Porcfest Forkfest Day Zero – The Dome

The Porcupine Freedom Festival is in its 17th year, and every year brings changes. Sometimes a step forward, sometimes a step back. You can follow along and see for yourself what life is like at this event as I document each day for you.

Here is the first video in the series. Steven and I begin construction on the Dome, the centerpiece and hub of activity within “Energy City.” The mini city encompasses 3 “city blocks,” (campsites) and contains spaces for meeting, eating, moving and dancing, stretching and exercising.

Abby and Ryan provide fresh fruits and vegetables with their tent “Porcupine Produce” right at the entrance to the city. Propane heaters and picnic tables flank the sides. James provides the Bistro lighting and ambiance by illuminating the trees of the city. Steven rocks the dome with heavy beats that can be heard from far and wide. Derrick leads morning yoga under the shade of the big tree by the exercise area, complete with weight bench, free weights, and a barbell. Health, strength, and energy to achieve liberty in our lifetime.

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  1. Leave it to Ian and the freekeeners to help spread the covid-19 virus

  2. Wow Jacks. That was brief, sharp-witted, and totally relevant to the topic. No really. I’m not just saying that.

    Anyway, what other astute observations do you have for us? I’ll wait. I know how long it takes to sift through an A-list Hollywood actor’s Twitter feed to find good comments to steal.

  3. Jacks: Your the reason that Ian is so intent on spreading COVID-19 you moron. If you’d quit with the threats of violence he wouldn’t give two shits about people wearing masks or get annoyed over what private property owners are doing.

    It’s bought time the sex dome returned! ohh wait, no, that was smaller. 🙂

  4. kk – your name calling and put downs are pathetic to be sure. The pandemic isn’t over as of yet and is currently picking up again especially in more rural areas. People are becoming more lax with the recommendations of the CDC.

    If people attending this event are from rural areas and other states, people will have a higher chance of getting or spreading caronovirus.

  5. “That worked out exactly perfectly” – Not to be nitpicky, but It sure looked to me like the app did the calculation wrong and shorted the fruit and veggie people by 3%

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