Porcupine Day 2021 Speeches Include Founders of LBRY & Reopen NH, FSP Executive Director, and Porcfest Organizer

Porcupine Day is the day the Free State Project reached its goal of 20,000 signers of their pledge to migrate to New Hampshire as a liberty activist.

The original Porcupine Day was in February 2016, which marked the beginning of the FSP’s five-year-long moving window. February 2021 marks the close of that window. However, the Free State Project will not be shutting down and is instead going to continue recruiting more liberty-minded people to make the move to the Shire.

I attended the event and recorded the various speakers. Four full speeches appear below.

First up, Jeremy Kauffman, the founder of LBRY and current member of the Free State Project’s board of directors made a couple of proposals to those watching.

1. That “Free Stater” should be redefined to mean any libertarians in New Hampshire
2. The FSP should return to being a member-voted board of directors.

Reopen NH founder Andrew Manuse discussed organizing Reopen NH and encouraged more libertarians to follow the tremendously successful example he’s set. Reopen NH – now Rebuild NH – was originally built by a petition and has morphed into an organization that endorses candidates and has organized multiple successful rallies in favor of freedom:

Free State Project Executive Director Vince Perfetto showed the record-setting progress that the FSP made in 2020 and set some more lofty goals for 2021. It’s more important than ever to encourage liberty-loving activists to migrate to New Hampshire:

Carla Gericke, the former president of the Free State Project and current president of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, wrapped up the event and talked about the upcoming Porcupine Freedom Festival and welcoming new movers to a migration that is no longer in the theoretical stage – we’re doing things and making an impact here:

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  1. So a board of directors gets to define for us what “Free Stater” means?

  2. I’m not sure I agree with the reasoning, but that is entirely because I haven’t watched the video yet, but it’s probably best to refer to all participants as free staters. The reality is doing so works in our favor and we shouldn’t let the FSP Inc define free stater anyway in that there are far more people who have moved for freedom and the bigger project than those that have been drawn here by an incorporated entity that doesn’t really represent the greater project. That is to say many have not signed up with the FSP, Inc . The Free State Project is more than just the FSP, Inc. It a cocktail of free individuals and organizations all working toward the same basic end more or less of which many have chosen another path to arriving here. In fact most people who have moved have not done so because of the FSP, Inc, but rather other entities and participants in the greater migration movement.

  3. That’s pretty much what I was thinking, kk.

  4. I liked when Carla said, “it is our job to tell the truth”. Yes, it is, and the truth is freedom isn’t something other people can give you, those are privileges, not freedom.

    No disrespect, but I’m not sure I agree with Andrew Manuse on the relative (in)effectiveness of protests / gatherings. He seems to imply the measure of success, is how soon or how much the overlords relent. Meaning, only legal shifts are meaningful. I don’t share that mindset. Although I do like nullification, legislatively, by jurors and individually.

    I think disobedience is a key and regular disobedience begets freedom and often precedes and foments legal shifts. Simply don’t comply if an “order” offends you or seeks to steal a right from you. It will feel good and may inspire and embolden others to join together and disobey. After all each of us owns ourselves and none of us own others. None of us.

  5. The free state project. I haven’t heard about that topic in quite a while.

    I still don’t understand why you have this little pledge book with supposed 20,000 signatures yet, you cannot prove those people are moving to NH. You can’t even prove those people are real.

    I thought Ian was kicked out of porcfest and the fsp. It occured when the FBI confiscated his computers with suspected child porn on them..

    At least you have a hobby of some kind. It should help you people to stay out of trouble.

    Today in Cheshire county, there are over 2458 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

    Keep using masks and keep them clean and your face clean and you should have no problems

  6. Jumping Jacks – You said “I still don’t understand why you have this little pledge book with supposed 20,000 signatures yet, you cannot prove those people are moving to NH. You can’t even prove those people are real.” No, you are wrong again. The FSP is real and it backs its membership. That is a good thing. There is no response you can post that refutes my statement. Your constant ramblings seem to prove your limited intelligence and immature demeanor.

    You said “I thought Ian was kicked out of porcfest and the fsp. It occured when the FBI confiscated his computers with suspected child porn on them..” That is a real pathetic statement. Full of desperation and depravity. These types of comments are why you are never taken seriously or recognized as an intelligent person. How very sad for you.

    You said “At least you have a hobby of some kind. It should help you people to stay out of trouble.” The FSP stands behind its membership’s hobbies. That is a good thing. The FSP will not be bullied or have it’s members bullied by a small group of whiners like you who hate other people’s hobbies. Obviously the fight is not over yet.

    You said “Today in Cheshire county, there are over 2458 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Keep using masks and keep them clean and your face clean and you should have no problems.” Obviously you are very wrong. Your statement about what a “case” is is very wrong and you’re words. The FSP stands behind it’s members. They do a valuable service. There are a number of cities in the USA that have libertarians. That sounds like a productive job and necessary because governments like to try and steal people’s money and adopt crises like pandemics in order to do so. That sounds dishonest. What do you think they would turn to next?

    Again by the way, masks are reckless and immoral. By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle. It appears you are still not out of the woods yet with your own ignorance of science. You need to educate yourself because you don’t know anything about these matters. Trust me. I am in the medical field. You are not.


  7. Jumping Jacks – I forgot to add.

    You said “I found this article very interesting.” Where are you getting this from? It was not interesting. That article was obviously written by an activist with an axe to grind. I pity people like you who choose to live ignorant and sheltered lives.

    By the way, masks are all fake now and won’t work. You refuse to acknowledge what is really true because your ego won’t let you acknowledge the real story. I suggest you read the real news and get seriously educated before you become one of the statistics.


  8. Jumping Jacks, the article you linked to was interesting. For instance the picture in the article ISN’T the Town of Grafton, NH.

    If the writer of the article had ever been to Grafton, she would have realized that street lights pretty much are nonexistent in Grafton. So her snarky comment was a non sequitur.

    As well, the writer alludes to the municipal budget bouncing back to $1.55 million as if that’s a good thing, it isn’t. Much of the increase is due to poor government management (is there any other kind). An unnecessary and likely illegal County Complex being rammed up the Town’s butt a few years back as well as an unnecessary School renovation in a district with a declining student population. I could go on, but I have to comb my unruly facial hair and feed some donuts to a bear.

  9. Jumping Jacks – I forgot to add. That article is also six months old which is completely irrelevant to the modern age. When you learn to post articles that are relevant to the times then you will know how futile your efforts were. Educate yourself.

  10. runningwolfkenpo says – Are you talking to hear your head roar? Because you are not saying anything.

    By the way, I do know of a few pranksters who signed your little FSP promissory and they are not moving to NH. So again, you are wrong.

  11. Jumping Jacks – No, that is a pipe dream. Never in a million years would you know any pranksters that would do that. I find it amusing to watch you jump all over yourself and call this some kind of victory. I believe you are still making up statements to try and make yourself look intelligent. Too bad they are all myths and legends. While I’m sure you believe in the great pumpkin, that is more realistic then what you are saying.

  12. @Bob C “He seems to imply the measure of success, is how soon or how much the overlords relent. Meaning, only legal shifts are meaningful. I don’t share that mindset.”

    Well put Bob C. I don’t share that mindset either.

  13. It appears Jumping Jacks is just here to disrupt civil discourse by engaging in libel.

    Where is the moderator anyway?

  14. Yup. But at least Jacks has a hobby of some kind, right Intrigare? 🙂

  15. runningwolfkenpo says – Yes, I know some friends who signed that ridiculous pledge. They are not moving to NH. So keep living your “pipe dream” because reality is obviously to difficult for you to handle. To compensate for your difficult behaviors, you are a freekeene troll.

  16. Sure ya do, Jumping Jacks. Sure ya do 😉

  17. Jumping Jacks – So, your “friends” signed the statement of intent. How productive was that. Did you accomplish anything. It doesn’t sound like it. I see you’re talking like a big man again. Did you pull up your big boy pants and take time out from your many fictitious hospital “jobs”. I’m surprised the orderlies at the asylum didn’t clock you for trying to escape.

    By the way you are the one who is obviously the troll. I have never trolled in my life. You chose to troll not me. Again what does trolling have to do with anything. This isn’t a witch hunt. I believe the Disneyland experience continues in your own life. Time to step into reality and pay your taxes. You don’t have a tax exemption and more than likely never will.

  18. runningwolfkenpo says – ” I have never trolled in my life. You chose to troll not me.” No that’s wrong. I post something addressed to no one and you are one of the very first people to begin trolling me. You do it not long after I’ve posted and then every post after. I come t this site maybe twice a day if that. You are always on it.

    You are obviously on government assistance. You more than likely live in a 1 bedroom apartment and you troll the people who live there. Wow, I have never said I have a tax exemption. Those are your lies.

    I do receive grants from the government for my costs of running the rehab center. That is more than likely money taken out of your taxes so I thank you for your support.

    Today in Cheshire county there are 2475 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Don’t forget to keep you face and mask clean. I’m sure you are much more attractive to women with your pot marked face hidden behind a mask. Of course when you tell them you are an unemployed scumbag. That usually ruins the conversation and they walk away laughing at you. Just like your mother did. Yo uare a poor pathetic go nowhere idiot freekeener.

  19. Jumping Jacks – What are you complaining about? I posted an observation. If you choose to put words in people’s mouths, I suggest you start with yours and see how many lies come out. Again your word games are pathetic and non applicable. It also sounds like your conscience is a bit disturbed. You prove it with each comment you make. Very very immature. You are definitely not a drug counselor and are more than likely a drug addict with a felony record.

    By the way, masks are manipulative. Dr. Andreas Voss, member of the WHO expert team and head of microbiology at a Dutch hospital in Nijmegen says that masks were made mandatory because of political pressure and public opinion. Not because of scientific evidence. Dr. Voss is well-admired in the medical community and is a head of microbiology. You are not. Here is another link to educate you. Your welcome.


  20. Jumping Jacks would do well to follow runningwolfkenpo’s advice and educate himself. runningwolfkenpo works in the medical field and so would know what he’s talking about.

  21. runningwolfkenpo troll – If it upsets you so much to read my comments, why read them? Really why read them and respond to them? Does it help to curb the puppet shows you put on everyday for the neighborhood kids? Be Careful with that. You don’t want to put yourself in the same boat as Ian.

    Do you sit in your run down apartment and stare at four walls all day? You need help troll

  22. I think weiner face is getting sentenced this week. probably Monsuier Freeman is going to go up there to Concord..

  23. Jumping Jacks – You must have me confused with someone else. All I ever said is that you are a scumbag troll and a hopeless drug addict and a convicted felon and pathological liar and a deeply disturbed patient in an insane asylum. That’s it. Clearly innocuous.

    Again I have news for you. This isn’t Grindr. This a blog for libertarians. So if you are going to act like a stalker, you will be treated like a stalker. Don’t forget, it was you who was busted for being a troll and a stalker not me. Just like all people, no one wants to see you acting like a stalker by trolling all over this blog. You are off the deep end. Get over yourself you sad piece of pond scum.

    By the way bitcoin is now at $55821.33. It is going through the roof and a lot of libertarians are getting rich off it. It is foolish for any person to not own any crypto by now. Did you know that I am in the medical profession. This is how I know.

  24. runningwolfkenpo – Sorry to tell you this but the only stalker is you. It also looks like my last comments shook you up. You went on a tirade with no objective. It sounds like I described you to a tee.

    What does bitcoin have to do with anything in this article?

    The only medical profession you are in is giving yourself an injection of insulin everyday to control your diabetes. Because you are overweight. With all the time you spend on this site, you don’t do anything to increase your activity.

    The only way you get your heart rate up is when you go to the kitchen and raid the refrigerator.

  25. Jumping Jacks – Very boring. I notice you stalkers are not very aggressive when you are outnumbered. What do you think you accomplished. You cannot blame me for my statements. But that doesn’t diminish the fun of this blog. It is amusing how you say I went on a tirade when the opposite is true. You point the finger at everyone else but you fail too see your part in this.

    Again you did this to yourself. You need to take responsibility for your stalking behaviors before you wind up in jail with the rest of the stalkers. I’m sure you are used to that. Maybe you should find another hobby to keep you from bullying the peaceful freekeeners on this blog. Something that doesn’t involve bobbing your head on johns to pay for your next fix.

    By the way, bitcoin is at $56025.28. Bitcoin is obviously no longer a volatile and unstable currency. It is no longer easily manipulated and many libertarians are getting rich off it. You should buy some while they are still hot. You are obviously not doing very well in your life. If you had more money than you wouldn’t have to shop at Goodwill for your pretty dresses.

  26. Jumping Jacks and when you jump on that bitcoin gravy train like many libertarians did way back when your trolling days began, don’t forget runningwolfkenpo for all the valuable professional guidance and education has offered you out of the kindness of his heart.

  27. Today in Cheshire county, there are 2527 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

    Please make sure you wear your mask and stand 6′ from each other. If you have trouble with your masks, please buy another one or wash it.

    We are all in this together.

    runningwolfkenpo – Yawn………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Jumping Jacks – How many cases is that in one day? I don’t know where you supposedly got your stats from but I would like a link that shows the scientific data that proves those numbers. When you have to do damage control for every comment written by you, that should tell you there is something wrong with what you are doing.

    Again my comments are right and to the point and show how you have fallen away from what you are about and have become boulder crossing the lines of decency and cold hard facts. I suggest you look into where you went off the beaten path. You are not a victim.

    By the way, you are fear-mongering. In fact, there is no study to even suggest that it makes any sense for healthy individuals to wear masks in public. One might suspect that the only political reason for enforcing the measure is to foster fear in the population. You should read this book. It will educate you to the truth.


    It would also appear the WHO knows the covid testing is a scam and that it was being used for fear-mongering. The fact that it took until the inauguration for us to find out reveals this adventure is a scam. You are an idiot for believing in it. Did I forget to tell you that I am in the medical field? This is how I know.


    Today bitcoin is at $58278.80. You don’t even make that in a year. Pathetic. You will just have to scrape buy with your ten-year-old chromebook while living off the scraps of people who are more successful than you at life. So sad for you.

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