Top Privacy Cryptocurrency, Monero, Now Available at Keene & Manchester Crypto Vending Machines

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For more than half-a-decade, the Shire Free Church has been providing a Cryptocurrency Vending Machine (CVM) in Keene as a service to the community. Eventually expanding to a CVM in Manchester and a second one in Keene, we have had the pleasure of connecting countless people with Bitcoin (BTC) at the lowest rates in the region. A few years after launching in Keene we also began offering buyers a choice of other cryptocurrencies besides BTC – DASH and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the two most-used-at-retail cryptos across New Hampshire.

Now, I’m excited to announce that we’re adding a fourth cryptocurrency to our CVMs located at the Bitcoin Embassy in Keene and Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester – the world’s top privacy coin – Monero!

Started in 2014, Monero (XMR) was immediately different from all of the other “altcoins” competing with the crypto-King-of-the-hill, Bitcoin (BTC). Uniquely at the time, Monero wasn’t a fork of the Bitcoin source code. Monero is instead based on a technology called “Cryptonote”. The Cryptonote white paper describes a major flaw with Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s public ledger, the “blockchain”, allows all Bitcoin transactions to be totally traceable. Despite what some in media and government might claim, Bitcoin is not anonymous and every transaction can be tracked, all the way back to the very first one. Monero’s system solves this problem and introduces true anonymity and fungibility to cryptocurrency – the way it should have been from the start.

Today, there are a myriad of privacy coins out there, but since the supermajority of them were based on Bitcoin, the private features of the other coins are always added on and that means there are still public transaction options in most other privacy coins like Zcash and its variants. With these coins, the user must choose to send a private or public transaction and roughly 90% of Zcash transactions, for instance, are “unshielded”. With Monero there is no choice. All transactions are private.

Cryptocurrency Vending Machine at Bitcoin Embassy NH

Cryptocurrency Vending Machine at Bitcoin Embassy NH in Keene

As you might imagine, the government gang does not like this privacy technology one bit. They want to know everything you do with your money, so they can better control you. One of the best things about Bitcoin was that it allowed for the first time a money system to exist completely outside the control of the state. Cryptocurrency is a true competitor to the multi-generational dominance of the central banks’ fiat currencies like the Dollar. However, Bitcoin and most of its crypto-competition still allow the government gangsters to monitor transactions. Monero fixes that. Once you buy Monero, the trail ends.

The Shire Free Church is an interfaith church with a mission to foster peace. Every dollar of value we can help people convert to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Monero is value the state can no longer steal to commit violence like going to war across the planet, or going to war against the people – like with their insane War on Drugs. Therefore, offering cryptocurrency in return for a donation to the church is a direct method to increase peace. Connecting the community to crypto also allows people to protect their wealth from the ravages of the state cultists and now with the addition of Monero, allows them to completely obscure how much they have and how it’s spent.

Right now with the recent bloodbath in crypto prices during the Coronavirus downturn, Monero and other cryptos are super cheap compared to where they were just a week ago. You may purchase Monero from our CVMs at your own risk, so long as your intention is to use it for peaceful, legal purposes. You can learn more about our Crypto Vending Machines and their locations and hours here.

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  1. Really awesome! I can’t wait to be spending Monero now that it is an option at the local vending machines. This was the end game. An anonymous cryptocurrency that the user controls and government can’t easily touch short of direct violence.

  2. Another one of Ian’s ads for cryptocurrency. Fiction can be fun. I don’t think bitcoin will last. I don’t believe you will be paid in bitcoin by the government. Bitcoin is just too volatile. I don’t use it in my businesses and never will. You need to educate yourself about cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin has loss value again. 7941.68-3950.30 (50.3%)

    During this time of uncertainty with the coronavirus impact, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to tackle this subject until the the damage reports come in.

  3. What kind of church has ATMs for cryptocurrency?

    This article sounds like racketeering. The “Shire Free Church” isn’t a real church and you have them determine how someone can use this fake cryptocurrency? What a joke.

    ” You may purchase Monero from our CVMs at your own risk, so long as your intention is to use it for peaceful, legal purposes”.

    How are you going to promise this supposed currency is used for peaceful or legal purposes?

    What does “use at your own risk” mean?

    This is just another BS attempt for freekeeners to try and scam people out of money just like all activists do.

    Hackers have already accessed their website. Monero was in on losing 500 million dollars do to hackers. There is nothing private about Monero. They make it look inviting but I’m more than sure the government is monitoring the site.

  4. Jumping Jacks – “What kind of church has ATMs for cryptocurrency?”

    The best church ever, obviously.

    “This article sounds like racketeering.”

    Do you even know what “racketeering” is, Jumping Jacks?

    “”The “Shire Free Church” isn’t a real church and you have them determine how someone can use this fake cryptocurrency?”

    Uh huh. Good to know. So what are you planning to do to protect society from this fake church and its CVM? I’ll bet in involves whining about it some more like a little bitch.

    “How are you going to promise this supposed currency is used for peaceful or legal purposes?”

    The same way the US Treasury does, asshole. By not making any such promises.

    “What does “use at your own risk” mean?”

    Hmm. “Use at your own risk.” Sounds pretty self-explanatory. Definitely easier to understand than words like “racketeering,” right Jumping Jacks?

    “They make it look inviting but I’m more than sure the government is monitoring the site.”

    That’s the spirit. So you’re covered, Jumping Jacks. You’re beloved government is watching. Now you can just sit back, relax, watch the new season of “Westworld,” and leave the rest of us to go about our business.

    Oh. And your wife is cheating on you, by the way. Just thought I’d put that out there.

  5. Gabbo Le Troutstain – Again, you show your infantile ability to have a conversation. So I won’t be responding to your BS anymore. That includes other articles. I just can’t lower myself to be a stupid as you are. You just are not worth my time or energy. I can’t believe I have allowed myself to go this far.

    I really don’t believe you are qualified to talk about anyone’s wives. I have done some digging and you don’t have a wife and you don’t have a girlfriend. I seriously doubt you ever have had a girlfriend. You live in a typical apartment building because you will never make enough money to buy your own home. You graduated with a GED which shows how much of a loser you are.

    You can deny my statements all you want but I know and you know they are true. Good luck living at the bottom of society’s well. No ladder will ever be lowered to you to help you go to the top. It’s sad your parents have absolutely nothing to do with you.

    Go spend your bitcoins which I doubt you have any, smoke all the dope you can to kill off most cells in your body. Because that is all you will ever be, Loser freekeener with nothing to show.

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh my god, Jumping Jacks! This has to be the limpest shitpost I’ve ever seen! My cousins are dying laughing!

  7. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Geez, Jumping Jacks. You are such a wuss!

  8. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  9. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  10. I think you get charged 10% for the crypto venders… Which cuts profits greatly

  11. It’s 8% to acquire it at two machines in Keene. That does not mean much though. Acquisition costs are entirely based on how you acquire it. In my business I have customers who pay my company in crypto and thus there is a 0% acquisition cost. I also do some work on the side where I bring in a little in crypto. I also have people paying me in crypto for various things for various reasons just like I might otheriwse have been paid in fiat. The other problem is many businesses give you a discount for paying in crypto. Ever heard of a cash discount? Gas stations have it all the time. Ever business in Keene and almost every business in NH that takes crypto also does so through AnyPay which means that you are getting 10% discount on every local crypto purchase. This exceeds that of the vending machines.

    Monero is not a web site jacks. You are a moron who is incapable of understanding the intricacies of how or what crypto is. Then user in some sensr possess it unless you’re an idiot who hands your crypto over to a third party. If your crypto is hacked you probably only have yourself to blame. The analogy of your crypto example would be to blame the loss of cash on the government because you lost your wallet or maybe if you are dumb enough to trust an uninsured sketchy bank then to blame the loss on the bank holding your money.

    There are lots of place in and around Keene that take crypto as well as online. Dell, NewEgg, Amazon via Purse, Cheap Air, Expedia, etc. Local places taking it include Local Burger, Indian Curry, Thirsty Owl, Corner News, Wilder Automotive, Dr Drower Density, and a lot of othet places.

  12. kk – Picking up where you left off? Name calling and and showing your childish intellect. Monero has already lost millions. That is about all that needs to be said.

    Why would I put my faith into a system that is still has lots of bugs? If I were looking for a bank to put my money in, I would put it in a bank that is insured, hasn’t been hacked, and supports privacy of information within the law. I invest my money in multiple markets ad I am doing fine.

    “There are lots of place in and around Keene that take crypto as well as online” Most of them are activist owned..

    “The other problem is many businesses give you a discount for paying in crypto”.

    Which businesses?

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