“Bitcoin Cast” Interview on Crypto Mecca of New Hampshire

I had the honor of being interviewed on “Bitcoin Cast” on YouTube. I was able to discuss why New Hampshire is the Crypto Mecca and why liberty-friendly cryptocurrency users ought to move here. Thanks to host Christian for having me on. Here’s the video:

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  1. So fucking awesome. Great interview Ian! Now when is he going to move? 🙂

  2. The guy doing the interview looked and sounded like he was stoned. I would still like to know why you think NH is the “crypto meca”? I’ve looked it up on multiple media sites and no where does it say, NH is the “crypto meca”

  3. You know Jacks, I think your problem might be your selection of key words. Are you new to search engines or something, pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? It would probably help you out immensely if you could actually spell “mecca” correctly. What’s up with that, anyway? The correct spelling of the word is right in Ian’s headline for goodness’ sake!

  4. As Drac Vermell has said, i also think that you have a little problem regarding selecting keywords for search engine optimization.

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