Incumbent Sheriff Victorious as Police Supporters Steal Over $1,000 Worth of DiMezzo Campaign Signs

Aria DiMezzo Keene City Hall

Aria DiMezzo poses outside Keene city hall.

Over the weeks running up to the election, desperate pro-police supporters have been stealing Aria DiMezzo for Sheriff campaign signs from around Cheshire county. DiMezzo reports over 150 signs – over half of the approximately 250 signs she had out – have been stolen at a cost to her of over $1,000. Keene Police have received reports from people who witnessed some of the brazen thefts. At Tuesday’s general election, she was defeated by incumbent sheriff Eli Rivera. According to the wildly inaccurate numbers from the Secretary of State, 17% of voters chose DiMezzo, but we’re not real sure how over 7,000 votes were registered for Rivera in Westmoreland where there are not even 1,700 people supposedly living there. So it’s likely her real results were closer to 20%.

DiMezzo, a self-described “Anarchist She-Male” and high priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church of Keene, made international headlines in September when she became the general election ballot-qualified republican candidate for Sheriff here as she handily won the republican primary against the usual republican candidate, Earl Nelson.

It’s ironic that the police supporters, who surely would describe themselves as “law and order” people, are committing theft and potentially facing up to a year in jail per sign stolen and up to $1,000 fines. If the amount stolen hits over a thousand dollars, felony theft charges are possible. DiMezzo however did not call the police regarding the thefts, opting instead to post surveillance video of two of the criminals from outside her church parsonage on Route 101 in Keene. You can see those videos here and here. If you can identify the men in the videos, please contact Aria.

Aria 4 Sheriff Sign

Yard Signs Available via

On October 10th, Keene Police’s James Cemorelis reached out to Aria regarding a man in a grey truck witnessed stealing multiple DiMezzo campaign signs in Keene, asking for her personal information for a report he was working on. She declined to provide the information, telling him she did not wish to pursue charges, though she did confirm the takings were unauthorized and said the attack had affected nearly every sign of hers on the highways and even some private property, finally thanking Cemorelis for his great work. Cemorelis subsequently has closed the investigation.

DiMezzo, a vocal advocate of practicing forgiveness, also did not report to the police earlier in the campaign when her convertible was vandalized in an overnight attack. The $2,000 fundraiser to help her with repairs has exceeded it’s goal. Supporters assisted her with the paint removal and she paid cryptocurrency to Wilder Automotive in Keene to replace the slashed tire. She’s currently working on getting a quote on the slashed cloth top. Updates will be posted to the fundraiser.

Hers is probably the most successful pro-liberty campaign to happen so far due to the New Hampshire Freedom Migration. While others have been elected across New Hampshire, none of them had the major media coverage DiMezzo received including multiple international press outlets and over forty interviews including multiple leftist podcasts. It’s likely many millions of people became aware of DiMezzo and her principled pro-liberty message of police accountability. It was the perfect campaign for the year 2020 where more people are paying attention to the criminal, corrupt, and violent acts of the police and she was the ideal candidate. All the right things came together at the right time. Thank you to everyone who helped with publicizing her message. Stay tuned here to Free Keene to see what she decides to do next. Also, if you haven’t read the excellent posts on her blog, I recommend them. She is also selling autographed leftover campaign signs, so get yours before they are sold out!

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  1. some people might have wanted the signs because they were cool signs..i was tempted myself,. though i didn’t get one because id only get one after it was ended, but forgot… it occurred to me to look today but figured I’d be way late

  2. I still got one. They are awesome and I will be leaving it up! Well, maybe till the snow falls anyway.

  3. Why does Amerikanskys is making so much about voting? Why is bother?! It does not matter who are vote, but who is countings vote!

  4. Someone stealing signs? Interesting. When the PD wanted a report so they could do more, Dimezzo wouldn’t cooperate with them. It sounds suspicious.

    You paint this glorious picture of how great Dimezzo did during the election but it looks like a bunch of liberties are being taking by Ian painting a picture that didn’t exist.

    I don’t believe 1,000 signs were stolen. A Domino’s pizza worker could never afford that many signs so quickly. I believe Dimezzo and a couple of freekeeners know more than what is being said here.. If Dimezzo doesn’t utilize the same office that Dimezzo was running for, then there is no real story. Just your words against the multiple lies you have published in the past.

  5. Congratulation mentally ills Jumping Jacks. You are goes to sleep and by morning freedom is gone! Now you must fly Amerikansky flag at halfs of staff. Of course not too low or Marxist friends is lights fire to flag!

  6. i got a questions… the 1700 vs 7000. discrepancy margin, in chesterfield, did anyone, at FK, look into that?.. That seems so large that there must be a logical explanation

  7. As far as I know, the Westmoreland results mentioned here are still the officially reported results. I didn’t care enough to register a complaint, because I still lost handily. Anyone can contact the Secretary of State and point out how moronic that is, but I don’t care that much.

    @jumping jacks, yes. I know way more than is mentioned here. I work at my job because I choose to, not because I need to. I *want* the menial labor away from everything else. As an example, I know how to sell Bitcoin. I also know how to build a music studio, which I own and operate. Focusing on the job I do for fun is kinda the wrong way to understand me. I have a normal job because it’s an easy way to shut my brain off. I enjoy that. Otherwise, my brain is constantly going. You are right that an average restaurant worker can’t afford such things. You’re wrong in assuming I’m an average restaurant worker. I hope this clears things up.

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