Nobody Declares as Candidate for NH Governor, to Primary Incumbent Republican Chris Sununu in 2020!

Nobody at WKNH

Nobody has announced his campaign for NH Governor in 2020

Citing the demands of the people, former Keene mayoral candidate Nobody has publicly declared his candidacy for governor of New Hampshire. Nobody, who legally changed his name in August will be filing to run in the 2020 republican gubernatorial primary against incumbent Chris Sununu. At this point, Nobody is the only candidate thus far to challenge Sununu in the primary.

The self-described anarchist and libertarian spoke about his run today on WAAF-FM in Massachusetts, saying he would pardon all victimless criminals as soon as he takes the office. Nobody specifically mentioned pardons for all non-violent drug, prostitution, and gambling convicts.

You can see his official announcement on his campaign website

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  1. Another freekeene joke. It would appear Ian and his minions would like to be taken seriously but they do ridiculous stunts that leave people looking at them as a bunch of red headed step children. Rich “nobody” Paul continues to make a mockery out of our right to vote. freekeene has been doing this for several years and it doesn’t change anything or people’s opinions of freekeene.

  2. Like.

  3. Boy Jacks, that’s an awful lot of self-righteousness to be cramming into one post. You really need to learn how to pace yourself, don’t you think pookums?

  4. @ jumping jacks, So which part of Nobody’s platform do you disagree with ? Victimless crime issues?

    Are you in favor of taking people’s money against their will, (stealing) to make them participate in paying for jailing, housing and feeding people who’ve never harmed anyone ?

    Are you opposed to people engaging in consensual sex ? Gambling ?

    Also are you familiar with the etymology of the word “government” ?

    I’ve heard it breaks down as “govern” = control and “ment” or menses (latin) = mind.
    So it’s origins indicate government actually means “mind control”. Those clever bastards!

    Isn’t it kind of neat how cannabis helps people regain control of the rational parts of their mind and escape external oppressive and hypocritical indoctrination , at least in their own thoughts anyway ?

    Also, WTF? It’s always the poor red headed step children. Can’t we give them a break?

  5. Attention seeking, laughs at his own puns, personal cheat, wants WHAT? Anyone contributing to this clown’s campaign is buying weed for his own consumption. Pat Paulson was funny. This guy ——– isn’t.

  6. I don’t know about you, Bob but I just can’t wait to read the canned response Jacks is sure to be preparing for you! Isn’t the suspense just unbearable?

  7. Typical of New Hampshire Republican, I hold some Libertarian beliefs. For example, Nobody’s positions on pot and victimless crimes are worthy of consideration. However, most of our tax dollars in New Hampshire go for public education of our children. So, candidates like Ian Freeman or Nobody lose all credibility when they call for “Voluntary” taxes. It makes them look like aging, childless,selfish individuals who can’t be taken seriously. I would suggest thinking that through more carefully and coming up with more responsible positions. We need public tax money for public education, roads, police etc. etc. Criticizing how some of it is spent is totally legitimate.

  8. Bob C – I don’t consider him as a qualified candidate. He and the freekeeners have mocked the electoral process for a number of years. Why then would they try to run for office when none of them have any experience and mock the system?

    RNP – Is not speaking for he people of New Hampshire. He is speaking for freekeeners. Let me ask you this, Would you want your mother or sister or even your own daughter to engage in sex for hire? As you people say, it is a victimless crime. Oh wait, unless she gets beaten beyond recognition, killed, contracts HIV, syphilis, hepatitis not to mention multiple STDs. On top of that, she will pass that on to all her customers who will bring it home to their wives and or girlfriends. Yeah, that sounds like a victimless crime.

    Regarding cannabis, scientists are learning more and more of it’s negative properties all the time. To actually elude to marijuana helping people “get control of the rational parts of their brains” Are you serious? marijuana does the opposite. Why do you have to numb yourself with drugs? What is so bad in life that illegal drugs will will solve? Nothing If you can’t handle reality then you are the problem and need help. Not self medication. RNP thinks this is a good idea and he thinks he’s running for office. Nothing better then a person with a brain composition of 11% malted hops and 80% bong resin to make important decisions for the people of NH.

    Yeah, RNP isn’t running for the people of NH. He is running for himself and the freekeeners.

  9. @ Jumping jacks, I think you meant “allude” rather than elude. Malapropisms in combination with conflation and lack of evidence are poor substitutes for a coherent argument.

    Whether I’d want a family member to be a prostitute or not, doesn’t change the fact what other people do isn’t my business. Prostitution is a more honest trade than police work anyway. Since it involves a voluntary exchange, if it weren’t voluntary it would be rape. Speaking of involuntary human interactions…

    …Police work. Police are said to “protect” you, yet people in a given jurisdiction can’t opt out and are forced to pay, or be harmed. So, there’s your dishonesty. If you force an unwilling person to pay you against their will, that hardly sounds like actual protection. Human interactions which involve involuntary exchanges shouldn’t be seen as a win-win, because they aren’t. In that regard, the involuntary aspect, assures somebody is being wronged, and that’s why Police work is like rape.

  10. Yet no one has ever talked about outlawing banking because they’re a target for bank robbers, now have they Jacks?

  11. Now LFOD honey, you’re being a tad unkind, don’t you think? After all, libertarians are in favor of the most responsible position of them all. You know, the one where instead of stealing from our neighbors (especially the ones without any children), we pay for the education of our own children our damn selves. Sounds fair doesn’t it?

  12. It might be fair, Drac, but it is not feasible. What happens to people who can’t afford to pay or even are unwilling to pay?

  13. What happens if I refuse to pay for a gallon of milk, LFOD? Simple. I don’t get my milk!

    Anyway, have you considered the fact that if government were to get out of the education business, the number of private schools would increase to accommodate the glut of new customers? Prices would go down too. And that’s good for everybody – particularly those of lesser means. Do public school prices ever go down? Nope. Lack of competition means never having to please your customers.

    As for those who can’t afford to educate their own children? Tough. Let them apply for hardship scholarships or something. It’s not really any of my business. I was smart enough to plan out my finances before I decided to have kids. Why should I have to pay for my neighbor’s kids just because their parents were too irresponsible to do the same?

  14. @Live free or die, it’s good to be concerned about people who can’t pay for something. In the absence of a central coercion based “authority” , you’d be free to help those you thought needed help. You’d also have more resources to do it with, since if the coercion goes away so does the wrongful and wasteful oxymoronic “property tax” .

    Nobody should stop you from funding your own good ideas, just like you shouldn’t force anyone to fund your ideas, if other people don’t share your idea etc. Besides lying to children and telling them “bullying is wrong” and then using bullying to fund government schools is dishonest and shameful. We can do better than that, I hope.

  15. around the turn of the 19th into the 20th century…the usa was much more libertarian there were no social safety nets etc… Libertarians think there was no cause and effect…regarding safety nets…it was just the big old mean government wanting to be mean so they invented SS and welfare..ive listened alot to libertarians and …churches and giving didnt cut it..maybe its because our country is large … and YES i said OUR country…

  16. David, it’s important to differentiate between charity and forcible redistribution wouldn’t you say?

    If you don’t think so, I’ll be by your house later to borrow “our car”. Can you make sure it has a full tank of gas and how about packing a lunch for me also? None of that cheap bologna either.

    I’ve scheduled you this weekend to rake my leaves, I mean SOMEBODIES gotta do it and I’ll be busy. I’m sure you’ll understand. Thanks in advance.

  17. Bob C. – You chose to avoid my question. “Would you want your mother or sister or even your own daughter to engage in sex for hire”? I don’t know of one person who has ever said they want to be a prostitute when they grow up. Maybe that would help you with my question. I’m sure if you polled 100 families they would all say no to prostitution. So, how would you protect those sex workers from getting beaten or catch a horrible disease?

    Scientist are learning more about the effects of THC. They are not promising results. Brain and organ damage has occurred, genetic alterations have been noted. Especially with higher and higher levels of THC.

    Police work is not like rape. You will have your day in court if you disagree with the officer’s citation. It’s been that way for many many ways. Blaming police officers for everything is ridiculous. How about taking ownership for your own actions. Yes, unfortunately there are a few bad apples in any profession. It happens. But there are more good police officer’s then bad officers. The media loves to blow up stories for ratings. So do activists with cameras.

  18. bob c i was talking about people dying or starving, and families living on the street…Raking and cars are incidental…they didnt make ss and etc for cats and raking

  19. further i think of people with no family… no help…nothing…main breadwinners. stricken by debilitating illness.. the welfare system didnt come because there wasnt a need…a mandate came because generous benevolence did not cut it…

  20. fly under the tax radar..i dont care

  21. im just posing arguments libertarians avoid..

  22. i think the libertarian would lose his libertarianness like so much morning dew evaporating if he was struck by polio or something worse..

  23. When you start a voluntary charity David, I’d be happy to make a contribution.
    I don’t know about you, but when people demand I do something and threaten to hurt me if I don’t, it makes me feel bad.

    As far as people being homeless, you might already know that government regulations at least in part help create this and other regulations often prevent the free market from solving this.

    When I was a much younger man, it was common for people who needed money to rent rooms in their homes at a low price to people who couldn’t afford much. Now people aren’t “allowed” to do that. All those cheap housing possibilities don’t exist anymore. Unless you attended the Bernie Sanders School of Economics, you’d understand that regulations have depressed housing supply, and driven up prices for the remaining housing units.

    By the way, how you coming on that sandwich? …I’m getting a little hungry.

  24. @ jumping jacks, Nope didn’t avoid your question. I’m sorry if you thought I was eluding you.

    Let me be clear, NO, I wouldn’t want a female relative to be a prostitute. Which has exactly nothing to with whether or not it should be their choice. What other people do with their body is their business, not mine, not yours, not 500 other persons choice.

    As far as scary diseases, how does the exchange of money or other property for sex cause diseases anymore than consensual sex that doesn’t involve money? Do the “scary diseases” lay in wait in peoples genitals and at the first sign of value changing hands, the scary diseases leap out ?

    Police are paid via an involuntary human interaction. That’s what it means when you’re not allowed to opt out and you must pay. Rape is an involuntary interaction, wherein the victim is prevented from opting out. Of course Police, in some circumstances could be worse than rapists, since rapists are nearly universally despised, whereas Police are usually legally exempt from any repercussions when they violate people.

    If Cannabis is so bad, why has the Federal Government issued itself a patent #6630507, for the medicinal properties ?

  25. bob you talk about the free market.. the free market created welfare and ss..etc, safety nets… that was a solution to free market failure..again that stuff didnt come out of nothing..

  26. Things that start with force aren’t solutions David.

    If you want to polish FDR’s knob, wake him up and ask him why he confiscated gold and incarcerated Japanese Americans without due process then get back to me.

    Still willing to help you when you start your own charity!

  27. im not polishing anyone…there was a vacuum and it was filled…there was a need and it was fixed..i don’t have a charity

  28. So if I took your things David and gave them to people I thought needed them, despite your protests, would I have a charity?

  29. robinhood took from the rich and gave to the poor…call it what you want…at the turn of the 20th century, it wasnt “i thought needed them”…it was dying people…I think rich people dont need five cars and 6 houses…if we are going to talk about what we think people need

  30. Bob – Thank you for your clarification of your answer. I suggest you do some digging into what prostitution is all about including it’s victims, crimes, STDs, etc.

    This may clear a few things up – There are multiple periodicals with extensive studies regarding prostitution and STDs.

    Cannabis – You shouldn’t fool yourself. There aren’t as many Dr.s out there prescribing marijuana as you may think.

    The police – Sorry guy but what you have said about police officers is media generated and activist stated. There is no scientific proof to back up your statements. Police do a good job. No one meets a police officer because it’s a wonderful day. When someone has been a victim of crime, it is not uncommon that the fight or flight in us kicks in. Our minds try to comprehend what has happened and we begin to act irrational including irrational thinking. That in it’s self will distort facts.

  31. What an idiotic reaction. Where does the money go when a person buys 5 cars, 6 houses? It gets circulated to people who work for it. It should not be redistributed by progcommies who keep much and have not earned a penny of it. The free market takes care of the people that deserve it. Do I think that some should starve? Yes, control freaks, first, and those that won’t work.

  32. Drac and Bob C: I agree that parents should be financially responsible. I believe that I was and that I am. But, if a young girl gets pregnant and is poor, it is absurd to think that we, as a Society, have no responsibility for that child. You are entitled to see it differently, but the consequences of your approach will be dramatic as that child grows up in your Libertarian Dream World without Education, Food, Health Care etc. It is not the same thing as refusing to pay for a gallon a milk, Drac. Whether you two understand it or not, there are shared responsibilities that come from living in a modern society. I simply disagree with you two. Fortunately, almost everybody else does,too.

  33. I’m with Weedaclaus and Drac, not you. “She” may make requests but no more. You may respond to “her” requests” but not by force spread that to me. MY society is voluntariest, not compulsory. I won’t be joining YOUR soviet.

  34. You know LFoD, when you want your neighbors to “share” things with you, don’t you think that threatening them with prison if they say no is a tad out of line? But then, you don’t really want to share a thing, now do you? What you really want is to force others to do what you’ve convinced yourself is best for everyone, and then pat yourself on the back for being such a unselfish guy.

    The consequences of your approach has in short order destroyed the productiveness of pretty much every service government boobs have insisted only they can provide. Education is getting increasingly expensive, as is healthcare, police services, and a slew of other things. I can’t identify anything that has been gained from any of this.

  35. john calling someone a Idiot is a logical falacy…i already addressed your “argument’s” failors…i dont block people who ARGUE.. “idiotic” is not argument…had you read the earlier remarks you could see that your theory was tested and failed..long before you were born…im done responding to you and you adhominums

  36. in short shush josh Redman.. government isnt the free-market…just like rocks are not

  37. @Live free or die, Things that I think would be nice if people did, aren’t the same things as what people must do. Practicing charity is nice. Forcing people to pay for your ideas is not nice. It’s wrong and It’s not, by definition, charity either.

    People must not violate others rights to peacefully self determine. If people do violate others, AGAIN, they’re wrong. That’s why we use the term “violate” in that instance. Don’t bully others. It’s what, ahem, “society” tells kids in kindergarten, “don’t hit or take other kids stuff”. Of course, later some of the kids figure out the school they’re forced to attend, is funded by force, which is kind of ironic. Well, actually very ironic.

    Voluntary contributions are the only way to fund actual charity. Involuntary “contributions” are so much like theft, I’m comfortable calling it theft (because it is) . Please don’t advocate theft anymore or at least have the honesty to call it theft, when it’s an involuntary taking. (that’s what theft is…somebody takes your shit…whether you like it or not)

    To call something that relies on involuntary funding, “charity”, is dishonest and frankly, word abuse. Ideas which rely on word abuse / euphemisms are suspect. It’s almost like some people only look at the desired outcome and don’t consider the means to get there as being important too. I hope you consider that before you advocate violating others or having others do it on your behalf.

    I commend you for being concerned about young poor mothers. Would you, personally, steal from your neighbors to help young poor mothers? That’s what you are advocating, taking property against the will of the rightful owner. Why do you want a society that is built on that ?

    I’m responsible for respecting your right to self determine, but not for running your life. Although, it does appear you could use some advice on the proper meanings of some words.

    I’m not responsible for the actions of a poor young mother, anymore than a poor young mother is responsible for doing my dishes or shoveling my driveway or any other things involving me. When you try to make some people responsible for the actions of others, you send a confusing message to people, that they aren’t responsible for their own actions. It’s a form of collectivist thought. You’re not a commie are you?

  38. Actually David, Barred Rocks are chickens.

  39. Bob c..voluntary contributions FAILED.FAILED FAILED.. …what part of it failed did you not catch

  40. If taking others things against their will is wrong, and you are advocating that, how is doing something wrong, not a failure ?

  41. number one.. not everyone calls it stealing…as a .matter of fact ive only heard Libertarians call it that.. i think in a smaller community it could long as one guy …didnt get stricken with a dreadful disease that cost hundreds of thousands to address…and he and his wife and children…sucked up ALL the charity cash…
    people can fly under the radar taxwise…i got no prob with that …obviously lots of people do…maybe we’ll find out aboot Monsieur Trump that his dirty laundry will be aired via impeacharoony

  42. Gee David, I sure hope you don’t run your love life using the same set of unmoored ethically adrift euphemistic rationalizations.

    “No, girl, YOU don’t understand, you did agree to my advances, I mean you could have moved to Somalia and yet you didn’t…besides we all voted that you were my girlfriend”

  43. bob you sre attacking the arguer not the argument..i guess thats how this discussion ends..peace out

  44. No David, I am specifically attacking your stated means of doing things, which is to initiate force, and sincerely hoping you don’t apply those means in other areas of your life.

    You’ve only pointed to desired outcomes and HAVE used rationalizations why the means isn’t important, when of course it is.

    As far as attacking others, no, that’s what YOU advocate, when you sanctify using initiatory force to get the outcomes you want, at least that’s been your argument hasn’t it ?

    Are you now saying you wouldn’t use initiatory force in a personal relationship ? Well, that’s good. But, Isn’t that just supporting my argument, that you seem to have no mooring to your approach to how you do things? Yes, Peace. Try it.

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