YouTube Censors “Hippie vs NAZI” Debate; Watch it Now Thanks to LBRY!

Rich and Chris back when Chris wasn't a racist and was still a libertarian.

Rich and Chris back when Chris wasn’t a racist and was still a libertarian.

A few weeks after Christopher “Crying NAZI” Cantwell faced off with Free Keene blogger Rich Paul in the LRN.FM studio live on Freer Talk Live, I discovered the archive of the epic debate has been wiped off of YouTube.

In an email they sent to the Free Keene account, YouTube claimed they removed the video citing their “community guidelines”:

Content glorifying or inciting violence against another person or group of people is not allowed on YouTube. We also don’t allow any content that encourages hatred of another person or group of people based on their membership in a protected group.

Of course, this did not happen in our debate. Chris was his usual nasty racist self, but the point was to counter him with a strong opposing view. Rich did a great job of defeating Chris’s pro-hate, pro-state views, and really allowing Chris to reveal just how un-libertarian he has become over the years.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can watch the full debate for yourself, thanks to the decentralized video hosting service, LBRY. Interestingly, this YouTube takedown occurred about a year after we announced a partnership with LBRY to host all the videos from the Free Keene YouTube channel. To access the full set of videos, once you’ve installed LBRY, you can just go here. Here’s the full, uncensored “Hippie vs NAZI” Episode One:

That video link is through the LBRY-related site,, but in case that site goes down, the video should always be available directly through LBRY here. Logo – Content Freedom

LBRY is a decentralized blockchain-based media protocol that is protecting the internet from censorship. Kudos to the LBRY crew. Please visit their site to learn more and get involved. In fact, a little further digging reveals LBRY has publicly announced their YouTube channel backup program! If you know a YouTube creator who might appreciate having their videos archived permanently to the blockchain, send them to this link:

With technology like LBRY growing and getting better and better, perhaps we’re at the beginning of the end of the mega tech corporations’ stranglehold over speech online.

In case you were wondering, YouTube did not provide any link in their email that would allow their decision to be appealed.

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  1. Google is a terrible company and I hate it like I hate Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook with a passion. While we are getting off of YouTube lets consider getting ourselves off of GMail while we are at it. What was a decentralized technology has become dominated by a single email provider. I’m not a fan of relying on others period. But at least get off of these major platforms. It is how we end up in this dangerous situation where everybody and anybody who says something some small group doesn’t like gets to control everybody. If they can control what you see and hear they control how you vote. They control everything.

  2. Rich Paul is an ironic representative for “the Hippie” community as he embodies the worst aspects (IMHO) often projected by “the establishment” on the rest of us. During his brief tenure at Chan Acres he managed to show such contempt for the hospitality he was shown by evaluating its worth as “less than $5.00 per day” and sat out about all ‘help around the farm’. At my attempt to stake him ($1,000.00) for Porc Fest 3 years ago, he managed to smoke the capital and stiff the repayment (He is trying now to rescue his reputation by having shuffled, so far, $200 to me thru Sylvan while trying to secure a statement from me that it was a loooooooong term “loan”. No, uh uh, it wasn’t). My only point of admiration toward him is the fantastic speed of his fingers on a COMPUTER KEYBOARD – NOT his fingers in my wallet. As far as the trust one would need to deal crypto with him, if you shake his hand, count your fingers afterward. I have no comment about Chris, having had little contact and less interest. I WISH that there was more overlap between Free Keene and (nearly) pure Agorists as I, but Thoreau guides my Majority Of One ship.

  3. i don’t think they broke new ground… i listened to the whole thing though…I think chris should be careful of his blood pressure…

  4. Of course they are going to censor this video. These two should not be on the air for any reason. Especially Cantwell. Are you looking for a shock value to boost ratings?

  5. Rich has his own problems, but acting as if he’s some sort of exception in the community just contributes to and does not help the social fabric of it. Relax, be weary, and don’t put yourself into situations and be ready to tell people they aren’t welcome or whatever. Some people might be fine to work for and you won’t get stiffed. You might though and you take a risk. Just be grateful if someone is paying you back after they’ve fucked up.

  6. To KK??? If your post is in any way directed to me (John Redman), Rich is “paying me back (MAYbe)” NOT to compensate me else interest would certainly be offered. It’s not. The “offer” to repay me was stated to be to resuscitate his reputation which I rejected in the 1st receipt I signed. Sylvan has a copy. I have more than one piece of evidence to attest to his bad character unrelated to his monopolizing conversations with his string of boring puns. If you are under his sway, I surmise that you MIGHT share his bad character, so, give up your name so that I can avoid you in the future. YOU are throwing shit at MY wall hoping some will stick. One time I was in Area 23 when he walked in, ordered a beer, paying for it with MY money and then walked over and told me that I would NEVER see a dime of that money. Of the $200, so far, I have donated it all to worthy causes as I will with any future “repayments”. As for “exception to the community”, I do not make generalizations about “the community”. I just said what I said and gave no ground in which to plant straw mans [sic]. I would further suggest that you take lessons in sentence composition (” but acting as if he’s some sort of exception in the community just contributes to and does not help the social fabric of it. ” but acting as if he’s some sort of exception in the community just contributes to and does not help the social fabric of it.” and “weary”). Actually, your entire post sucks.

  7. I didn’t care enough about what you were saying to really write even a handful of coherent sentences. To attack someone based on their shotty wording tells others more about you than about me. It also undermines demonstrates a character flaw in you. I understand someone getting upset. However to hold a grudge like this is pathetic. It is apparent you and Rich are a lot alike. Both are flawed and I’m OK with that.

    I may not take advantage of you like Rich might, but at the same time I recognize his issues and don’t let him or anybody else take advantage of me. As a libertarian I recognize that I am responsible for my own actions or lack of actions and nobody else. If I let someone take advantage of me that is my own flaw. I don’t go blaming the other person.

    If he pulled that shit with me I would tell the bar I didn’t authorize it and they can go after him to whatever degree they so desire. If the bar charged me anyway I’d reject the charges (assuming they held a card). That is a shitty thing to do to someone no doubt and I wouldn’t put it past Rich to do that, but I also recognize that sometimes you have to step up to the plate and not let people who might take advantage of you do so. That includes working for others. Yea- sometimes shit happens. Businesses go under. You take a risk working for someone else. Same thing with driving to the store. Sometimes people make mistakes and kill others. Yes, maybe they shouldn’t have done that thing they did. But it’s not entirely on them. You took on a risk of injury by driving down that street.

  8. Blah blah blah. Tell me who you are so that I can avoid you in the future. My issue is that RP wants to use me to resuscitate his soiled reputation. No, won’t do that. I wrote that on the 1st receipt for the 1st $100. He is a slimeball and caution others who might do crypto transactions involving him where trust is involved. Some floozy was advocating in his behalf and I ignored her. Would that be YOU, kk? BTW, he used CASK to pay for that beer, not my card. WHERE did you come up with that far-fetched notion? Again, your post, blah blah blah, go suck lemons.

  9. are you in love with RP kk downings?

  10. go sick lemons… unless you have scurvy… if you have scurvy drink some salt water

  11. ok maybe i was a little harsh wanting you to suffer from scurvy… you wuss

  12. Do I, then, have a last mane for kk? Downings is it? Thanks. That will prolly be enough to shun him/her.

  13. it’s actually not.. i just use that… sorry.. if you look up kk downing he’s a guitar player

  14. Heck! I had my hopes up.

  15. So, Rich Paul has reinvented himself AGAIN, claims that his new persona is “honest”. No liberty lovers, he is anything but honest plus his continuing punstering will not save his rep, not as long as I have input about it.

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