Trump Supporters Selling Merch in Portsmouth Pop Up Shop

I saw on Facebook some people talking about how there was a “pop-up shop” selling Trump-related merchandise in anticipation of Trump’s upcoming visit to Portsmouth. I decided to go down and check it out. Here’s what it looked like, and here are what the owners of the shops had to say.

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  1. Ok, I’ll bite. Why buying Trump stuff? Building bridges? Or just for the irony?

  2. @Intrigare I bought a Trump face mask because I was planning on going to the rally to talk to Trump supporters about clemency for Ross Ulbricht. Masks were recommended, and I figured it would endear me to the audience and open their ears to listen to what I had to say about freeing Ross.

  3. Interesting video. After reading your comments to intrgare. To actually believe Ulbricht should be free, is a joke. His dark web website was selling drugs and other illegal substances not to mention there was a question of murder for hire. He’s in prison for the long run where he belongs.

  4. You do a great job on these videos. Yesterday on the CCW and today Trump merchandising. No matter my thoughts on Trump, his supporters & distracters should Be peaceably heard. You engaged with them with a very pleasant ease. Again well done.

  5. Oh Jacks,

    All Ulbricht sold is anonymity, the same sort of which you have enjoyed on this site for years.

    If something is so wrong with that as to warrant a life sentence in prison, then please post your name, address, and the name of the troll farm you work for so that we can be sure that you’re not up to any illegal activities.

    Thank you for your cooperation Jacks.

  6. Boris thinks Intrigare make good point and is glad he attempt to relates with mentally ill Jumping Jacks.

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