Porcfest 2020 is over. Is today the eighth or first day of Forkfest 2020? You decide.

Porcfest 2020 Group Photo, Side Shot

Porcfest 2020 Group Photo, Side Shot

Good morning from Roger’s Campground! If you’ve been reading Free Keene over the last week you’ve seen some excellent Forkfest/Porcfest video blogs from Derrick J. I’ve been so busy, it’s been hard to find time to do much of anything besides record my daily talk radio show and hang out with people here at Roger’s during Porcfest/Forkfest 2020.

Last year, I was again able to attend the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest) and really enjoyed it. 2019 was a great Porcfest but 2020 may have topped it because of one simple change by Porcfest’s organizer Carla Gericke:

This year, the Free State Project made the wise choice to decentralize the event. Gone are the unpopular vendor fees and any control the FSP had previously taken over the campground as they scaled back Porcfest 2020 to a minimal number of speakers and a geographic area of only the pavilion and bowl area of Roger’s Campground.

Soapbox Idol at Porcfest 2020

Soapbox Idol at Porcfest 2020

A pervasive myth about Porcfest is that it needs big named speakers to attract a large audience. This year proved that is not the case as very few speakers were present and yet the attendance seemed similar to last year, which had way more speakers. One regular vendor said this year was his best year out of the 5-6 he’s done and the Porcfest vendor organizer Shawn Grissom said his sales were on par with last year.

Clearly, Porcfest attendees preferred the hands-off, decentralized method of organizing and this year had a laid back vibe. It was fun to be able to broadcast from the event for the first time in four years. Or, since Porcfest was in a very specific part of the campground this year, was I instead broadcasting instead from Forkfest?

Some, like Free Keene’s Derrick J Freeman, say that Forkfest 2020 began on June 22nd this year, instead of the popularly promoted June 29th. His rationale was that Forkfest was originally created to protest Porcfest’s organizational missteps and he felt that with the decentralization this year that Porcfest had returned to its optimal form, so he and Steven Zeiler of Anypay announced they’d be having their annual dance party on June 26th during the Porcfest week of Forkfest.

Space Disco @ Forkfest 2020

Space Disco @ Forkfest 2020

However, that’s just his opinion. Forkfest is a totally decentralized libertarian camping festival. There are no organizers and no board of directors. Not everyone agrees that Forkfest started on June 22nd. Others believe it is starting today, June 29th. Originally, those who attended in 2019 had no idea that Porcfest would be decentralizing control of their event, so Forkfesters were expecting that Forkfest would be a separate week entirely and had come to some level of consensus that the forked event should happen the week after Porcfest in 2020 instead of the week before, which is how it had been done since its premiere in 2017.

The FSP made their decentralization plans for Porcfest known in mid-May, only several weeks in advance of the two events. As a result, some people – me included – decided that Forkfest is now a two-week long event and Porcfest is an event that happens during the first week. Longtime attendee Jay Noone has collectively called both events the “New Hampshire Freedom Festival”. Admittedly, the range of opinions has created some confusion, but regardless a good time is likely to be had whether you attend one week or both or part of each. You decide what defines Forkfest.

Forkfest 2020 Early Tent Party

Forkfest 2020 Early Tent Party

Is two weeks too much for most people? Probably, based on the large number of people who left the park Sunday June 28th, which was the final day of Porcfest. However, other people are just showing up now for what they planned was going to be the only week of Forkfest 2020, June 29th through July 5th.

Sunday evening/night had some new arrivals join us for lots of hanging out with dozens still present on the campground as well as multiple venues staying open including a few food vendors and Colin’s large party tent which featured a bar and busy poker table. We’ll see how the rest of the week pans out for the fourth-annual Forkfest as it builds towards a hopefully epic Saturday night on Independence Day which will feature both a fireworks show and a concert featuring a new band, “FUD”, featuring Aria DiMezzo, Captain Kickass, and Michael Gordon.

Early 2nd Week Forkfest 2020 Hangout

Early 2nd Week Forkfest 2020 Hangout

It’s too early to say what’s going to happen and we have no ticket sales from which to base any expectations, as Forkfest has no tickets. To attend, you just come to Roger’s Campground during the appropriate dates and connect with other freedom-loving folks. You can also create whatever event you’d like to have people attend. The experience you have at Forkfest is up to you. You can learn more about the event and get connected with other attendees via the Telegram chat and Forkfest forum via the unofficial website, Forkfest.party.

Please do come on up this week until July 5th to Forkfest 2020 and meet a bunch of other liberty-loving people hanging out together in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. Bring along your favorite form of money like cryptocurrency or Goldbacks as many vendors and individuals accept multiple payment methods. See you soon!

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  1. Carla dropped ticket prices and couldn’t attract big name speakers. The attendance decreases each year. Will this be the last Porcfest?

  2. With the increase of the covid-19 virus cases especially in more rural places, it should be interesting to see how many people have contracted the disease during your festival. I’m sure you don’t keep track of those numbers.

  3. Hey Jumping Jacks, gone outside lately?

    If not, I’ve got news for you. If you step out of those front doors of your self-imposed isolation or whatever troll farm you hail from, you can look around and find that most don’t care about coronavirus anymore. Of course you couldn’t tell that just from watching fake news, now could you Jacks?

  4. @Bring Back
    Did you read the article?

  5. Thanks for the REAL news about the current state of porcfest/forkfest, Ian. Also for the Goldbacks mention. I hadn’t heard about those.

  6. Jumping Jacks. A month ago the story was everyone was gonna die from this shit. Now the death rates are next to nothing, and nobody’s scared anymore, so it’s all about the “cases” now. You libtards just can’t let this thing go, can you?

  7. Intrigare – You are wrong as usual. Covid-19 cases are ever increasing and in Arizona, they are shutting down bars and restaurants again. In some areas you have to have a mask on or it’s a misdemeanor. Many of these public places opened to early. Many people who blew off the covid-19 precautions are now getting sick.

    May Arizona facilities ICU’s are maxed out or near capacity because of this.

    I believe when the Covid virus reemerges in other states, the government will place serious restrictions on people and you will be required to stay at home and receive more serious consequences should you not follow through with the governors orders.

  8. Yeah yeah Jacks, we’ already already know that you can parrot fake news.

    But Jacks you said I was wrong. Okay, what I was wrong about specifically? That most no longer care? Haha. You don’t go out much do you?

  9. Intrigare – “Jacks you said I was wrong. Okay, what I was wrong about specifically”? ” most don’t care about coronavirus anymore”. That is where you are wrong.

  10. Jumping Jacks. “May Arizona facilities ICU’s are maxed out or near capacity because of this.”

    Hey stupid. It’s completely normal for ICUs to be operating at 80-90% capacity. Particularly in cities. They were doing this long before covid came around.

  11. Churl Barker – I have a masters in nursing. No, it is not normal for ICU’s to be operating at 80-90% capacity. You see, it isn’t just the ICU, but it is also the pediatric ICU, and neonatal ICUs that are at full capacity. You need trained staff to care for these patients. Some hospitals have over flow to med surge floors for patient’s who are on ventilators ect…….

    Now Arizona, Georgia, Texas and other southern states have a resurgence of Covid-19. I’m quite sure those states governors will place new and tighter restrictions no one will like.and yes, the disease will move towards the northern states.

    This is an interesting article.


  12. Great event. I have been having a great time.

    Life has risks and nobody including future govenor nobody should have the power to use violence to stop freedom even when it is potentially deadly. People have the right to be dumbasses be it they are anti VAX or misinterpreting shit because they see a risk to freedom and need a means of defending it.

    I’m not arguing that there aren’t liars out there and lots of people who misunderstood and continue to missunderstand the problem. However to say its fake news is dumb. There is a threat here and it is pretty apparent that it is more dangerous than the typical flu. That doesn’t justify the states actions or intentional lies that came out of the politians mouths early on regarding masks. Turning wearing masks into a political issue is retarded. Selective interpretation of the numbers or misinterpreting is also dumb for pro and anti mask position. You don’t have to accept masks, even if the virus kills 100% of people and they work. Freedom should trump safety and you don’t have to ignore the developing science or even claim to have all the answers or correct answer to argue freedom or make a sound argument against the use of the state and violence to achieve safety.

    At the end of the day the economy didn’t need to be shut down. Masks should be worn. People should be avoiding close contact and touching. And the state should NOT be using violence to get people to do any of it. Now the reality of it is not everybody will or can do these things. That is not the end of the world. It isn’t an all or nothing situation. A few free staters protesting or having an event will make no real difference. The risks are mostly to those not following these general guidelines. There is more risk to life of the old, but to say it isn’t impacting young healthy people is disingenuous as most people who have “recovered” have reported long term health implications that suck. Like breathing issues. Maybe the the recovering takes longer but it doesn’t look that way and the virus is having other less obvious health implications as well.

  13. Jumping Jacks. “I have a master’s in nursing.”

    Wow. That’s really fascinating, Jumping Jacks. Anyway, no you don’t.

    “No, it is not normal for ICU’s to be operating at 80-90% capacity.”

    Actually, it is. It’s pretty clear you’ve never worked in a hospital before.

    “You see, it isn’t just the ICU, but it is also the pediatric ICU, and neonatal ICU’s that are at full capacity.”

    The pediatric and neonatal ICUs aren’t tending to covid patients, stupid.

    “Now Arizona, Georgia, Texas and other southern states have a resurgence of Covid-19.”

    They’re not resurgences, dipshit. Covid testing is more widespread now that states are lifting their lockdowns. That’s why we’re seeing more positives tests. The thing is, most covid-positive people aren’t hospitalized. Don’t you think that getting sick should be the yardstick we’re measuring with, asshole?

    “This is an interesting article.”

    Covid alarmism disguised as science isn’t interesting in the least, Jumping Jacks. Surely you can do better than that?

  14. “I have a masters in nursing.”

    Wow, Jumping Jacks. That’s really fascinating. Really it is. Oh. And no you don’t.

    “No, it is not normal for ICU’s to be operating at 80-90% capacity.”

    Actually, it is Jumping Jacks. But you’ve never worked in a hospital before, so I can understand your ignorance on this matter.

    “Now Arizona, Georgia, Texas and other southern states have a resurgence of Covid-19.”

    This isn’t a resurgence, dipshit. As states have been lifting their lockdowns, covid testing has been increasing, resulting in more postive tests. Deaths are next to zero in these states, as well as hospitalizations. These are the yardsticks we should be measuring with, don’t you think asshole?

    “This is an interesting article.”

    Covid alarmism disguised as science isn’t interesting to me in the least, Jumping Jacks. Surely you can come up with something better?

  15. Churl Barker – Again you are very wrong with your facts. Yes, I have a master’s in nursing. No, ICU’s do not normally run at 80-90% capacity. They want the numbers lower so there is more availability for new patients. They want to push the patient’s out of the ICU as fast as possible. Covid-19 patient’s that are in ICUs usually have long recovery times which tax nursing staff and other ancillary staff.

    Of course you are the same troll who continues to attack people using different names. You are very pathetic

  16. “Yes, I have a masters in nursing.”

    Bullshit, Jumping Jacks.

    “No, ICU’s do not normally run at 80-90% capacity.”

    Except that they do, dipshit.

    “They want to push the patient’s out of the ICU as fast as possible.”

    That’s exactly how hospitals keep their ICUs near capacity, you fucking moron.

    By the way, asshole, this last week in TX 1,500 out of 7,177 beds we’re occupied by covid patients. Hardly a resurgence by any honest standard of measure, is it?

    “Of course you are the same troll who continues to attack people [blah, blah, blah.]”

    Wow. That’s truly fascinating, Jumping Jacks. I’m not just saying that, either.

    Anyway, rebutting your lies shouldn’t really be mistaken as attacks. Think of it more as a public service. You’re welcome, by the way.

  17. Jacks is a moron, but even morons occasionally get things right. Not suggesting everything he’s saying is right. Not by a long shot.

  18. Hope: Over 2.8 million people die in the US each year. Current official covid-19 death toll: under 6k

    Again, fake news.

  19. Correction to above: 130k covid-19 deaths.

    Still fake news.

  20. I have read your article, the meaning is profound and meticulous, I hope you will have many great articles to share with readers.

  21. Where is your Masters from, Jacks? My money’s on the Philippines. Afterall, that is an international hotspot for troll farms and English is taught in schools there.

    Anyway Jacks, you know you always make me laugh when you criticize others on facts. Remember when you said that you pay each year for the Physicians Desk Reference, and we all found the latest full edition has been free online for years? Lol! And you still can’t admit the lie, now can you Jacks? Hehe you crack me up <3

    Oh and ICUs do normally operate at 80-90% or higher.

  22. kk – I believe you were talking about yourself

  23. Intrigare – Unfortunately, you are a liar.

  24. Ohh I think we struck a nerve.

  25. Intrigare: The virus is complicated and not everything is about death count or even known. That doesn’t make the virus itself fake news. There are a bunch of liars on both sides of the issue shouting shit for certain though. Some of it is misinterpreted probably intentionally so and some of it seriously misleading. Most people don’t have a real clue or understanding and are just picking sides like its a religion rather than actually trying to understand whats going on. And saying you don’t entirely know is the correct answer.

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