“Essential” Manchester Crypto Vending Machine Moves to Bedford Due to Restaurant Crackdown

Murphy's Taproom Bedford

Murphy’s Taproom’s Bedford – Now Home to Manch’s Original Crypto Vending Machine

UPDATE 2020-05-04: This CVM is now back in its original location in Manchester at Murphy’s Taproom at 494 Elm St!

This week we got the bad news that Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester is closed until further notice due to “HIS EXCELLENCY” Chris Sununu’s “orders” destroying the freedom to run a business in New Hampshire. They had tried to stay open for take-out, but word on the street is that there’s virtually no one in downtown Manchester patronizing the various Elm St. restaurants. This is likely due to people conserving their resources and eating at home instead of buying take-out. However, Murphy’s Taproom’s Bedford location is still doing business, so this week we moved Manchester’s original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine to Bedford.

The CVM is located in the basement, where buyers will have far more privacy than they did previously in Downtown Manchester. Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford is at 393 NH-101 and is open seven-days-a-week from 12p-8p for takeout, delivery, and the Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, all of which are “essential” services.

While every business is “essential” to the well being of its owners and employees, the people calling themselves the “State of New Hampshire” have decided they are going to tell people who can be open and under what circumstances. Rather than letting the market of free people decide, the bureaucrats who are known for being dishonest and violent, will decide. In “emergency order 17“, Sununu, who – no kidding – is referred to as “HIS EXCELLENCY”, orders all businesses who are not “essential” to close. Those deemed essential are ordered to implement so-called “social distancing” on their premises. The order expires on May 4th. So, it will be at least another month of economic devastation to New Hampshire business. From this attack on our freedom, many businesses will not reopen.

Basement CVM

The CVM is privately located in the basement at Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford

All of this over a mere virus. People have never freaked out over a virus before, and there have been many over time. For whatever reason, the authoritarians decided this was the time to roll out insane, Draconian restrictions. This crackdown is fear-based attack on our liberties in the name of safety. A certain founding father had something to say about that:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

As the federal gang is planning to hand out 2.2 trillion in freshly printed dollars, it would be wise to consider turning dollars into cryptocurrency or precious metals as the inflating of the currency isn’t going to end with the 2.2 trillion. It’s just getting started.

Thankfully the Shire Free Church operates the most affordable Cryptocurrency Vending Machines in all of the region. Currently the CVMs offer the original Bitcoin (BTC) and privacy coin Monero (XMR). In addition to the one at Murphy’s in Bedford, there are machines are located in Keene at the Thirsty Owl bar across from Keene State College at 141 Winchester St. and also the Bitcoin Embassy NH at 661 Marlboro St. Thirsty Owl is open seven days a week, though you may want to call first to make sure they are open. The Bitcoin Embassy is open by appointment and regular trusted customers can be let in remotely. Contact information for each business is located here.

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  1. Intrigare The periodicals you have stated are cheap. I never said I was paying for those or even get those periodicals.

    One such book I get every year is the “physicians desk reference book. That book along is over $500.00 and the membership required to keep up to date is over $1,000.00 per year.

    That is just one periodical/book I am paying for. There are several others.

  2. ‘my mom’s a saint’ Wiggles

    Bet she is Norman Bates

  3. Don’t you mean “Norma” Bates, zx81? Ha! Ha! Ha! Come on. That’s not your best pitch, is it putz? Surely you can do better than that?

  4. Isn’t a intergar.. Like math

  5. Jacks. I can’t help but notice that you never restrain yourself from letting everyone know just how extraordinary you think you are. What’s the deal with that, anyway? Laying it on so thick kind of breaks the illusion you’re trying to present, don’t you think?

  6. whatever Wiggles but I know you like wearing your mom’s petticoat & pantyhose & stalk Jodie Foster

  7. Flawless, zx81. Now that’s what I call a shitpost. And that nod to Jodie Foster? Nice touch, even if you didn’t come up with that yourself.

  8. Jacks! You must be pulling my leg… Did you actually pay $500 + $1000/year for that book??

    I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this… but the PDR has been available for free online for years now. Don’t feel bad. Remember said earlier Jacks? A fool and his money are easily parted. 🙁

    Maybe if you had asked around in this forum first, someone would have been willing to help you with that purchase decision before you threw away thousands of dollars. Oh well Jacks, live and learn.

    In any case, try to follow along. I know you’re trolling many forums… err I mean…. running a medical clinic right? 😉

    After you said activists aren’t credible, you were asked for an example of a credible source. Your answer is… the PDR

    Okay, that works I guess. Well done Jacks!

  9. If that doesn’t shut him up, Intrigare, I don’t know what will.

  10. Silvia there’s always Ian’s next article and we get to start this all over again now don’t we?

    What do you think of my idea for a website…. funwithtrolls.com where I post screenshots of ridiculous troll antics and them being made fools of time and time again. Jacks can be one of the main stars… he just wouldn’t get any of the proceeds from the ad revenue and merchandise sales… Sorry Jacks 😉

  11. JumpingJacks, Ian would LOVE to be arrested for endangering his followers. He’d get attention from national news sources and could finally be the martyr he thinks he is. Also, people panicked during every pandemic throughout history, usually with much more brutal results than orders to shelter in place. Ian is so full of shit, he drowning in it.

  12. i don’t think intergar is drac because he doesn’t talk like say things like “pookums” and “jacks is funny that way” etc

  13. Former FK Cult Member ‘Ian would LOVE to be arrested for endangering his followers. He’d get attention from national news sources and could finally be the martyr he thinks he is

    BANK ON!

    Plus social-distancing is keeping him away from underage girl

  14. I don’t think that sort of thing will have the revenue potential you imagine it will, Intrigare. But at least you taught Jacks a valuable lesson. Way to let him have it.

  15. Yes, the membership to receive the PDR in most current form is around $1,000.00 What you find online for free is a watered down version based upon older PDR.

    As usual you know nothing about what medically goes on and the enormous responsibility of keep current for your patients.

  16. You don’t miss a beat, do you Jacks? Intrigare just handed your ass to you, and now here you are again, acting as if nothing happened. You never learn your lesson, do you?

  17. Oh Jacks, when you’ve already been caught red-handed in a lie, do you really think the best tactic is to double-down on that lie? That didn’t work very well for Pinocchio now did it?

    You crack me up Jacks.


    And all this after you say activists aren’t credible…

  18. Wikipedia – The 71st Edition, published in 2017, was the final hardcover edition. It weighed in at 4.6 pounds and contained information on over 1,000 drugs.[1] Since then, the PDR is available online (PDR.net) for free, and has been integrated into some electronic health record (EHR) systems.

    Next you’re going to tell me don’t believe everything I read on Wikipedia, eh Jacks? 😉

  19. Cult Member:

    How specifically is Ian ‘Full of shit’?

    Because he wrote that people have never freaked out about a virus before? Maybe he meant all the viruses that we encounter on a regular basis… The common cold, the flu, etc… He has trouble seeing how covid-19 is much different… Yes its all over the news that its different, all the establishment is saying its its different, but as Ian points out we have plenty of reason to question the official narrative, especially when the government is on such a major power grab and money grab like it is now.

    Did you read the article or just cherry pick a sentence here and there like Jacks and the other trolls do?

  20. Intrigare – Again you have no idea as to what you are talking about. I already have the most current PDR and it isn’t the 2017 edition. You obviously didn’t read anything you posted in your own statements. The PDR on line and free, is not the whole PDR or the most current up to date information. Thank you for playing. There are no consolation prizes for trolls such as yourself.

    It’s to bad troll like you continue on with this constant stalking attitude just to cause drama and confrontation.

    Why don’t you go out and help your community instead of being a hindrance. Surely there are more things more important then trolling freekeene.com

  21. Intrigare has caught you dead to rights, Jacks. Yet even now you won’t stop lying. It comes as natural to you as breathing, doesn’t it?

  22. Go out and help my community.. That sounds like a really good idea Jacks…

    But I think I have a better one. How ’bout you keep responding to Ian’s posts with your half-baked rants like you’ve been doing for years and we all know and love you for… And I’ll keep on with my… what did you call it? … constant stalking attitude.

    We can do this back and forth forever… You know like perpetual war, like the United States wages. But except for war, it would be friendship. What do you say Jacks?

    You don’t have to answer right away. I’ll be waiting.

  23. Silvia DeSitter – prove I’m lying.

  24. Sorry charlie, but Intrigare already did that. Trying to shift the burden of proof to others won’t help you squirm your way out of this. Got any other bright ideas, Jacks?

  25. Just fyi: while I generally agree with Dracula…I don’t think the tone he uses attracts people to his pov… Yes some will be won over but… His way of arguing does a disservice to the substance of his positions… In short his tone does his arguments a disservice…imho… The idea is to bring people in, not to repulse people… I’m not saying I’m perfect at it, at all

  26. Silvia DeSitter – In other words, you can’t prove me wrong so you take the cowards way out. You made the claim that I am a liar so now prove it. You can’t be a troll everyday of your life no matter how hard you try.

  27. Uh huh. Wonderful sermon, Jacks. Naturally, it contained absolutely none of the standards of intellectual honesty any respectable person would be expected to follow. But thanks for posting it anyway and allowing Intrigare and I another chance to watch you squirm.

  28. Oh my Jacks,

    Given the behavior you’ve been displaying here, I must say I’m losing confidence in your adherence to any code of medical ethics.

  29. i just meet someone today from Transylvania, where Dracula is from

  30. The government gone and f’d up. The reaction was too slow, the virus too fast, and the theft unnecessary and costly. People and businesses should suffer the consequences of their own poor decisions. Did you save for a rainy day? I did. People should stay home, but the government shouldn’t be ordering it. They should be asking and without the power to issue orders or utilize violence. The violence isn’t justified.

    Jacks: The people who attended church were stupid and those who died as a result have only themselves to blame (mostly). If you listen to an idiot and follow in due course and die as a result that isn’t anyone else’s fault but your own. What is more fucked up is not this- but forcing your own stupidity on your children while supporting and using the state to oppress young people. The same is also true of the elderly at times. The difference between Ian and the pastor’s followers is that Ian isn’t encouraging anybody to do anything that they think or feel is unsafe nor is going to harm anybody else. He doesn’t advocate the use of violence against young people so the harm that results is in and of itself self-inflicted to a great degree. Either because one isn’t taking sufficient action or because one has made a poor evaluation of the risk or otherwise doesn’t think the risk is genuine or is otherwise doing something they believe in for a greater cause (ie fighting the states oppression).

  31. kk – People are going to look for any conspiracy theory to place blame. I’m sure there will be many wild theories coming out of this.

    the people who attended church were stupid and those who died as a result have only themselves to blame (mostly). If you listen to an idiot and follow in due course and die as a result that isn’t anyone else’s fault but your own”.

    Do you say the same thing about Ian? Ian seems to take on the same roll of the parish minister’s have. When he says jump to the freekeeners, they say how high. It truly sounds like Ian has been preaching to the wrong choir. The minister’s are not doing anything to to encourage people to go against what they believe. They just provided a gathering place much like Ian is doing.

    There are a lot of similarities, between the ministers, Ian, and RNP. They provide the place, call the shots,

    People who call this pandemic just another tool for the government to take rights away is pure paranoia. The governors who have placed stay at home laws are subscribing to common sense. Those who choose to take it another direction is on them.
    What ever helps you get through this pandemic. The numbers are proving the stay at home orders are slowly working to curb the epidemic. There are still many challenges associated with this pandemic and some places are going to get hit harder then others. That means there will be tougher restrictions placed people are not going to like. But that is the way it is.

  32. “The numbers are proving the stay at home orders are slowly working to curb the epidemic.”

    Actually Jacks, what they’re likely showing is that the numbers the models were predicting were wrong in the first place. Isn’t that terrible?



    Anyway, sorry and all, but you’re gonna have to pay for that WSJ link if you want to read it. It’s only a dollar, though. You can afford that easily now that you know the PDR’s free, right? Hey, you really should thank Intrigare for that heads up he gave you, don’t you think?

  33. Thanks Silvia, but no thanks from Jacks are needed. I consider it a service to all those patients Jacks claims to have under his care.

    If the numbers prove anything, they prove that Ian was correct. According to the official numbers, about 1 in 500 people in the US have been confirmed with Coronavirus. Enough to justify shutting the economy down? I would say not, not in a world where many people struggle with having clean water, food, shelter, and basic medical care.

  34. Both articles say the same thing. The stay in place orders are working. The two articles are activist run media.I do not believe most of what they say. You haven’t convinced me. I believe things will remain shut down for a while. If the bans are lifted to early, we could have another rebound of the covid virus and the sick and dying will continue on at a much higher rate.

    Ian was not correct.

  35. Sshhhh everyone… It appears Jumping Jacksbot is overloaded and about to crash…

    Its okay Jacks, don’t injure yourself. Just rest for while, cool down that circuitry and everything will be okay.

  36. Uh huh. Wow, Jacks. Considering how much money you’ve spent on health care periodicals and such, I’d have expected a much better argument than just the same worn-out slogans you keep reciting. But hey, you’re welcome to have another go at this if you wish. I won’t think any less of you if you do.

  37. Jacks would never ditch a sweet gig like this, Intrigare. He’ll be back. And once he finishes upgrading to Android 10, he’ll really put us in our place. You’ll see.

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