with the officer prior to when the video started. So spare me the constant standing up for this guy when he clearly chose his activism over his own child. Yes, CPS needs to do a check because of his statements.

    Kekkai Axltl – I never advocated the “government” take his kid away. That is how you activists are, you spread lies and rumors which truly shows your character and slam anyone who has a different opinion.

  17. Trying to elicit sympathy by pretending you’ve been misunderstood is a waste of calories, Jacks. You just have too poor of a reputation here for that to be credible. So let’s be candid, my love. You’re well aware that CPS is an agency notorious for taking children away from their parents. It’s what they do, dear. Everyone knows this. And that’s precisely why you brought it up, now isn’t it pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? There aren’t any obvious cuts in that video. That means it’s very unlikely Mr. Kauffman “edited” it to mislead people. You keep saying that because you’re hoping it will help bolster your opinion that its authenticity is questionable, aren’t you pookums? I think it’s pretty clear who’s really spreading lies and rumors, eh Jacks?

  18. Jacks: Your claim “most of us lose in court” isn’t entirely factual. There are actually a lot of cases where we have won or otherwise gotten exactly what we wanted. That double parking ticket win at trial resulted in over 100,000 views on YouTube already and the prosecutor was so embarrassed by it they dropped another case involving another activist recently. Then there was the robin hooding which was won at every level and the FSP President Carla Gericke Won a Federal Case Against Weare Police. darryl w perry won a parking ticket on another occasion. James Cleveland won his case. Activist found not guilty of resisting arrest, gets mistrial on disorderly conduct charge, and they didn’t even attempt to retry the mistrial on disorderly charge. While convicted Rich Paul won in a sense at his drug trial. While threatened with over 100 years in prison if he dared to fight the criminal charges and he did dare to fight those charges he only got a year. He could have squealed on his friends and gotten no time, but he didn’t. In fact most of the cases I can think of we won. There are multiple lawsuits that are in the works as well against at least one city. Ohh Carla won another civil case too. The only case I can think of at the moment which was lost was over an unregistered pet and ians misuse of plates trial. Though if you look at both cases they were won in the sense we achieved what we set out to achieve in some respect fighting those cases. Phh shit then there was the disorderly conduct and crossing the street case that the charges were dropped on too. There are probably a few cases “lost” I’m not recalling, but to say we usually lose is entirely wrong and misleading.

  19. Well said ft. It’s also important to point out that the City of Keene wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of the taxpayers’ money on their appeals against the Robin Hooders as well. And they lost every single one of them to boot.

    Now bear in mind that in Jacks’s mind at least, none of that is wasted money. After all, it was used for the purposes of hurting his political rivals. You just need to ignore the fact that at least some of the taxpayers would have preferred seeing that money spent on something other than a team of expensive trial lawyers.

  20. fun tastic – If you think getting a year in jail over 10 years i jail is a win, then I suggest you check how those convictions follow you for life. Look at Ademo, Locked up in prison for transporting illegal drugs across state lines. Convicted of wire tapping, He has multiple felonies after his name all drug related. I’ve watched a number of freekeene videos of these people in court and lose. Two copblockers molested a 14 y/o female. When it came time for their arrests, they high tailed it to Mexico where they killed themselves. Ian still has an open case regarding child pornography. Derrick lost multiple court battles and ended up in jail. He was up for more charges but ran to another state until the statute of limitations wore out. Chris Cantwell was one of Ian’s freekeene minions. I don’t think i have to go into much about the crying nazi. Don’t forget about JP “Matt Phillips” and all the arrests and court losses he has. The list goes on. The guy in the video chose his activism over his own child. I’m only scratching the surface. Most freekeeners don’t have their vehicles registered in New Hampshire. They claim residence in other states. Except Ian who was busted and loss in court for this matter.

  21. Jacks: “If you think getting a year in jail over 10 years i jail is a win, then I suggest you check how those convictions follow you for life. ” Your off by a factor of more than 10 here jacks. Rich Paul was facing over 100 years in prison and the jury clearly though that was absurd. It was definitely a win. Rich Paul may have his issues, but this conviction won’t impact him in the least, as it might otherwise with other people. What you have failed to take into account is that there are a lot of people in this community who have no issue with hiring a convicted felon. His conviction is a badge of honor that will guarantee him employment in spite of the fact he may otherwise not really have been qualified for the job. Rich’s biggest issue isn’t his conviction, not that is an advantage for him, but rather his biggest issue employment wise is elsewhere and it has nothing to do with his arrest.

    “Ademo, Locked up in prison for transporting illegal drugs across state lines. Convicted of wire tapping, He has multiple felonies after his name all drug related.”

    Ok- in spite of this you name a person who served very little time for a pretty serious (in legal terms) amount of drugs for which nobody has any doubt he was transporting. This case had nothing to do with politics so I’m failing to see your point here. I hate to break it to you but there aren’t that many people in this community who have been arrested or convicted of any crimes. There are simply a lot of people here and thus you will have a percentage (probably even less than the population at large) who have committed crimes. None of the people here you are talking about have committed a violent act and that is what is key.

    “Two copblockers molested a 14 y/o female. ”

    Patently false. Ian was never tried nor convicted of anything and the other rep plead guilty to charges that had nothing to do with molestation. Talking sex with a 14 year old is a crime, but it’s not a violent crime, nor is it molestation.

    “they high tailed it to Mexico where they killed themselves”

    Who the fuck are you talking about? I know of maybe one out pedophile who visited New Hampshire once and as far as I’m aware he didn’t commit suicide. He didn’t stay though. There are I’m sure pedophiles here simply because statistically you are going to have them once a population gets to a certain size. I fail to see how that would be a reflection on a community unless you are utterly retarded at basic math and can’t comprehend that pedophilia is pretty widespread worldwide. Though sex offender registries are going to be highly misleading because the majority on them are no pedophiles, child rapists, rapists, or even violent predators of any kind. Merely these lists mostly consist of people caught up in shitty misguided laws. When most of the people you have targeted were never a threat to society in the first place what you have is a witch hunt no different from the communist scare, terrorism scare, jew scare, or any other round up or lists.

    “Derrick lost multiple court battles and ended up in jail. He was up for more charges but ran to another state until the statute of limitations wore out.”

    You do understand that Derrick was committing acts of civil obedience and they were non-violent. He is hardly representative of the group at large.

    “Chris Cantwell was one of Ian’s freekeene minions. I don’t think i have to go into much about the crying nazi”

    I’m not aware of Cantwell being arrested while also claiming to be a libertarian. Though I don’t know for a fact he was never arrested prior to his conversion to being a white supremacist. However this guy screams government informant anyway so I’m not convinced it would be fair to associate his crimes with us anyway. His post-converting arrest doesn’t count given he isn’t claiming to be one of us any more.

    “Don’t forget about JP “Matt Phillips” and all the arrests and court losses he has. ”

    JP has never claimed to be a libertarian. He didn’t move for the Free State Project. You are more deserving of the association with Ian than JP. The lies you guys tell about JP are worse than the lies JP himself tells. JP has done service to the cause either way regardless of whether or not you or even many libertarians or so-called libertarians like.

    ” Most freekeeners don’t have their vehicles registered in New Hampshire.”

    Not true. I can only hope that more people will register there vehicles out of state. This is a good thing. Not a bad thing. And nobody has been convicted of any crime in this regard anyway. In fact it is completely legal if done correctly. A conviction would probably happen more likely as a result of not having setup things properly. New Hampshire has to recognize out of state vehicle registrations, but the vehicle does have to be registered to a legitimate business. Some of the issues people have with setting stuff up is they aren’t operating a business and also when someone registers a recreational vehicle (motor home) that is clearly not being used for business (but again, they probably could make an argument if they were using it for business).

    ” They claim residence in other states. Except Ian who was busted and loss in court for this matter.”

    I know of maybe one or two people who claim residence in other states. This isn’t a crime. There are different definitions and it depends on the situation. Some people claim domicile here, but not residency. The majority of the law is based on what you claim rather than a definition which makes you a resident upon some action or length of time here.

    “Except Ian who was busted and loss in court for this matter.”

    Again- so what? It’s activism. He has lost some cases and he has won others. Ultimately losing to you is a win for him/us. He actually won on the criminal charges and lost in the wonky land of the licensing commission. You might argue it evens itself out.

  22. FF did a splendid job in picking apart that list of yours, Jacks. So far the only thing you’ve said that’s true is that some of your rivals don’t register their cars. That sort of thing isn’t very scary to most sane people, Jacks. Maybe you should check that list again and find us something juicier to snack on? You did say it goes on and on, now didn’t you pookums?

  23. Fuck Fiat – I suggest you re-read my previous post and get your facts straight.

  24. What’s this, Jacks? More Jacksisms? How ordinary.

  25. P R Stunt by mr.kauffman anyone?

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