Karen VS Nobody: NH Governor Republican Primary Debate Now Slated for 3pm Friday

Karen VS Nobody

Republican NH Governor Primary Debate 8/28 @ 3pm

Due to a scheduling conflict we’ve pushed back the start time for the “Karen VS Nobody” NH gubernatorial debate this Friday, August 28th to 3pm Eastern. The participants are Republican candidates for New Hampshire governor Karen Testerman, biologist and Franklin city councilor, and “Nobody“, the libertarian activist who changed his name to run for office.

Questions are being submitted by both candidates to the debate moderator – nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Edge. We’re also asking you to submit your questions for the two Republican challengers to tyrant king Chris Sununu. By the way, Sununu’s campaign did not respond to the debate invitation. Should you wish to submit a question for possible inclusion, please post it to the comments here on this article.

There will be a post made here at Free Keene on Friday where you’ll be able to watch the debate stream live at 3pm. You can also watch it live via the LRN.FM DLive and Twitch channels.

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  1. Where is Sununu? Lol

  2. On a scale from 1-10 what is your level of Constitutional competency and integrity? What does it mean to be bound by oath or affirmation to “support” the constitution?

  3. RNP debating? That is always good for a few laughs. Hopefully he takes a shower and washes himself up to look presentable and not smell like water soaked grass.

    What would he actually have to say that wasn’t from a Disney movie? Only the freekeeners will jump on his bandwagon no matter how big of a fool he could possibly be. Having witnessed one of his debates in the past, His answers will not be of this world but of pure fantasy.

  4. who’s Karen

  5. Question for Nobody – I worry about your health and therefore you’re ability to serve if elected. The constant shaking and spasms are very concerning. Can you please address my concerns and pledge that you will partake in a medical examination to ensure you are fit to serve.

    Thank you.

  6. While I love Rich Paul’s campaign slogan and feel it is a concept that people really need to start understanding and living, I could never vote for that dirtbag. I’d love to vote for Darryl but he feels the need to pander to a corporate backed fake movement BLM and advocates for sanctuary cities. What a load of crap. Therefore I guess I’ll need to look into Karen Testerman. Is there anyone who advocates for limited Constitutional government? We’ll see. Maybe the new campaign slogan should be “OK Karen!”

  7. Now Jacks,

    Most are aware that ALL of today’s political candidate debates are a joke. Aren’t you?

    If any candidate would just quote the Declaration of Independence and/or the US Constitution (as Nobody does) that alone would make them the most qualified.

    Anyway, question for Republican Challengers:

    What would you do with the pardon power?

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  9. is this the fight of who wins up last?

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