Trans Satanist She-Male to Mayoral Competitor Facing Stalking Allegations: “you’re a creep”

Aria DiMezzo Keene City Hall

Aria DiMezzo to Mark Zuchowski: “you’re a creep”.

Normally, the Keene mayoral primary is pretty uneventful. This year, however, according to the Keene Sentinel, a major bombshell just dropped regarding one of the three candidates, 66-year-old Mark J. Zuchowski, a newcomer to Keene politics.

Zuchowski has been accused of stalking by city clerk office worker Heather Fitz-Simon. Though Zuchowski hasn’t been charged criminally in the matter, he has been no-trespassed from Fitz-Simon’s home and is facing a hearing on a stalking petition brought by Fitz-Simon on October 6th at 2:30pm in Cheshire Superior Court. According to the Sentinel story, Zuchowski spent inordinate time hanging around the city clerk’s office, rambling about his dead mother and shaking a seltzer bottle, then explaining to Fitz-Simon his habit of creepily watching a young woman who works near his home. Zuchowski allegedly emailed city staff about his observation of the woman, explaining he’s watching her daily to make sure she is able to get inside her workplace safely. He emailed Fitz-Simon inviting her – a married woman – out on a date, later claiming it was only to discuss his campaign.

If all Zuchowski did was make a awkward pass at a city employee, that wouldn’t be so bad. However he then showed up at Fitz-Simon’s house, blocked the driveway with his car, took photos of the home, and rung the doorbell, allegedly multiple times. When police were called, he was given a no-trespass order and still didn’t leave immediately. He tried to claim he was just looking to see if Fitz-Simon had received his email invite, bizarrely excusing his photographing the home by explaining he thought he’d been there before while apartment hunting in the past. He claims he wanted to give her a small pumpkin and a note complimenting her appearance and reiterating his invite to an antiques show.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story, but I can personally confirm the dude is weird. When I was filing to run for at-large city council in early September, Zuchowski was in the clerk’s office being overly-friendly with the city staff. He was acting like he belonged there. Since he’s relatively new to town, I only know it was him because he introduced himself to another person who happened to walk into the office at the same time. At the moment, I chalked his behavior up to being a little-too-enthusiastic about being the next mayor, though he did strike me as odd at the time.

Mark J Zuchowski, Alleged Creep

Mark J Zuchowski, Alleged Creep

Plus, check out the rambling twenty-four page bio he submitted to the city clerk’s office regarding his campaign for mayor of Keene. On just the first page he explains he feels like he has a father-and-son relationship with current mayor George Hansel and excoriates Hansel for attending protests last summer during the governor’s “stay at home” order, then uses math formulas to calculate how protestors violated social distancing. Apparently, Zuchowski was an engineer prior to retiring to Keene from his original home in Massachusetts. He worked for defense contractors developing weapons for the military to murder innocents around the world, yet claims to be a lifelong Christian.

This year’s mayoral candidates are Zuchowski, incumbent mayor George Hansel, and trans Satanist anarchist she-male Aria DiMezzo. Last year, DiMezzo made headlines nationwide in a viral explosion of news coverage for her defeat of the longtime Republican candidate-for-sheriff in the primary, though she ultimately lost in the general election to the incumbent Democrat sheriff.

In a post responding to the news about Zuchowski, DiMezzo said, “Look, when you’ve made someone uncomfortable, you should notice that, and stop making them uncomfortable. The only misunderstanding here is that you’re a creep who is creepily creeping on some chick, and you refuse to recognize that. Stop being a creep.” Zuchowski claims the whole situation is a misunderstanding. The primary election is this Tuesday, October 5th. One of the three candidates will be eliminated Tuesday and two move on to the November 2nd general election.

Please come out Tuesday and vote for Aria DiMezzo. Polling place information is here on the City website. You can register to vote at the polls if you aren’t registered yet. Remember voting in a primary means your vote counts even more than normal, since almost no one ever bothers. You can get more information about Aria at the Reformed Satanic Church blog, of which she is the High Priestess and her official campaign website,

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  1. Doesn’t the headline of this article accuse Aria and then go on and on about this other candidate with no supporting allegations against Aria?

  2. It’s not a very good article.. But at least it names the recipient of this quote “harassment”; the government employee, unlike the sentinel article which “protects” the government employee.

  3. I’m going to say it in a nutshell because maybe *my writing isn’t that clear: the headline could be read to sound like *Aria is the one getting the harassment allegations.
    At least I misinterpreted it that way

  4. Who the hell says “she-male” in 2021. Maybe try not using transphobic slurs in your reporting. Gross.

  5. Dimezzo running for office? Seriously. Dimezzo is part of the crypto6. No one is going to vote for Dimezzo except freekeners. What a joke. Is Ian running for office as well? How about RNP?

    I believe Keene has been embarrassed enough with you people acting like jackasses all the time. Can Ian and RNP even vote? I know it won’t be long until they cannot vote for anything. That includes Dimezzo.

  6. The fact that you’re actually advocating for a tranny freak shows why communism is taking over the country. And a Satanist, on top of it. I guess being a mentally unbalanced devil worshipper is less offensive than a guy who hit on a woman. You’re fucked in the head. That tranny should be shot, not in public office.

  7. Being a Satanist is not cool. Check out some of Mark Passio’s videos where he talks about Satanism. Mark Passio was a Satanist at one time, but now he exposes it.

  8. What does communism have to do with being a transexual

  9. And now DiMezzo has lost to Zuchowski while receiving exactly 35 votes from the entire City of Keene. Sort of amazing because Zuchowski is neither well known nor popular.

    And, on the same day, a frivolous lawsuit filed by DiMezzo and Freeman is dismissed by a U.S. District Judge because they suffered no harm.

    People here are tired of the Free Keene bad behavior. If DiMezzo and Freeman can’t be more productive and helpful to the Community, I would encourage them to concentrate on their upcoming criminal trials.

  10. Ooh man, that election was embarrassing. 35 votes? Wow.

    I’ll have to remember that when another moron on here chirps up about the impact Free Keene and the FSP is having on making NH some sort of libertarian utopia.

    No guys, after over a decade you only get 35 votes. LOL

  11. Yeah, I voted for Zuchowski after Ian published this article. Sounds pretty libertarian to me. The guy didn’t break the NAP with his behavior. It’s his right to be a creep! If she didn’t like it, she could move! She’s a city employee, she has no right to not be harassed. It’s like that time Free Keene was harassing meter maids and city employees. This guy is true libertarian!

  12. “the entire city of keene” was about three hundred voters for the mayoral primary… so, a small fraction of 1 percent.. not the whole city of keene

  13. Hey Karl, speaking of embarrassing, didja know that Joe Biden’s “mandate of the people” might actually be a total load of horse manure?

    Take what’s going on in Maricopa County, AZ’s for instance. When the 2020 election ballots were audited this summer it was discovered that 263,139 ballot images were actually corrupted files entered AFTER November 1? Geez. It’s almost like the election officials there were trying to hide something totally incriminating and stuff, am I right?

    Anyway, CNN reported that the preliminary recount matched the 2020 numbers. No surprise there. Of course it turns out that the audit itself identified 57,734 ballots with potential issues such as incorrect home addresses and even duplicate ballots – amongst other things. Wow. Weird how CNN doesn’t know the difference between a recount and an audit, huh? But I’m sure that was just an honest mistake, right Karl?

  14. Well, David, George Hansel actually got 763 votes. But, that isn’t the point. Two candidates advance so Mr. Freeman was trying to drum up support for DiMezzo by trashing Zuchowski. Freeman may be right. I never heard of Zuchowski, he seems pretty creepy and he only got 56 votes.

    But, with the strong support of Free Keene, the radio show, the Shire Society, the Libertarian community and all of DiMezzo’s friends and family…she was only able to get 35 people to come out and vote for her in a Town of 23,000 people ??

    Pretty pathetic showing, really, and it shows exactly what Keene really thinks.

  15. Uh huh. So pathetic. Anyway, ya know what’s even more pathetic LFoD? That you actually care about this Keene crap when there’s an unholy band of good-for-nothing Democrats out there stealing elections and destroying this country with cancel culture, money printing, excessive taxes, and shitty movies starring Salma Hayek.

  16. And that’s just stage 1, Silvia.

    The left is coming for you, darling.

  17. Yup. Same with that “Let’s Go Brandon” thing. Boy, that attempt at spin was totally tits, am I right?

    Anyway Karl, check this out. You’re gonna really bust a nut about this one. Get this. Didja know that the left’s coming for Dave Chappelle and Tucker Carlson too? It’s true. Hand to God. That guy Rachel Maddow said so. He’s a Rhode’s Scholar so he knows.

  18. You better hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband, Silvia. ‘Cause we cancel er’ybody out there. We are the Left. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

    Wait, Tucker Carlson? The Turkey Dinner heir? The Dancing with the Stars contestant? HOW COULD THEY! THE LEFT HAS GONE TOO FAR! Oh wait, he does spout a bunch of bullshit on that entertainment network, doesn’t he? Eh, cancel him, why not.

  19. Geez Karl, are you making threats here again? Well that’s not very nice. But I get it. You think violence against innocents is perfectly ok if it’s used to defend ideas you consider more important – you know, like locking down “nonessential” businesses or taking money from successful people because you think they earn too much. God you guys are so awesome.

  20. Oh, by the way Karl, didja know that Joe Biden’s son Hunter sells his own art now? It’s totally true. No foolin’. He paints portraits and stuff by blowing paint with a straw – just like little kids do in pre-school. Turns out he’s making a killing doing this kind of thing too. Half a million dollars a piece last time I checked. What a bargain, huh?

  21. Lol, only a snowflake like you would equate cancelling with violence. Pretty fragile, huh?

  22. Mmm hmm. I see. You prohibiting people who you disagree with from being able to earn a living is really just an exercise of your free speech – because everybody knows our speech is what’s actually violence. Great comeback, Karl.

    Anyway, guess what? Turns out all those empty shelves and inventory shortages are proving that the plans of the people who control Joe Biden are finally working. You’re living the dream, Karl. Isn’t that just awesome? I’ll bet you just can’t wait to try out the long lines for bread and toilet paper that’re coming next, huh?

  23. Under capitalism, you aren’t entitled to earn a living. You have to provide value to society. Your rules, not mine. As it turns out, people with money don’t value bigoted shit, and therefore advertisers are not interested either, so these morons get cancelled. You should be happy with that. Free market in action, baby.

  24. Yowsers. I love it when you talk dirty to me, Karl. God I’m so hot for you right now. In any case, quick question – do ya think the libtard weirdos cheering on Dave Chappelle’s and Tucker Carlson’s respective cancellations have ever watched a single second of content they’ve ever produced? Oh, and don’t lie, Karl. If you do I’ll know.

    But I get it, Karl. I get it. You yobbos think that voters should be allowed to vote as many times as they want (as long as it’s for your guy, of course), so it stands to reason you’d be perfectly fine with the notion that a handful of mentally ill genderqueers should also get to decide what the rest of us normal folk get to watch on cable TV as well, am I right?

  25. How can a Transexual Satan Worshiper be calling anyone Creepy?
    Mr. Zuchowski seems to be a nice gentleman who is being maligned unfairly. Have you read his Candidate Bio? He is a a real Patriot, who worked in the defense of our country.
    Being a Satanist supporter, no wonder Ian can’t make the leap between Love of Country and Christianity.
    Trust me, in the Clown Show of Keene Politics, Mr. Zuchowski is the LEAST Creepy person available!

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