Historic New Hampshire Independence Bill Assigned Number: CACR 32

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In September, Free Keene covered the filing of a first-ever constitutional amendment to declare peaceful independence from the United States federal government. Now, that bill has been officially assigned a bill number, CACR 32.

As reported today by the NH Exit blog, the next step is the bill will go before a state house committee for public hearing. In a historic first for all 50 states, people of New Hampshire will have a chance to speak to the state reps about secession – whether for or against.

If passed without amendment by 60% of the NH House and Senate, CACR 32 will appear on the ballot with the following wording:

Are you in favor of amending the first part of the constitution by inserting after article 7 a new article to read as follows:

[Art.] 7-a. [Independent Nation.] New Hampshire peaceably declares independence from the United States and immediately proceeds as a sovereign nation. All other references to the United States in this constitution, state statutes and regulations are nullified.

To pass, it must receive at least 2/3rds of the vote. Visit the NHexit.US post for the full story.

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  1. Long overdue! This is great news for New Hampshire, and of course y’all are in top of it, unlike the dead old media. Finally they are listening to the overwhelming and growing fast, majority. Thank you for covering this.

  2. This is utter nonsense. As Justice Scalia said,

    “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.”

  3. You newhampshire assholes are stupid.

  4. Haven’t you people played this out? There is absolutely no way New Hampshire would break from the USA. Other states have played this same game.

    New Hampshire doesn’t have the resources to survive on it’s own. It also doesn’t have the capability to export goods to obtain enough money for it’s survival. I quite sure there are more people against this idea than for.

    I sometimes think if you people were able to break away from the USA and everyone living on their own terms wouldn’t work. You would still have competition. To be quite honest, as resources dry up and bands of thug raiders began to work over the most vulnerable groups of people, I believe you freekeeners would be one of the first groups to get wiped off the face of the map.

  5. Being a true New Hampshire guy here, I love this… we are already a sovereign state. Many just are too limited to understand. This looks more to me like just a declaration of sovereignty and that’s fine too. Whatever it take for simpler folks to get it, we will take.

  6. ““If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.””

    Justice Scalia also said,

    “Inter arma enim silent leges … (In times of war, the laws fall silent.)”

  7. Oh Jacks you and your imagination. Did someone let you watch Mad Max again? It’s keeps feeding those paranoid and suspicious thoughts of yours.

  8. Say, LFoD. You’re not one of those libtard weirdos who believes in that dumb idea that the Constitution is a “social contract” or something, now areya? Cuz Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were.

    Oh, but get this, just like all other contracts, the Thominator and the Georgester also reasoned that the Constitution should have a lapse date and become null and void after ever generation comes to an end – even requiring the next generation to hold another Constitutional Convention in order to renew the thing – or even shitcanning it entirely for something better. Awesome, right?

  9. Cool Silvia! I didn’t know that. I mean, anything beats being forced into a gang, am I right? Heck, Hawaii didn’t even want to be annexed to begin with. Why I’d bet they’d politely opt out right next to New Hampshire’s along with Texas and Northern California and others when the time came.

    The propaganda machine would certainly have to work overtime to convince everyone that war is justified, wouldn’t they? Since they can’t use slavery anymore, maybe they’d just tell everyone that the seceding states must be attacked preemptively to stop the spread of the latest covid variant. What do you think?

  10. Lol. Totally, Intrigare.

    Reminds me of what happened in KY last week. You know, after all those tornados ripped through there and stuff? People there have lost everything. Some are concerned where they’re going to be getting their next meal. But not the people who control Joe Biden. Their first order of business was to make sure that enough clinics are set up so Kentuckians can get their next ‘rona booster. A booster for a vaccine that even the propagandists admit doesn’t work anymore. Doesn’t get more retarded than that, does it Intrigare?

  11. Our New Hampshire House consists of 400 State Representatives earning $100 per year. So almost any clown can get elected and propose some idiotic, irrelevant legislation. That is all that this is. Needing 2/3 or 267 votes, he will get less than 10. Not long ago, a NH State Rep proposed a law that would “send all mentally ill people to Siberia.” This is equally significant.

    The endless ignorant, snarky comments here remind me of Mark Edginton’s description of Free Keene as “a bunch of autistic children running around yelling at each other”.

    Covid is an example. It is true that vaccinations are not preventing Covid. But, they are stopping people from being hospitalized or dying. Almost 90% of the deaths and hospitalizations involve unvaccinated people.

  12. Intrigare – Are you serious? I believe it’s you who lives in a fantasy world. Texas has been trying this same ploy for over many many years.

    This ridiculous pie in the sky BS is nothing more than a hobby. I am more than willing to bet the vast majority of people who live in New Hampshire would never vote for this. It’s a joke.

  13. Live Free or Die – “So almost any clown can get elected and propose some idiotic, irrelevant legislation. That is all that this is” I agree.

    Freekeeners are the “clowns” that never get elected to any position. A lot of them are felons and have a record a mile long. Typical idiots.

  14. Jumping Jacks in no way speaks for me and almost every single human I know in New Hampshire. Lucky for us, that breed is dying off. Perhaps it was a liberal arts degree he attained, or perhaps he’s simply from MAssachewshits. I am a true New Hampshire man. He or she obviously is not. Freedom is the answer. What’s the question? Rhetorically written of course.

  15. Uh huh. Got it, LFoD. What you’re saying is that everything went wrong because not enough clowns on your side of the circus got elected. Ya know comrade, maybe your side could modify your message a bit to drum up some more interest in you guys again? Ya might want to start with bonehead ideas like face diaper edicts, vaccine passports, and forced military service. That stuff really doesn’t sit well with most unvaccinated autistic people.

  16. The ability of peaceful individual people to make their own choices is what liberty and freedom are all about.

    When I say peaceful people I mean individual people that aren’t seeking to harm other people or their justly acquired property etc. Which can’t be said about any involuntary form of government, which assumes individual consent, when none is actually given.

    To have a state motto, “live free or die” and then declare all people in a given area to be subject to the political whims of a whole set of government overlords both elected and unelected makes the duplicity self evident.

    It’s impossible to “live free” and also be an automatic subject of an imposed hierarchy.

    Secession is simply saying, we now recognize the closer we get to individual freedom for peaceful peoiple, the closer we get to relieving ourselves of believing in two opposing things at once.

    Belieivng in two opposing things at once, is the province of the fearful, the absurd and the stupid. Besides it’s not nice to hold people in a relationship by initiating force or threatening to.

  17. I can’t wait for freedom to arrive in New Hampshire! We’re getting closer every day to a real take over- or should I say dissolution of the state.

  18. Amen kk… amen! Live Free or move to mAss!

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