Trans Candidate Files for Cheshire Sheriff as Republican, Taking on Incumbent

Aria 4 Sheriff SignLongtime democrat Cheshire county sheriff Eli Rivera better look out – there’s a new challenger this year in the form of “the Anarchist Shemale”, Aria DiMezzo. In 2018 she ran as the libertarian candidate for Cheshire sheriff in a three-way race against multiple term incumbent Rivera and his longtime losing republican opponent, Earl Nelson. This year, 2020, Nelson did not file and Aria, who’d been planning to run for state rep as a republican decided instead to file in the sheriff’s race. It’s going to be epic, for sure! Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

Here’s a quick campaign announcement showing her filing for office at the NH state house last month:

Want a yard sign to show your support? They are available now! Reach out to Aria directly via the contact info at her campaign site, Don’t miss her previous video, which was all about how to sell Bitcoin online.

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  1. What an embarrassment. Aria is a drug addict, with a “questionable” background. Aria works at Domino’s and is barely holding onto that job. Let’s not forget the so called “high priestess” of some satanic cult.

    I guess that is the only way freekeeners can make a mockery of this election.

  2. Are you sure that isn’t actually your resume, Jumping Jacks? 😉

    The election makes a mockery of itself. All you have to do is take a look at who does elected to see that there is something terribly wrong with the system.

    The simple fact that Aria is NOT the incumbent automatically makes her the better choice of the two.

  3. ‘Let’s not forget the so called “high priestess” of some satanic cult’

    whatever happened to freedom of religion?

  4. Intrigare – “The election makes a mockery of itself”

    No, people like Aria, RNP, and several other freekeeners make a mockery of the voting system.

    “The simple fact that Aria is NOT the incumbent automatically makes her the better choice of the two”.

    No, Aria has no law enforcement experience and never had. Aria works at Domino’s Pizza and has been written up multiple times. Aria also has a significant substance abuse history.

    As I said before. This is a total embarrassment to Keene, and the voting public.

  5. It’s so easy to make a mockery of your system, Jacks. Rest assured, we’ll continue on mocking and laughing at the criminal enterprise known as government.

  6. Ian – Just how is that working for you? Any major changes because of you people? I think not. You make yourselves look like a bunch of fools and criminals.

  7. Oh Jacks, you’re here aren’t you? That means they must be doing something right 😉

  8. I think Aria should wear a cowboy had sitting her campaign, and a lot hanging cowboy gun belt… With 6 shooters.. And bullets in it. Maybe a vest with a star..idk … Just a idear

  9. Lol

  10. Jacks-
    Aria is a manager at Dominos, and shes never been written up. I know this because i also work at dominos and have been there for 4 years longer than her as a manager. I’d suggest you actually prepare your facts before you spew shit.

  11. Jacks loves being proven wrong and discredited time and time again, takeabreather. That’s why he’s here. That’s why he makes it so easy, and proven time and time again that facts mean nothing to him.

    I’ve made a game out of it, not much different from playing apps to pass idle time. In that way, he and I have formed a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Jacks spews out his usual shit, and me and others swoop in for the kill. Cheap amusement of sorts lol.

  12. This should be entertaining.

  13. I thought this was Free Keene which MEANS EVERYONE IS FREE. You can’t have it both ways. Either go with your name or be quite Free Keene.

  14. As someone who grew up with Aria for 22 years, i can say shes no drug addict! Who doesn’t have a past??? Um go ahead and tell me you don’t @jumpingjacks I’ll wait…..
    You just can’t “jump” until the fact that this is the year 2020 and finally changes are getting made in this foggy world. She’s got an iq higher than you ever wish you could have, she’s got more people who listen to what she has to say (I’m sure people are surrounding you to hear whatever bs you got to say) in other words someone’s past is just that. THEIR PAST!! She’s made incredible strides and overcome so many hurdles to get to where she is and it will be amazing for her to get this position in order to change the world for the better. Don’t be bitter. No one likes bitter ass people

  15. What a joke. Is this Onion News? We’re seriously being punked right now! Right?!

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