Speaking on NH Independence at the “Stop the Steal” Rally in Concord, NH

Peaceful secession from the United States is something I’ve promoted this year at mask freedom rallies, Black Lives Matter, and now “Stop the Steal”. I had attended such a rally last weekend, which is heavily attended by Trump supporters, with the intention of handing out flyers for the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.

I successfully handed out flyers to the bulk of the crowd and they were near-universally well-received. Then I was given the opportunity to speak. Though I was surrounded by pro-America speakers, I reminded the large crowd that even if Trump somehow wins, he won’t stop the government from stealing, that the federal gang is evil, and taxes are theft.

America has failed, I told them. I was not booed off the stage. They surely know it’s true. The point was to plant the seed that it’s time New Hampshire secedes again and says goodbye, peacefully, the United States of America.

It’s long past time, actually. But it’s still not too late. New Hampshire Independence NOW!

Here’s video of my full speech and some highlights from the other speakers at the rally:

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  1. Ian, the voice of reason. “Trump supporters”? Those people are radical at best. I’m surprised there were no riots when Trump lost.

    Ian, if you live in America, you will pay taxes. That will never go away. What you call force and violence is not placed on Americans who are mature enough to know they will be paying taxes and do it.

    Why were you even speaking at this even? You stuck out like a sore thumb.

  2. Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, It is force etc. – George Washington

  3. Jumping Jacks.

    ^^^Russian asset^^^

    ?????? ??? ?????

    Did I say that right, munchkin?

  4. Aw shucks. Looks like WordPress doesn’t allow transcription into your native cyrillic, comrade Jacks. I guess latin script will just have to do. Anyway, did I say it right, munchkin?

    Privet kak dela?

  5. As a New Hampshire Republican and Conservaive, I remember thinking that it was cool that the Free State Movement chose New Hampshire to live in. Then came the embarrassing stupidity of harassing Keene Parking Meter workers. Then came the embarrassing and evil stupidity of supporting sex between children and adults. Then came the embarrassing stupidity of vile racist Chris Cantwell. Now comes the embarrassing stupidity of seceding from the United States. Nobody in New Hampshire wants this. Plus, of course, the logistics would be beyond daunting. Just another dumb, embarrassing, unpatriotic idea.

  6. Welcome to NASCAR country, LFOD.

    By the way, you goddamn slackjawed gutterfuck, you left out the embarrassing stupidity of whining faggots like CGK getting caught on video molesting most of Keene’s unsuspecting dog population. I hear he’s into farm animals too. Fucking reprobate.

    Long story short, my pal Hector sold a copy to that sicko Mark Wolf. The creep tried to pay him with a personal check. Do you believe that shit? Hector almost caved his skull in with a block of wood attached to a key he found behind the 7-Eleven.

    Before I go, fatass, news flash, Pillsbury ain’t a food group. So eat a vegetable for once you lumpy ball of flesh.

    Over and out.


  7. Live Free or Die, you should consider moving to New York, if getting past their Thanksgiving is verboten border goons isn’t too daunting for you. “Bend over and spread ’em” “Show me your papers Juden” !

    You’re right Chris Cantwell is an embarrassment, that’s why many people have disassociated from him. You, on the other hand don’t have the balls to disassociate from the likes of Governors Witmer, Cuomo, Newsom, and that baby killing dog faced pony soldier Governor in Virginia whose name I’ve forgotten and the incoming horde of Biden swampsters.

    If the logistics of slithering thru Maskachusetts on your trip is too daunting, maybe Tony Fraudci can give you some learn to love your head up your ass pills to make the trip more palatable ?

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out rino boot licker!

  8. Nancy Pelosi’s Hair-I guarantee that you aren’t a New Hampshire native. What nonsense are you spewing? Why would I support liberal Governors? The only Governor who I support is Governor Sununu. I try never to cross the Massachusetts border. I don’t like their gun laws.

  9. Live Free or Die, Governor Sununewsom IS a sometimes liberal governor though when he plays politics with your freedom to appease his adoring liberal voting mask wearing scared rabbit supporters.

    If you don’t like gun laws, good for you. “His Excellency” Governor Sununewsom is willing to use guns to keep free market competition from competing against the forcible monopoly of the near billion dollar State liquor store cartel he oversees.

    Funny how in this “pandemic” they kept building more liquor stores to add to the mountain of “essential” ones which have never closed eh? Run for you life!!! It’s a pandemic!!! Don’t forget to grab a jug on the way home tnough!

    You don’t need to cross the Maskachusetts border, haven’t you heard the new border is just north of Concord?

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