VIDEO: NH Statists Hold ANOTHER Lengthy Seminar on Free State Project’s Threat

NH Statists FREAKING Out About the FSP

NH Statists FREAKING Out About the FSP

In a strong unintended endorsement, the New Hampshire democrats had yet another online meeting tonight to expose the Free State Project‘s migrants for infiltrating the republican party, winning dozens of state house seats, and our various other tremendous successes.

Despite claiming our numbers are small, the entire video conference – put on by former state reps, at least one of whom migrated to NH – was all about how well-organized our decentralized freedom migration has been. The statists are extremely concerned about the Free State Project, as evidenced by the fact that they have held multiple such meetings like this over the last several years. They used to be held in person but now they are too frightened of catching a cold to meet in real life, and it’s easier to keep the liberty activists out of the discussion this way.

The former state reps giving the presentation believe that there’s some secret big libertarian money funding activists to move here, which is totally false. Otherwise, they have clearly done a LOT of homework to learn as much as they can about this movement, because it is working. We are a peaceful threat to the status quo and they hate that liberty is rising in New Hampshire.

Thankfully, YouTuber and NH resident Dr. Karlyn Borysenko live streamed the event on her channel for hundreds of live viewers, so you can watch the democrats’ whole presentation. It’s basically a 90-minute promo piece for the Free State Project.

Nowhere else in the other 49 states are the people in power actually worried about libertarian activists. The reason they aren’t concerned, is because libertarians are completely ineffective. The reason we’re so ineffective elsewhere is because there are so few of us, spread across the entire country. That’s the reason the Free State Project was formed. It was a good idea and two decades later it’s a proven success. The statists are very, very scared.

Watch the whole hilarious seminar here – this link jumps you to 35 minutes into Karlyn’s stream where the democrat presentation begins:

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  1. Thank YOU! Vivre Libre ou Mourir! <3

  2. Ohh dat shit was funny! Definitely a greatly entertaining sales pitch by Granite State Progress for why if you are libertarian you should move to New Hampshire!

  3. Who the hell is this, a D-list libertarian Hasanabi wannabe? lol

    Anyway, if you don’t think democrats talk about libertarian republican strategy in other jurisdictions, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Also, notice how the Libertarian Party wasn’t listed in her list of organizations moving the libertarian republican agenda? Still not a threat! What a group of fucking losers, LOL.

  4. Liberations are ineffective in New Hampshire. They have done nothing but wet their pants thinking a state like New Hampshire could sustain it’s own economy and resources to sustain breaking away from the USA.

    The government will never allow a state to become it’s own entity.

    At least the libertarians have a hobby.

  5. What’s her name is gone, or she’d be there I’m sure…. Susan Bruce… That’s her name

  6. Marxist Amerikansky who plays ghost and mentallys ill Jumping Jacks is again to propagandize for system of criminal enterprise. Where is surprise? Always is same. “To whom is need, is receive. From whom is produce, is provide.” And of course “To whom is resist, is disappear.” What is possible to go wrong with that frames of mind?

  7. I’m always impressed with how much the libertarians have accomplished in New Hampshire. It’s humorous how the haters come out in droves because well, that’s what they do when you are winning the war for freedom.

  8. Yeah, what the fuck you Leftists pricks? Boris is right. Libertarianism is the only way to freedom.

    Do you know how expensive it is to get my place clean? I’m not made of money you know. The government keeps taking it because of bullshit fines and probation costs. The only way I’m going to get it done cheaply is by increasing the labor market (aka the supply) by letting children get jobs again. Is that going to happen in a “Leftist” society? Fuck no, children get to go to school or some shit instead. It’s bullshit.

    Also, the first thing I’m going to do when we live in Libertopia is buy a 1 inch square around the border of my neighbor’s property. Then she’ll have to pay an exorbitant toll if she wants to cross my land, or I’ll shoot her for trespassing. Serves her right, that bitch. She had the gall to use the gun of government to have me put in a cage for masturbating in front of her family. Lady, your daughter was 8, I’m sure she’s seen a rock hard erection before. Fucking prudes.

  9. Boris is unimpressed by marxist mouthpiece that is persist in idiocy. Civic obligation of all citizen is fight against government and taxation, not securings safe space to toss the pirozhki.

  10. Damn right, Boris. We need to fight these idiots. It’s ridiculous to expect me to pay to taxes so that the government can prosecute murderers. I don’t have a “being-killed” problem. I take personal responsibility, and therefore I’m alive. So why do I have to pay for police and courts and stuff? It’s clearly not a service I need. Why can’t the murder victim or their family do it?

    The government just exists to do prosecute murders and tell me I can’t ejaculate on children. Why would I want to pay for that? Nobody needs it!

  11. I just heard a #copblocker testify at the Rittenhouse trial…
    I guess he wrote for #copblock

  12. Boris Alotovkrap Another freekeener trying to be funny. To actually think people like you could ever survive in a former state is beyond me. New Hampshire will never break away from the USA. Ever.

    The state doesn’t have the resources to be independent. One thing they would do is put a ridiculously high tax on everything you would need to survive.

    Could you imagine the tariffs and duties the state would have to pay to bring necessary items into and export out of a former state.

    You libertarians are just stupid.

  13. JJ . He was funny… You should try it sometime.. But your just annoying and tedious

  14. JJ: The only reason NH doesn’t have the “resources” to be independent is because the feds keep stealing all our money! NH is not like some states where the state is GIVEN stolen funds by the feds from people in OTHER states. NH isn’t a poor state and would be one of the wealthiest independent nations on earth if we got our independence (on a per capita basis obviously). An independent New Hampshire isn’t about taxation anyway. You can both be independent and retain taxation policies at a national level or minimize the taxes. An independent New Hampshire is about freedom and self determination. It’s about not letting politicians in Washington dictate our laws and force us to do what is best for them rather than our own.

  15. David Crawford: Mentallys ill Jumping Jacks always stuck in old fashion bolsheviks rhetorics. Is always much progress. Is always very inclusivity. Is always many safes spaces. But is also no independents thought. It is laugh, yes?

  16. You know Jacks, it’s super interesting to a lot of us here how you’re framing a secession debate as an economic one. I mean, since you’re so certain that NH has nothing of value to offer anybody, then why punish us for leaving? It’s not because you collectivist types operate under the notion that fawning obedience is the most useful resource, now is it Jacks?

  17. You tell him kk!

    I’m sure JJ is going to come back and say that the only reason NH is wealthy is because it’s part of the richest nation on Earth and gets to take advantage of interstate trade with other states as well as the federally negotiated trade deals with other nations.

    As if, bucko! Just like with Brexxit, the U.S. and other countries will totally honor the same trade terms and conditions. We have all the leverage! Giant cargo ships will be happy to come to Portsmouth to service ~1.4 million people instead of just going down to New York where they can serve the ~330 million people in the U.S.

    Anyway, think of all the cheap child labor we’ll have! Companies will definitely move from Asia back over here. They will save a ton on shipping costs! Also, no environmental regulations? Man, think of how easy it will be to just dump chemical waste into the Connecticut river. It just becomes the U.S. problem at that point. Ha! I’m sure they will be fine with it though.

    You should think before you type stupid shit out, JJ.

  18. Hey everyone.

    You know what would be cool? If a big company came into NH and bought a big plot of land. Then, they built a town on that land, where they gave their employees housing for as long as they worked for the company (and not a second more, they aren’t a charity). They would even run the store in town! Then, the company could create their own cryptocurrency, and pay their employees in that. After that, the employees would be able to buy things at the company store with the cryptocurrency! In fact, after a while the store would only accept the company’s crypto instead of those filthy FRNs.

    Wouldn’t that be really cool? The company would be using crypto, and using a currency that isn’t controlled by those scheming central bankers! To the moon, am I right? Freedom is great!

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