Liberty State Rep Mike Sylvia Ordered Off “His” Property, Must Pay Legal Fees – Full Trial Video

State Rep. Mike Sylvia is no stranger to civil disobedience.

State Rep. Mike Sylvia is no stranger to civil disobedience.

In a slap in the face to the idea of property rights a robed man from Belknap’s “superior court” has ruled against A+ rated liberty state rep Mike Sylvia for living on “his” property. This week, nearly two months after a civil trial, James D O’Neill III issued a 15-page order, ruling in favor of the Belmont town gang, awarding them legal fees and further ordering Sylvia to no longer stay at “his” property.

I previously reported on this case here at Free Keene in 2018, but here’s a quick rundown on the case history: Sylvia purchased the property in question after the home burned down in 2009. The only standing building left was a garage. Sylvia parked an RV on the property as he worked on the property but soon found himself being stalked by a “zoning enforcer”, Steve Paquin. Paquin, apparently on orders from the city council to target Sylvia, would regularly drive by and creep on Sylvia, observing smoke coming from a chimney on the garage and footprints in the snow going from the RV to the garage. Paquin even speculated about Sylvia’s bathroom habits, his reports ultimately leading to the town gang issuing Sylvia threats demanding hundreds of dollars per day in fines for violating their precious zoning rules.

According to the “Town of Belmont” criminal enterprise, they have a right to destroy people’s lives and steal their wealth because some strangers wrote some words on paper and called it “zoning”. According to these arbitrary rules that none of us agreed to, the town gang says you must ask their permission before laying down to sleep in what you thought was your property, since you know, you paid for it with your hard-earned money.

Steve "Creeper" Paquin

Zoning thug Steve “Creeper” Paquin wants to watch you on your property.

But no, you don’t actually own your property. Ownership is proven by control. If you don’t control a thing, you don’t own it. Sylvia’s case proves clearly again that the group of strangers called “the state” actually owns all the property. You can’t do what you want without asking their permission, including simply existing on it. Asking permission is evidence that you are not exercising a right, but begging for a privilege. Begging is not the way of free people, nor the actions of an owner.

Sylvia acted like he owned the land. He, correctly, doesn’t believe he should have to ask permission to live a place he should have a right to be. Sadly, there are men with guns calling themselves “the Town of Belmont” and “State of New Hampshire” that have decided to force their beliefs down on Sylvia and all the rest of us who believe in property rights.

Judge O’Neill’s order prohibits Sylvia from “occupying the garage and/or recreational vehicle” unless he is given a permission slip from the town. He’s further prohibited from using a “water appliance or fixture” on the property until a “compliant septic system” is installed. The hundreds of dollars a day in fines the town has assessed against Sylvia and the property were ordered held in abeyance and will only be imposed if Sylvia disobeys the robed man. Sylvia has however been ordered to pay the town gang’s legal fees, for which they’ll present an invoice for some likely ridiculous amount.

What is the state gang’s excuse for their violence? Besides their obvious thirst for obedience, compliance, and control, they would argue that there’s some kind of danger to public health because the garage doesn’t have a septic system. Ignoring the fact that RVs have their own waste tanks that can be safely disposed of, the property is wooded. Sylvia even asked the creeping zoning thug during trial if he was aware of an old outhouse that was in the woods. Even if there isn’t an outhouse and Sylvia was pooping directly in the woods, so what? Are we supposed to believe that human feces is somehow more dangerous to the neighbors’ property than all the bear, moose, dog, and other animal dung that’s left throughout the woods?

James D O'Neill III

Robed man James D O’Neill III says the state owns your property.

Sylvia believes that he was targeted by the town gang specifically because of his actions as a state representative. One less-discussed responsibility of New Hampshire’s state reps is they also make up the “County Convention” which controls the county taxes. Given he’s an award-winning state rep, rated A+ for liberty votes, Sylvia is a threat to the county’s budget as he will not vote to raise taxes. Therefore he was targeted by the town gang for retaliation.

Arguing this in court didn’t help, of course, because the man in the robe is paid by the same state gang that targeted Sylvia in the first place. But no, that’s not a conflict of interest. Sylvia also argued that Paquin couldn’t prove he was actually sleeping or pooping on the property, but that doesn’t matter in civil court, where the court decides based on the “preponderance of the evidence”, not the criminal court standard of reasonable doubt. Therefore, the testimony of the sole creepy witness was sufficient for the court to rule against Sylvia.

Zoning is a nightmare for anyone who believes in property rights and the only solution is to abolish it entirely statewide. We’re going to need a lot more libertarian activists in New Hampshire before that can be done. Meanwhile, Sylvia has literally been kicked off what he believed was his own property by the people calling themselves “the state”, and thrown out into the cold.

Sylvia told me in an exclusive interview, “Property rights, according to the judge don’t really exist”. He says he was unable to find any cases where property rights have been looked at by the NH Supreme Court and is not sure whether or not he will be appealing the decision. He’ll be considering future action legislatively to address the corruption in town governments. You can read his response to the ruling here on his blog. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for any further developments in this case.

Here’s the full trial video and post-trial interview:

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  1. The state and those who go along with it are absolutely disgusting. Well, one thing about NH is we do at least have a small contingent of liberty minded activists and reps that are stepping up to the plate and making people aware of how bad things are and then doing something about it. The decision isn’t unsurprising, but it’s certainly one part of the process of bringing like-minded people together to rid ourselves of these bad judges, politicians, laws, and court decisions.

  2. Government is the biggest cause of homelessness, hands down.

    I feel horrible for Mike, he’s a really nice guy, not that anybody who isn’t deserves to have a self serving codes douche play god with their property.

    So the codes douche alleges Mike lived there for 7 years, yet no other person, neighbor, etc. was able to demonstrate how his doing so, (if he even did) harmed them or their property ?

    Not surprised there.

    If Belmont has warrant articles, I suggest putting one in to “officially” change the title of the codes enforcement guy, to ” His lowness, the codes douche” or maybe “His poopiness the shit police”.

    Might as well repaint the car you know he prowls around in spying on people too, maybe put some pictures of parasites on it ? Open to suggestions here…

    Now, a warrant article like this this may not pass when “the town folk” vote, but I think all it takes is like 25 signatures to make it on the ballot. Demockracy!

    Did I mention the codes guy sounds like a real douche? Just wanted to make sure I did.

  3. Another colorful article by Ian. What you fail to understand is he is not above the law. He chose to break the zoning laws and now he has to pay the consequences. It’s like that in any town. It doesn’t matter if he’s a libertarian or not. These types of incidents give libertarians a bad name. No one is “stepping up to the plate” from the libertarian party. The only thing they can do is carry on with their childish civil disobedience.

    Ian’s colorful adjectives fail to provide an very biased article. It doesn’t matter what kind of guy Sylvia is, he violated zoning laws that he should have checked into before buying the property. That is what most property owning people do. There maybe neighborhood covens that apply as well.

    Ian, like others of the freekeeners like to point the finger at elected city officials as the cause of all their problems. How has that been working for you? freekeeners like to jump the bandwagon without hearing the whole story. Unfortunately that will never happen with libertarians. Why didn’t you ask Mike Silvia what process the town took? I believe the township gave Sylvia several options but chose to not follow through. His loss. You are right, you may not own the total property you buy. There are mineral rights that typically stay with the original owners relatives in later years.

    Ian, take a Valium or restart your ADHD meds Being colorful and not telling the whole story on a little blog like this does not earn you allies or at least the allies you would want fighting in your corner.

  4. Now, now Jacks. I thought you were smarter than this. How do you expect to earn any high-fives with this sort of rubbish? It’s not like anyone with a brain finds Ian’s suspicions here in any way controversial. I mean stuff like this happens all the time, now doesn’t it?

    Take our dear leader with the orange hair, for instance. Has he not been enduring the same sort of state-sanctioned badgering from his own political enemies? Of course he has! People who crave political power don’t leave things up to chance! They attack their opponents with the full force of government bureaucracy until they destroy them! Understanding that, why should it be any more ridiculous to expect the same sort of nonsense from the government heavies running the Town of Belmont?

  5. Interesting. Sigh. So much for leaving peaceful people alone… I don’t know why they couldn’t just take a look at the septic arena where he’s taking a crap to see if it was affecting the water system and then he could just they could have and modify it

  6. Maybe bomb City Hall with phone calls objecting to the treatment he’s getting

  7. Hopefully he’ll sue the town for an illegal taking without complying with the states constitutional amendment (12a) on eminent domain, as well as obstruction of his duties as a state rep.
    I will note that this result is the unfortunate results when people fail to realize that we the little people only hold a fee simple tenancy deed to ‘our’ land. The holder of allodial title to the land is the state. They are the true land holder. Until we the people enact a conversion of fee simple tenancy deeds into allodial titles, this situation will remain. However we would then need to come up with a new tax structure for the state, because property taxes fund everything, and property taxes are the “rent” we pay to the allodial title holding sovereign land-lord.
    Railing against the system in ignorance of how things are is a waste of energy and money. Realize the system we live under, and seek to change it through legislation.
    For those seeking to research the issue of allodial title, the colonial governor of NH, Benning Wentworth, acquired the Royal Grant to Georges and Mason to cover the New Hampshire Plantations (but not the area covering Maine, with some vagueness where the border between the two lies). This is the royal grant that was converted to allodial title when NH won its independence in the revolutionary war, and the King conceded title to the lands under the Treaty of Paris that settled that war. Those royal grants are the basis of all land law in NH. All grants made by Wentworth and his son, John, to settlers in NH were derived from those royal grants.

  8. I don’t think the judge cares if you say aliodotal

  9. Is he like, homeless now, for X-mass… Merry Fucking Christmas! Here’s a bill, go live on the street, in the dead of winter…WTF…that shits COOOOLD!

  10. He’s probably living under a bridge! He’s legislating by day, and sleeping under a bridge by night!…

  11. “I don’t know why they couldn’t just take a look at the septic arena where he’s taking a crap to see if it was affecting the water system and then he could just they could have and modify it”

    The point of this exercise isn’t to save the Town of Belmont from Rep. Sylvia’s famously huge turds, David. It’s to damage him with crippling, court-imposed financial punishments. The voters there won’t vote him out, so Belmont’s bureaucratic heavies need to run him out of town some other way. Zoning laws might just do the trick. They’re a swell bunch of guys, aren’t they David?

  12. Free people don’t need permission.

  13. the browns are I NH too…i think they are still I 20 years later

  14. I like the idea of a petitioned warrant article. I am doing just that in Hudson (for a different, but equally annoying issue.) The only challenge is voter apathy at the local level. Here in Hudson, local elections draw typically 15-17 percent of the registered voters. I ran for selectman each year from 2012-2016 and in 2016 we set a new record for local voter turnout – 22 percent. I tried to explain that one can locally counteract excesses at the state and federal level by voting locally, for example, by insisting that your local law-enforcement organization not take property unless the owner is convicted of a crime. I was not successful.

  15. The Browns thought they were free too ..It’s over ten years later, are they still in jail? That was in NH too.

  16. The only way to be “free” aka a outlaw, is to fly under the radar and, probably, occasionally have to move on. Maybe have a false ID, or two.
    Some people want to make a stand or whatever. I think the Browns did that, in NH; I just read their Wikipedia Elaine, if she lives, will get out at the age of 102. Unless something changes of course.

  17. There are 16 towns with no zoning. Sylvia could have easily chosen to buy property in one of them, and crap all over his land with no problems.

  18. The browns may be released soon. I think it was feds and not state law which was the problem. NH is better than most, but piss off the fed and you got BS coming. We need more freedom minded people to move to NH such that we can make the state declare independence and then dissolve itself. Failing that organize to take over a territory the feds don’t care much about and declare independence. The theory is if the war costs too much they’ll probably leave us alone. Don’t defend the territory. Bomb the fuck out of the mainland. Wage a financial war that costs more than what the government is losing.

  19. If this goes through, we will be moving to New Hampshire. We have been trying to figure out where to go to escape this Tyranny! I don’t like the snow being born and raised in Hawai’i, but my sate has gone completely insane with these Coviid passports. Now I know what the Jews felt like when Hitler took power. My heart breaks to watch our government take absolute power and watch those around me just go along with it because they are scared or don’t want an ounce of discomfort in their lives. They believe its for the “Greater Good”. My question is ” Who’s greater good!” Please keep up the fight for us lowly Americans who have absolutely no voice!

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