Mask Freedom Rally Speech Highlights from Keene’s Central Square

Well over one hundred freedom-loving people gathered on Saturday in Keene’s Central Square to protest both Keene’s mask mandate and “His Excellency’s” recent “orders” mandating groups over 100 to wear masks, or else. There were some great speeches including former law enforcement officer Dan LeClair – running for NH Senate District 10 – who struck at the root, saying, “It’s about government taking away our right to decide for ourselves what we should do with our own bodies…there is nothing greater than an individual’s right to freedom.”

Here are highlights from all the day’s speakers including organizer David Lheureux, Republican 2020 candidate for NH Governor Karen Testerman, Republican 2020 NH Senate District 10 candidate Dan LeClair, me, Republican candidate for NH Governor Nobody, and NH Health Freedom’s Cheryl Rounds:

It’s worth noting that this event took place after “His Excellency” Chris Sununu “ordered” any scheduled event over 100 people to have face masks, or else the event organizers will be hit with misdemeanor charges, and we definitely hit over 100 people. One count near its peak had 120. Big thanks to 8.3L organizer David Lheureux for putting it together.

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  1. This video contains a bunch of people who are paranoid, ignorant, and uneducated. All you talk about is your freedoms a and rights. How you incorporate wearing masks in to government conspiracies is totally beyond me.

    You people cannot accept responsibility for your own actions so you blame the government. No one is holding a gun to your head to wear a mask. With all the world’s problems, you would think you could find something else to talk about besides your paranoid BS.

    Until the covid-19 virus is held in check, people are going to be required to wear masks. You can rally all you want but that is the way it is. So exposing yourselves to a virus that damages your body, is just beyond stupid.

  2. Now Jacks,

    Talking about freedoms and rights doesn’t make someone make someone uneducated, now does it Jacks?

    Did you watch the vid? One of the speakers said they have a degree in microbiology. I bet that’s a real degree, not a fake one like yours… What do you think Jacks?

    Careful who you criticize and insult, because in the end you could be the one looking quite foolish. Actually, hold that thought… I’ll borrow some of your words, in case you’re interested in learning the same lessons you try to teach others here:

    “It’s one thing not to have respect for yourself, it’s another to disrespect those who are willing to have a serious conversation with you.” – Jumping Jacks

    “Using the word “educate” is just another ploy that is supposed to excuse you from your apathy regarding your statements.” – Jumping Jacks

  3. Excellent speeches from everyone. The most rivotting part for me was when Nobody was quoting the Declaration of Independence. His shoulder action is a bit distracting though… What’s up with that?

  4. I agree with the state in this one. I’m a statist on this one. There’s too much reckless stupid. Go be reckless stupid on a island with others of like mind. And lock there till. It’s done, sort of like they did with lepers

  5. I am another one of those ignorant little people syndrome hicks. – Are you serious? Someone who is on an insane rampage gets shot by the police and you think this is relevant how?

  6. Intrigare – You need to educate your self little fool. You have, as yet, to remotely say something that is intelligent about the corona virus.

    Twisting my words around only makes you look more foolish and juvenile. So who is the person with the “degree” in microbiology. Is it an As, Bachelors, Masters, PhD?

    You are the typical liar. You saying I don’t have a degree shows the incredible stupidity on your part. All in all, it doesn’t bother me. Because you have proven your worthlessness for the world to see. You are jealous because you have nothing to show for your life. That is really sad. Now be a good little loser and go crawl back under your rock.

  7. I’m completely serious, Jumping Jacks. Did you read those articles, munchkin? They’re all about face-diapered, finger-wagging schmoes like you who escalated confrontations with undiapered, otherwise peaceful people. Should give you something to think about, hmm? Just kidding. I know it won’t. Stories about people rightfully saying “no” to those in charge just drives you into a tizzy of pious anger, doesn’t it?

  8. Mmmm Jumping Jacks all that civility you pretended to have is all breaking down now, isn’t it? I get it, it doesn’t feel good to have your claims defeated time and time again by others armed with real facts, now does it?

    Well maybe once you calm down, you can try again to take your own advice? I’ll even paste them again here for your convenience:

    “It’s one thing not to have respect for yourself, it’s another to disrespect those who are willing to have a serious conversation with you.” – Jumping Jacks

    “Using the word “educate” is just another ploy that is supposed to excuse you from your apathy regarding your statements.” – Jumping Jacks

  9. @David Crawford well at least we can say that you’re more honest than most, so there is a lot of hope for you to some day see the error of your statist ways.

    Embracing freedom comes with the realization that its not only the best thing for yourself as an individual, but for everyone, and always works better than one group of people attempting to force their will on others.

    The invitation is always there, and its in our blood as human beings to be seekers of freedom, though power-seekers try to be program that out of us from the time we are born. So as long as we are alive the odds are always in the favor of humanity and truth.

    Truth always prevails, David. I hope you did watch the video, as there is a lot of truth in there so maybe it will help you along in your journey.

  10. Incidentally, Jacks. Worrying about people without face-diapers being potential grandma murderers and thinking the best solution is to murder them first is indicative of a problem, don’t you think munchkin?

  11. Mmm it appears Jacks is getting VERY close to self-destructing, as pointed out by Silvia in the previous thread. Either that or he already has. How many munchkins are we up to now?

  12. He he, Intrigare. Two on this thread. Three on the other. And one “champ.” I think this one’s gonna be a doozy.

  13. Intrigare – Again you haven’t produced anything to support your ramblings. You like the other freekeeners like to twist people’s words around. Everything I stated in my past pots were either to you or another. You seem to have a need for limelight even when I want’s addressing you. I guess that is why you have gone nowhere in life. How sad.

  14. I am another one of those ignorant little people syndrome hicks –

    These articles are about a man who was escorted out of a private business for not wearing a mask. Yes, private businesses can do that even in Canada.

    He then uses his car as a lethal weapon and tries to run the employees down. He then takes on the police violently. This has nothing to do with wearing a mask. This has everything about control by the man would was shot. The police did their jobs and did it according to protocol. You are fishing for anything while ignoring the truth.

  15. But Jumping Jacks, I did offer something to support my ramblings. The support I offered were quotes from you Jacks. Are you saying those aren’t enough? We may be in agreement there, but Jacks is it really too much to ask you to follow your own advice?

    I may not have accomplished much in life but I have learned a few things. One of those things is that how one person treats another when they’re angry is usually revealing of how their parents treated them in their childhood. Now that can be quite sad, eh Jacks?

    You don’t have to answer if that’s true or not Jacks, just some tidbits for some self-reflection.

  16. Intrigare – You are way off the topic at hand. I have come to expect that.

  17. Uh huh. Ramblings. Fishing. Canada. Protocol. Truth. Wow, Jacks. Those are all fine talking points. I can see you gave those links I shared with you a very thorough read.

    Anyway, maybe you should go back and read them again, huh munchkin? You know, just for shits and giggles? Pay special attention to the first two. They’re from “CNN” and “The Trace,” two of your favorite activist web sites. That’s how we know everything they report is the absolute truth.

    Oh, and once you’re finished, Jacks, feel free to contact me here again. I can’t wait to have a discussion with you once you’re actually intellectually prepared for one.

  18. Oops. I made a mistake there, old bean. I meant for you to pay special attention to the SECOND and THIRD articles. Ignore the first one. I can see you read that one super carefully. Have fun, Jacks. See you soon.

  19. Intrigare so in all your groups civility. Why was it necessary to shout vulgarity at passing autos who were simply passing by. That really scores points for your side.

  20. Making up things that never happened says a lot about you and your side as well, doesn’t it Michelle?

  21. Only 3 of the commenters aren’t “Drac Vermell.”

  22. Aha, CGK. I see my ingenious Butter Troll Trap has pulled in yet another godforsaken beast of the damned. I’ve been setting these things up for months now on Free Keene and they’ve been full of sweat-sopped shitbags like you since the first day. You know what they say, it’s a lot easier to beat a libtard with a pillowcase full of doorknobs once they’re stuck to a wall.


  23. Meanwhile in Maine, that silly Governess has issued an order for wait staff to wear inverted cones, similar to the “cone of shame” people put on their dogs so they won’t bite their stitches out etc. So what if it rains then ? The fuckin’ thing will fill up and people will drown! Vacationland my ass !!

    I’m thinking collars and dog tags with proof of vaccination are right around the corner.

    Man just thinking about that, makes me want to lift my leg and piss all over an effigy of Joe Biden bound and gagged in the back of a pickup truck festooned with American flags and fluttering Trump worship cloth.

    Well that’s all for now, I gotta go chase some cars. Woof woof woof (runs off down the street)

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