Trans Candidate Files for Cheshire Sheriff as Republican, Taking on Incumbent

Aria 4 Sheriff SignLongtime democrat Cheshire county sheriff Eli Rivera better look out – there’s a new challenger this year in the form of “the Anarchist Shemale”, Aria DiMezzo. In 2018 she ran as the libertarian candidate for Cheshire sheriff in a three-way race against multiple term incumbent Rivera and his longtime losing republican opponent, Earl Nelson. This year, 2020, Nelson did not file and Aria, who’d been planning to run for state rep as a republican decided instead to file in the sheriff’s race. It’s going to be epic, for sure! Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

Here’s a quick campaign announcement showing her filing for office at the NH state house last month:

Want a yard sign to show your support? They are available now! Reach out to Aria directly via the contact info at her campaign site, Don’t miss her previous video, which was all about how to sell Bitcoin online.

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