The Right to Assemble Not Erased By Government “Emergency” – Libertarians to Continue Meeting in Keene Sundays at 5pm

Social Sunday

New Hampshire’s Longest Running Regular Libertarian Social Meetup

The last couple of weeks have been nuts. We’ve seen authoritarianism rising globally at a rapid clip, using health as the excuse and scaring people into total obedience and isolation. It’s tragic. In New Hampshire and several other states, restaurants and bars have been told they aren’t allowed to serve customers inside their establishments with the exception of take out and delivery. Other businesses are having people work from home and “social distancing” has been put in place as the new normal. In other cases, like California, total lockdowns are now in place. In NH, an “emergency order” was issued by the state governor, Chris Sununu, who – no joke – is actually referred to as “HIS EXCELLENCY” in the order which purportedly bans any gathering of over fifty people.

It’s an outrageous order and contrary to a basic right of humans, which is the right to assemble. It’s also a violation of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In order for many humans to be happy, they need to be around other people. We are a social animal. Now the people calling themselves “the state” or “the government” have decided to threaten everyone with violence if they don’t do as they are told and OBEY – for their own good, of course.

Normally, libertarians are skeptical of the things they are told by government goons, however we’ve seen yet another schism in the movement in the last few weeks over this Coronavirus scare. Apparently if an authoritarian puts on a lab coat then many libertarians will fall under their spell.

I don’t know if Coronavirus is the threat the government and media are making it out to be. I do know this, however:

1. Politicians and bureaucrats lie. There’s no reason to believe they are telling the truth now. There is a long history of governments manufacturing a crisis and spreading fear in order to attain more power. We saw this in a big way prior to Coronavirus in the hysterical paranoia fostered by the state after 9/11. As a result we saw the rise of “Homeland Security” and the further elimination of freedom. The response to Coronavirus is even worse. In some cases like San Francisco people are under total lockdowns. They also use the term “lockdown” in prison.

2. Media benefits when it propagates fear. “If it bleeds, it leads!” News is a business. They have advertisers, so the more people they can get to tune in, the more valuable the ad space. If people are in a state of fear, they are more likely to hang on through that next commercial break. Plus, mainstream news sources depend on government for its press releases and usually incorporate them, verbatim, into their on-air copy. Though in theory their job is to expose political corruption, if they are too good at this, the state agents will not talk to them any longer and then they won’t get “the scoop”, so any critique of government from mainstream media is usually highly limited.

3. Whenever government takes more freedoms, it doesn’t cede that ground back to liberty after the “crisis” has ended.

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Government gangsters say it and the media propagates it. As a result, people are scared to death of another iteration of the flu that as of this writing, has infected just over 250,000 people globally – according to numbers provided BY THE STATE. Some libertarians believe the governments are downplaying the numbers to keep people calm. Others believe the state agents are inflating the numbers to scare people more. Who knows what the truth is.

I do know this, people are obedient and more than willing to do what they are ordered by people wearing fancy hats, uniforms, and lab coats. They are easily frightened into giving up their freedoms, all for the promise that they’ll be able to continue to suck air.

However, what is the point of living if you can’t make your own choices?

Thankfully, not everyone is living in fear. There are occasional breaks in the fear porn news to reveal that many younger people are still getting together. In New Hampshire some heroic folks have filed a lawsuit against the “State of New Hampshire” over the governor’s unconstitutional and anti-freedom executive order.

If people across New Hampshire don’t stand up and take back their liberties, then we no longer deserve the “live free or die” slogan. To that end, in spite of Sununu’s order, the longest-running weekly social gathering of libertarians in New Hampshire, “Social Sundays” will continue. Previously held at Local Burger on Main St, it has moved to the Bitcoin Embassy NH located at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene. The new start time is now 5pm. Attend at your own risk and bring your own food and drink. If the event gets to over 51 people a special prize will be awarded. No cops allowed.

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  1. The right to assemble is not a god given right. It is a privilege. With privilege comes responsibility. Your rights end where they may start to infringe/impede on another person’s rights.

  2. The threat is real, but maybe over-hyped by the media. It wasn’t the government originally spewing the insanity and it wasn’t the media either. Both picked it up later. The politicians started with saying it was nothing but the flu effectively. It was only later that extreme measures started getting taken and the media hyped it up.

    I’m with you as far as the thugs in power using this as an excuse to control people, but I don’t think the stay home advise is totally unwarranted. People who are not preppers were preping before the media and government started telling us to be scared. The narrative isn’t just the United States. It’s more than an attack on a few buildings or a ship necessary for government goons to justify this sort of thing.

    I’m not convinced that most people should be deathly scared, but there is no good reason to put yourself at unnecessary risk either. Both young and old it are being significantly impacted in terms of health even if it’s not as bad in the United States yet. The problem is it will spread to a large enough percentage of the population and has more of an impact on both young and old than the flu typically does. When hospitals are overrun and can’t cope that is when you start seeing lots more deaths. Old people will die now, but young people will be impacted later, more so, if people do nothing. The thing is a certain percentage of young people who have “recovered” are already seeing long term health problems related to diminished lung capacity. I have an aunt who suffers from this already. It really sucks. You don’t want this.

    It will become a significant problem for a large enough percentage if people do nothing that everybody should be taking *reasonable* precautions- just not because the government says so. But because one doesn’t want to kill other people needlessly nor risk having health issues yourself either.

    There are lots of opportunities to interact online, work from home, start new businesses, etc. It’s likely we’re all going to go out a little still, but avoiding contact and keeping some distance from people as well as using hand sanitizers and washing hands regularly are all good ideas. How much it’ll help who knows. But doing nothing is not an ideal solution.

    I like the idea of protesting the governments abusive actions- particularly on matters of rights- but it may not have the impact you desire. The article was not as bad as it could have been, but I’d not have gone down the path that this is not a real issue. I’d rather accept that the issue is real, but the governments actions are too high a price to pay for safety. The long term consequences to our rights and freedoms will be worse than the worst projected outcome.

  3. Ian, this is a very bad article with too much of your personal bias.

    Why can’t libertarian help out their communities? Having a BBQ for homeless once a year does not qualify you as “all you can do” in your own communities. This is a world wide pandemic and there are going to be certain laws and of course ordinances that may make your lives a little uncomfortable.

    Why can’t you understand that you people are not above the law. You can say Constitution all you want but when it comes to this type of world wide emergency, People’s mortality and morbidity are going to infringe upon your rights a little. That is the way it is.

    I don’t believe everything the government tells me about the pandemic and I to feel the media has over blown some of the information but the rest of it is true and straight forward.

    Your three points about the government, media, and government taking rights is pure bullshit. You people have brain washed yourselves into believing all these negatives about the government that are not true. At this time, the government is going to enforce things you may not agree with but, if it helps slow down or stop the spread of this virus, it will be enforced and there will be nothing you can do about it.

    ” There are occasional breaks in the fear porn news to reveal that many younger people are still getting together”. That is priceless. You get your information from a porn site. Well, I’m convinced lolol. Yes, there are young people who still carry on with there activities contrary to what information is put out there. There will always be a few knuckle heads that again, thing they will live forever and it’s their rights. Most beaches for spring break are closed. Younger people feel they are invincible and do make poor decisions. They maybe the most at risk for serious consequences of there actions.

    You are comparing 9/11 as a government knee jerk reaction to this pandemic. That is very wrong. This virus kills. The incubation period of the virus is 2-14 days. So if there are 250,000 people world wide infected, how many of them have pass it on to someone else who hasn’t been infected? It could be in the millions. Look how fast it spread from country to country. Some of you freekeeners and libertarians may already have been exposed to the virus. I guess we will see in the next couple of weeks.

    I don’t see any freekeeners or other activists offering their help to curb this pandemic. I don’t see any of you out there pounding the pavement and offering to help those in need who may not have access to health care. All you care about is a little discomfort you will have to deal with during the crisis. I’m sure some of you will get a check from the government and if it doesn’t get to you on time, I’m sure you are going to be lighting the switch boards up threatening lawsuits. But then again, many of you don’t do the census or taxes and try to stay as far away from the governments radar so you may not get a check.

    In the end Ian, you and your hoard will fight these restrictions harder then protecting yourself, your families, and your communities. Pleading for people to break restrictions, and laws just because you think it infringes your rights has never worked in the past and certainly not now. The government will make some mistakes from this pandemic but it will learn as well. This pandemic will be studied for years and years to help institute answers for the questions of this pandemic.

    This flu bug is going to be around for a while so prepare yourselves for what comes around the bend. Your rights do not trump your neighbors, friends, family, and communities rights. This is gonna get worse then better for a while. buckle up.

  4. They can’t erase dumbness either.. No offense

  5. What about not meeting because it’s the most sensible thing to do.
    Forget what anyone else says.
    Act like the government doesn’t exist, even you do wind up being inline with them

  6. This is reckless and irresponsible and I only are you putting yourself at risk but every other person are you guys coming contact with. It’s beyond ignorance. Shame on you and shame on all of them we are making a huge sacrifice.

  7. I personally think this is ODD on overdrive…. Um….ok sinopsis:. If the government said “United States everyone go to the top of the building and DON’T I repeat DON’T jump off”
    Then certain people, would say “you can’t tell me what to do.Just because you’re the government! You cannot tell me what to do! I’m jumping!

  8. One more, nothing personal but you should get some more current pictures of the meetups ?

  9. I agree with Brandy

    I first thought the media were over hyping COVID-19 just as they did with Bird Flu & SARS but then holy shit over 35,000 people being infected in Italy with over 4,000 deaths in and now the country is collapsing

  10. trouble is most libertarians are relatively young so they possibly think COVID won’t effect them that badly but even if they don’t die from the virus they could be left with seriously fucked lungs and gasping for breathe for the rest of their lives


  12. Reduced traveling will hurt NH’s forcible monopoly liquor cartel.
    How are the death stats on alcohol gonna keep outpacing these scary diseases if people can’t get to the NH liquor store?

    I’m sure this emergency has absolutely nothing to do with a crashing dollar and obedience training towards forced vaccinations and evermore state control.


  14. I don’t know if it’s fear … There’s some in Keene, it kills some people…. We want it to go away… It’s good at spreading…..imo precautions are just good horse sense…. The have treason doesn’to be “fear”…
    That’s A reason.
    Another reason is logic, and self preservation

  15. The flu kills people too, David. A LOT more per year die in the US from flu than have died worldwide from Coronavirus. No one gets crazy about the flu. Could this become worse than the flu? Sure. It could. However, right now it’s nowhere close.

  16. Ian – “The flu kills people too, David. A LOT more per year die in the US than have died worldwide from Coronavirus”. Very soon down the road, you will be very wrong.

    At this time. Yes. But the CDC is only grouping all death’s related to flu bugs. It doesn’t talk about how much it impacts the elderly or the young. That is the problem with you freekeeners and other activists out there. You don’t plan a head. You jump at the moment throwing caution to the win. The pandemic will affect you in one way or another. It’s not fear that is driving this, it’s concern and planning.

    You don’t know what you are talking about Ian and it appears others on this form are feeling the same way.

  17. Ian – I forgot to add something, ” A LOT more per year die in the US from flu than have died worldwide from Coronavirus”.

    It’s only been two months since this started. The regular flu stats you are thinking of are per year estimates. We shall see in a year how many will die.

  18. Ian the difference between COVID-19 & your regular flu is that there’s a vaccine for the flu there is not for COVID-19

  19. “Having a BBQ for homeless once a year does not qualify you as “all you can do” in your own communities.”

    You’re right, Jumping Jacks. What we should be doing is whine like a little bitch about the iniquities of life just like you always do.

    “You can say Constitution all you want but when it comes to this type of world wide emergency, (sic) People’s mortality and morbidity are going to infringe upon your rights a little.”

    Exactly, bruh. Laws are for suckers. Emergencies rule!

    “‘” There are occasional breaks in the fear porn news to reveal that many younger people are still getting together”. That is priceless. You get your information from a porn site.” (sic)

    That is priceless. An argument where the “expert” (that’s you, fucktard) pretends he doesn’t understand the metaphor. Not a very good showing for a “doctoral candidate,” huh bruh?

    “You are comparing 9/11 as a government knee jerk reaction to this pandemic. That is very wrong.”

    Actually, Ian’s right as rain, bruh. The “experts” agree that the recovery rate for Corona is 95-97%, with the variable being the capacity of the health system to treat all at once a large number of sick people on top of all the other people who need care for one reason or another. But the figure to hang onto is that 95+% of the people who get this virus do not die from it.

    Oh, and remember the 2009 swine flu pandemic? I don’t blame you if you don’t, bruh. It didn’t get a whole lot of press while it was going on. Anyway, it’s estimated that 11–21% of the global population at the time (around 700 million–1.4 billion people) contracted it. And there were from 150,000–575,000 fatalities. SARS and MERS combined didn’t produce that much carnage. Guess which virus COVID-19 is derived from, bruh?

    “Some of you freekeeners and libertarians may already have been exposed to the virus. I guess we will see in the next couple of weeks.”

    Uh huh. Here’s for wishful thinking, bruh.

    “I don’t see any freekeeners or other activists offering their help to curb this pandemic.”

    Isn’t that the kind of help you want, retard? Social isolation and such? Shit. You don’t seem very smart to me, bruh. Do you want to get something off your chest about all that “doctoral candidate” bullshit you’ve been talking about?

    “The government will make some mistakes from this pandemic but it will learn as well.”

    Don’t you think that developing policy based on unreliable data to be a lesson government should have learned decades ago, bruh? If they haven’t figured this out now, I doubt they’ll ever will.

    “Very soon down the road, you will be very wrong.”

    Are you a witch, bruh?

    “It’s only been two months since this started. The regular flu stats you are thinking of are per year estimates.”

    It’s been four months, bruh. Since November 17, 2019 to be exact.

    “We shall see in a year how many will die.”

    You really wan’t people to die from this, don’t you bruh?

  20. Edgy!
    Childish defiance.

  21. ‘when freedom is outlawed and you’re quarantined in your own home. only the homeless will be free”

  22. So sad that you selfish, antisocial, adolescents care little for the health of the community. It is you who is instilling fear – in a government that is trying to keep us safe.

  23. Exactly what I’ve been thinking to folks , If this coronavirus in subsequent lockdown it’s just a practice run fort authorities so they can work the bugs and kinks out of it . Just like when the US chased Poncho Villa down into Mexico what is an exercise how to build and maintain a supply line for World War I , God bless you all from California ..

  24. If you value your personal freedoms and health, implement social distancing today, lest your government enact and enforce strict quarantines for months to combat COVID-19’s aggressive expansion. Abstaining from public life now will help your community avoid the tragic circumstances that we find ourselves in here in Italy.

  25. @Richski

    Got it. So after huffing your grandma’s queefs this morning, you’ve come to the brilliant conclusion that helping the government apparatchik destroy the economy over a glorified flu bug is the best course of action. Let me guess. You’re a college student, aren’t you sweet tits?

  26. There’s also a church that meets every Sunday at the Best Western that is encouraging members of other churches which have suspended their face to face services to pack a banquet hall. It is in God’s hands.

  27. It’s like this: get the information, and the information you can about the virus. Then act as smart as you can.
    The government doesn’t have anything to do with it. EXCEPT, where it dispenses information about the disease. And people take or leave what they hear on TV.
    If stupid people throw caution [and the disease] to the wind .. Then the state of affairs will become much graver.

  28. Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  29. “Close bars, keep liquor stores open” “four legs good, two legs better”

  30. But, but slaves only count as 3/5 of a person!

    Just tell the nice policeman this is a slave meeting, that’s why we’re “allowed” to have more than 50 people, geez Ossifer, do you even constitution !!!??

  31. The executive order from “his excellency” Sununu only prohibits social type gatherings of over 50 people, it doesn’t prohibit gatherings to “redress grievances” which is a right.

    We all know a Governor would not be able to suspend a right, lest a pack of roving constitutions become animated and leap up and strangle him with own intestines! And by the cut of that suit Christopher is wearing, that’s a lot of intestines!

  32. -Just doing my job

    Hell no, bruh. I gave all that constitutioning bullshit up for Lent. ‘Til Good Friday, it’s just fish sandwiches and nightsticks in buttholes for this mamma jamma.

  33. You’re promoting death. Grow up. This is not about freedoms. It’s is about responsibility.

  34. Anybody who calls himself “his excellency” and not doing so in jest, is being irresponsible with freedom. Grow up.

    If you want to worship authority, you should be free to do that, but please don’t force other people into your hallucination.

    ….and don’t forget to drink responsibly !!!

  35. Germany has banned gatherings of more then two people if Ian & chums carry on regardless that’s where NH is heading

  36. TaxiManSteve – The “church” won’t be lasting very long. Even hotels are closing it’s doors.

  37. I can’t decide which is creepier, Jumping Jacks. That wad of androgyny in your underpants or your ominous predictions for the future. Either way I’d like to introduce my boot to your ass.

  38. Oiy…fk has been inundated with … troly people again

  39. Good luck to all of you. See you in the obituary notices.

  40. Yeah. Word up, snowshadow23. Now go back to writing letters to Jodie Foster you retarded pile of horse shit.

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