First time gun buyer? What should you get?

Some friends recently moved to the Shire from a less-free place. They asked me what gun they should get. I offered to teach them basic firearms safety, pointed them toward a few ranges that offer classes from beginner to advanced, some that rent guns so they can try a variety and see what they like. They said they are mainly looking for home defense, but also one that they might be able to carry around. He is big and she is small. After compiling this information, I thought it might be useful to make it a video presentation. That way others besides my friends can benefit. Maybe there are people out there like me, who didn’t have any of this knowledge at the beginning and would have loved a video like this to give me some basic understanding.

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  1. There is a time and place for everything. The right to bare arms was brought about in the 18th century and for a specific reason. Today is 2012 how could 18th century thinking be relevant today? Everyone has a different interpretation of the right to bare arms. Today there needs to be some decorum. The right maybe there but the acts of idiotic activists are what anti gun people look at. People who decide to walk around with an arsenal of weapons need to stop and think.

  2. runningwolfkenpo says ‘Today is 2012’ what fucking calendar are you using?

  3. i would get a palm size one…but with some stoppinging power

  4. unfortunately Ian has a ban on editing… his lust for freedom doesn’t extend to that

  5. zx81 – You are inappropriate. Derrick J is a convicted felon. He wasn’t responsible and mature enough to follow through with what was required of him. I’m sure he was thinking about that when he made his prison marriage vows to his cell mate Turk.

  6. You are going to teach them firearm safety? Are you serious. The last i heard Derrick can’t get a carrying permit for a weapon.

    Why don’t you get a real firearm educator so these people know the laws and how to fire and maintain their weapon(s)

    Most freekeeners cannot have firearms because they are convicted felons.

    Sorry Derrick, unless you are a certified gun educator. Your video is going nowhere.

  7. @Jumping Jacks

    NH is a constitutional carry state, you narcissistic child-molesting crotch-sniffer. Has been since February 2017. So toss off, wanker.

  8. Yea, its not like we need guns anyway. It’s de bombs, nukes, tanks, and planes that we need. I propose changes to arms in the constitution to clarify that it isn’t restricted to guns. Lets bring back the traditional understanding of the meaning of the constitution. Ya know so the people can actually fight the tyrants in government.

    Most free state project participants do not have felony convictions and to the extent that some do most are for non violent offenses that were obtained fighting for your rights. A felony record is am honorable obtainment. Far greater than a degree jacks. It means you actually did something useful to benefit other human beings.

  9. Gumbo Le Troutstain – “New Hampshire is an open carry state and it is not uncommon. However, a permit is required in order to possess a loaded handgun in a vehicle, regardless of whether or not it is visible or concealed”

    Aren’t you tired of being wrong all the time?. Do you like to show your ignorance every time you get on a computer?

    Unless you have something to say about the article, go troll somewhere else wanker

  10. runningwolfkenpo says – You are inappropriate. Derrick J is a convicted felon

    What does that have to do with you thinking it’s 2012? Did you not write ‘Today is 2012’?

  11. @Jumping Jacks

    “However, a permit is required in order to possess a loaded handgun in a vehicle, regardless of whether or not it is visible or concealed” (sic)

    Have you been sniffing the rectal thermometers, you cock-gobbling chicken-fucker? In NH, handguns are perfectly legal to carry while inside motor vehicles, visible or otherwise. Have been since February 2017. It’s loaded long guns and crossbows that are prohibited. Unless you’re a cop or a farmer of course. Those guys are special.

  12. zx81 – I’m sure you and the freak activist are on the secret service’s notes to keep their eyes out for you. I’m sure you have had your back ground as well as the other idiot activist looked deeply into.

  13. Gumbo Le Troutstain – Since you have nothing to contribute to this article, I’m done conversing with you. I don’t believe anyone can have a conversation with you. It’s sad that Ian allows you to spew your hatred violating Ian’s policies for this forum.

    I suggest you sit on a finger until a knuckle pops. You just are not worth my time or energy.

  14. Zut Alors, Jumping Jacks. You’re running away? Oh. How sad.

    Anyway, before you go, let’s summarize you’re “conversing” style over that last few weeks, shall we? You start by saying something stupid. One of us calls you on it, citing facts and pointing out the errors and logical fallacies you made. You dismiss said facts and respond by doubling down. We all then have a laugh at your expense because you’re stupid enough to think that kind of shit actually works. Finally, you whine like a little bitch, give up, and call everyone a racist. Did I nail it right on the nose there, chicken fucker?

  15. runningwolfkenpo says – I’m sure you and the freak activist are on the secret service’s notes to keep their eyes out for you.

    wonder if they’ll get the date correct in their notes or think like you that it’s still 2012

  16. You are big time wrong. I don’t know where you get your facts from but you need to take a course in library sciences. You need to pull up your big girl panties, get out of your parents basement, and get a life.

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