Video of Outstanding Sermon from Hope Chapel’s Civil Disobedience Church Service on Sunday

On Sunday, Keene’s Hope Chapel held service outdoors despite “HIS EXCELLENCY” “governor” Chris Sununu’s “orders” banning over ten people from being in the same place together. Thankfully, police ignored the event and everyone had a good time. This video features pastor Joe Mabe’s excellent, pro-freedom, and pro-love sermon:

For the full video of the entire service from start-to-finish you can watch this video.

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  1. Nice job Ian. Joe Mabe is starting a cult. You can see the warning signs of a cult. The church is preoccupied on getting new members. They are preoccupied with making money. Joe dictates how the members should think and behave. The group claims an elitist stance in the community. They have an us verses them mentality. Joe claims not to be accountable to anyone and the same goes for the members. Joe tries to induce guilt feelings to cult members for control. They have cut ties from family. They only socialize with other members. Joe tells them how they should think and act. All of those apply. He is starting a cult. I have a couple of friends who live down the block from that church and they are just appauld at how those people live and treat others within the community. I’m sure it won’t be long and he along with his other so called “church” higher ups will be sitting in a federal prison for income tax evasion. The next Jim Jones.

  2. I forgot to add. Joe is also doing this for a publicity stunt. He is off the deep end. WHen the city brings the lawsuit for defiling social distancing, he will lose his possesions to pay all the bills.

  3. I forgot to add. I hope the city takes his church and everything else. Maybe then he will move out of Keene and set up shop somewhere else. No city wants a cult living within a residential area.

  4. runningwolfkenpo: While I’m inclined to agree with the cult aspect of this I suspect we don’t agree on much else. What’s another cult in Keene? We got at least 20 of them in Keene already. Would you have us setup extermination camps to rid ourselves of them? There are a few particularly dangerous cults. Sadly they runs things in this city. Search for church on Google maps and you’ll understand what I mean by at least 20 cults. Unfortunately that isn’t the only way to find the cults particularly the most dangerous kind. For that look up republican, democrat, and government. There are also cult-like followers of Ian as well. Or maybe brainwashed & cult-like. I’m not even sure Ian sees it. I’m not suggesting Ian is a cult leader, but a few in his fellowship certainly act like it some times. Fortunately it’s clearly not a cult cause there are people with clearly differing opinions on minute details.

  5. kk – I’m a lot brighter then you are. You use the words republican and democrat and government as bad things. That is stupid. You activists are the kings of propaganda. WHy would the activists be about “churches”? Simple. It’s because activists who are shoving their belief systems down everyone’s throats. They are also shoving camreas down everyone’s throats. Go back to school and learn a few things before you write something. Educate yourself.

  6. Forgot to add. Ian is a predator. He actively seeks out relationships with under aged children. He and his minions has endorsed that kind of behavior. It would be outstanding if he along with his minions are locked up for a very long time. Do you know what inmates do to child molesters in prison.

  7. What does this “church” practice? This wasn’t a church service but a recruitment service to join a fledgling cult. Keene already has a cult called freekeeners.

    You really know how to pick them Ian

  8. Jumping Jacks – It was only a matter of time. Have you paid your taxes, how about your position on children having sex with adults.

  9. Good old Joe here is perfect for Ian. All of the “pastors” are men. A woman was referred to as a “baby factory.” Male authoritarianism, contempt for women, and some youth ministers to try to bring in girls? It has Ian written all over it.

  10. Runningwoldkenpo… sounds like you pretty much feed on hating everyone. Life isn’t so bad. Step into the sun, go for a walk, put the joint down, and swim in the ocean. You will feel better. Or… talk to me in person. You have a lot of hate to get rid of.

  11. Joe Mabe – More freekeener cult paranoia and BS. Where do you get you’re facts from? Obviously you feel threatened enough to post slide and give your rebuttal. I watched some of the video and what you said makes a lot of sense to those who believe in the goals of the Hope Chapel. Very few spoke against what was said in your lecture. At least Keene people have figured out the Hope Chapel is nothing more then a hobby with no real footing. Reality is a difficult thing to understand but necessary.

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