Keene Council Ignores People & Business Owners, Passes Mask Mandate 10-3

Packed city committee meeting on mask mandate, supermajority unmasked.

Packed city committee meeting on mask mandate, supermajority unmasked.

Last Wednesday, dozens of people testified in front of the City of Keene gang’s “Planning License and Development Committee”, with the supermajority of people opposing the return of the city-wide indoor mask mandate. Of the handful of people who spoke in favor of the mandate, nearly all of them work for the medical-industrial complex. Ultimately, despite the large outpouring of opposition from the people of Keene, like with the BEARCAT vote, the PLD committee voted in favor of recommending the mandate be sent back to the full council 5-0.

Last night, the full council heard the proposal and made changes, ultimately passing the amended version 10-3 with councilors Michael Remy, Janice Manwaring, and former cop Thomas Powers voting against. In addition to ignoring the majority of the people of Keene who opposed this mandate, the ten councilors voting for the ordinance also ignored the 70% of Keene business owners who registered their opposition in a survey conducted by the Keene Downtown Group.

Prior to the final vote, councilor Michael Remy proposed making the mandate a recommendation, which the council shot down. Councilor Kate Bosely then proposed the ordinance target individuals for penalties instead of the businesses themselves, as the 2020 mandate did. Mayor George Hansel cautioned the council against Bosely’s proposal saying he thinks targeting the individual would make the ordinance unenforceable. Hansel said targeting of businesses is relatively easy and can be done by the goons in code enforcement, whereas to target individuals would mean that the police would be the ones enforcing the ordinance. Hansel may be aware the police are less than interested in enforcing it – at least according to two officers who told me that personally in the last year or so. City mob boss Elizabeth Dragon also recommended against Bosely’s proposal as it would require snitches to call the cops on a mask-free person and the city gang has no system to track the number of warnings given to people for violations, as Bosely requested the ordinance have a verbal and written warning be issued to the person prior to issuing a $100 ticket. However, councilors voted for Bosely’s amendment, 10-3, meaning individuals will be targets for enforcement instead of businesses.

70% of Business Owners Against Mask Mandate

70% of Keene Business Owners Against Mask Mandate

Before you get to thinking that the three people who opposed the ordinance in the final vote were somehow freedom fighters, please note the entire council voted for the following amendment from the cowardly councilor Robert Williams, who noted that the originally proposed ordinance wasn’t strict enough, in that it allowed people to take off masks when seated in any business. So he put forward an amendment to ensure no one can remove masks while seated anywhere except for restaurants and bars, though Williams is so fearful he actually critiqued the people of Keene for going out to eat at all.

The ridiculous Keene city gang even says the mask must be worn by people playing indoor sports.

The new mask mandate does not apply to gyms or other businesses with memberships that are technically not open to the public. It also has a carve-out for medical exemptions and people aren’t required to produce documentation to prove it. The 2021 mask mandate ordinance goes into effect on Monday, December 20th.

As I recommended at the committee hearing, people who don’t want to wear masks need to refuse to obey this ordinance. It’s likely not going to be enforced, and if it is, then people who are ticketed should demand their trial. If convicted, they should refuse to pay the fine. Make these tyrants work for their convictions and don’t ever reward their thuggery by paying them fines. The worst that they can do is jail you for a night, but the judge will nearly always let you do community service instead of go to jail – as long as you’re willing to go to jail. This isn’t legal advice, just my experience.

Here is full video of the testimony in front of the PLD committee last week as well as the full council’s discussion, amendments, and votes from last night. Don’t miss the part where George Hansel actually begs people to wear masks “in their house over Christmas”. LOL – just say NO!

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  1. Was anybody really surprised that the council did the exact opposite of what the people wanted? These guys get elected by the very people that they pay off. It’s all the government workers who vote for more big government because they’re incentivized to do so. If we banned those who received money or other benefits from voting (teachers, government workers, contractors working for government, etc) the taxes and government would shrink in size and the elected would be more likely to do what was in the interests of the people as a whole rather than those they pay through theft to who vote them in.

  2. This is awful. Planning to move my family from Germany to join the FSP early next year and have the Keene area as our top destination. This is very discouraging though. I guess the important question is, will the people comply and will it be enforced? I just want to be done with this crap.

  3. Christopher: The people have not complied thus far, or at least those among us who resist. They lack the ability to enforce this bullshit. It’s something like a $100 fine, but that means you can take it to court and every stinking one of us will and they will usually not bother because they know it unless they’re trying to push back after we’ve claimed a win on the war (ie for 3 years they didn’t give us a single court date and dozens of tickets were issued in Keene- if you requested a trial they just dropped it- and that was because for a decade we’ve fought every single $5 parking ticket). What is interesting is that the fines issued to businesses were also REFUNDED! When was the last time you heard of a government doing that? Yes- the state REFUNDED the half dozen businesses who were fined during a short window that had refused to go along with the restrictions they were demanding. They also reduced not just taxes- but the states budget this year. When was the last time you heard of ANY government reducing the budget? We’re winning it’s just we don’t control the state yet no matter how much the left thinks we do. We may have some influence over the republican party at this point and the state, but it’s definitely not a majority and we can’t just do anything we want. If we could there would be no more government schools, drivers licenses, drug laws (they’ve gotten way better but still not libertarian), police (security is one thing- but you can pay for that yourself, through a subscription to one of the likely many private security solutions that would crop up in a free market- you need help call your company and they’ll issue a private security employee to help), or other licenses.

  4. Thanks so much for the response! It’s reassuring to hear that people are fighting tooth and nail and getting the desired outcomes. The progress from this active minority really does sound promising! And I can only imagine the last two years have sped up the migration for others like they have for me and my family.

    Can you comment on Keene in general? I often see that it leans left but it seems like there is a solid Free State presence.

  5. This is a good thing. Masks save lives. Do you want your fellow citizens to die from this extremely deadly disease? Do you not care? Masks protect your life as well.

    I’m glad Keene made the right choice. This is best for the health of the community.

    Hopefully Keene will also mandate vaccines for all businesses. No unvaccinated person should be able to participate in society.

    Get vaccinated and wear your mask. We can save many lives this way. Don’t be selfish.

  6. That’s nice, MSL.

    Say, if this disease is so extremely deadly and stuff, then why do we need to be tested to see if we have it?

    Oh, and if masks work, then why the six feet social distance?

    Oh, and if both those things work, then why the lock-downs?

    Oh, and if all three of those things work, then why the rushed experimental vaccines?

    Oh, and if the vaccines work, then why the no liability clause?

    Anyway, didja hear the latest news? Turns out the CDC was busted twice recently for rewriting their guidelines with the help of the teachers’ unions. Teachers’ unions aren’t The Science, by the way. That title’s reserved for Pope Saint Fauci the Great (may he live forever).

    By the way, I don’t know if you’re in the loop or not, but didja know that teachers’ unions give Democrat politicians lots and lots and lots of money every year? It’s true. No foolin’. Ya think there might be a connection to any of this or something?

  7. Just emailed the clerk. Apparently no one reads the real science on the inefficacy of masks:

    And here:

    Never going to put a mask on for these fools. I think it’s important to comment so that others know that there are more out there that think like they do. Resist the stupidity.

  8. In this case, I agree with Free Keene. It was also bad strategy to invite public input and then ignore it.

  9. Yeah. Totally, LFoD. just like when the FDA added a warning label to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines about myocarditis and stuff, am I right?

    Anyway, you better not be trying to switch sides or something. Cuz we’re an exclusive club, tool. No libtard weirdos allowed, got it?

  10. No danger of that. I am a conservative and a rule follower. KK’s insane utopia doesn’t work for me. No schools or police or driver’s licenses ? What about people who can’t afford private security ? What about somebody who hurts, rapes, or murders a child ? The guy in Wisconsin who drove his car into a crowd killing 6 and injuring dozens. Cool with that ?
    So dumb and poorly thought out.

  11. So you’re a conservative and a rule follower, huh LFoD? Dang. That sounds fantastic. Almost makes everything you say just that more compelling. No really. I mean that.

    Anyway, while you were busy watching Buzzfeed videos to learn everything there is to know about libertarians and how they look at things and stuff, I decided to click on both of Nathan’s links and guess what I found out? Turns out that everything you libtard weirdos have been telling us about masks is total bullshit. Weird, huh?

    Oh, and guess what else? Looks like this holiday season Omicron is coming to town. They say it spreads 70x faster than Delta and that by January it will be the dominant strain in the UK, the US, and half of Europe.

    There’s some good news, though. It’s incredibly mild and rarely leaves the upper respiratory tract into the lungs. In fact, only 10% of those hospitalized required supplemental oxygen – 70% down from Delta. A gift to humanity in all respects, am I right? Kind of makes Keene’s mask mandate seem kind of pointless in retrospect, don’tcha think? Ha ha. Just kidding, LFoD. I know you’re way too inflexible to see reason and stuff.

  12. Are you a student overwhelmed by your online course? Believe us, you are not alone. In this era, students are constantly struggling to study, whether online or on campus.take my class is growing exponentially as the coronavirus pandemic continues. However, students face many problems and no one can rely on them. No more.

  13. A mask is like a talisman or rabbit’s foot. The religious fervor of the mask cult is strong.

    For some reason though covid hates soccer players. I kind of get it, I mean soccer is so boring.

  14. I continue to be astonished at the utter selfishness of Free Keeners/Free Staters. But this reality is not being lost on the average NH resident, whether all you liberty people realize this or not.

  15. You knew this was going to pass because it was being promoted by buzzkill Randy the Nanny who feels the need to create quality of life ordinances that no one wants. As for Dr. Cruisearound (sp?), he writes the Keene council only, not Swanzey, Marlborough or other neighboring towns. So, it is good to know COVID has been contained within Keene city limits. The Dr. is totally political and not a science driven, and that scares me about CMC services.

  16. Victoria Parmele: I live in Germany. There has been a non-stop medical mask mandate for well over a year. Compliance is well over 90% where I live and we are experience the highest number of cases EVER. If masks worked, we wouldn’t still be having this discussion because COVID would be over and done with.

    You have learned to view freedom and personal responsibility as selfish. We see your position as selfish; forcing others to partake in a ritual which they don’t believe in in order to make you feel safe. Emphasis on that whole FORCE thing. No one cares if you wear a mask. Just leave others out of your psychosis.

    People are moving from all over the world to places like NH because of the resistance that exists. Bad news for you, but the bright side if you have most any city in the country where you can live in a mask all day every day. Sounds good, right? I’m sure there are a number of Free Staters that would even help you pack. They’re nice like that.

  17. Here we go again. There are two variants of Covid infecting people. Just the other day, it was reported the USA has a covid death toll of over a million people. Keene isn’t the only one stepping up mask mandates. There are a number of cities the same size and larger than Keene that require masks.

    Covid is making another strong appearance and this is a public health issue. None of this is to make you feel safe. It’s to help cut down on the potential of infecting others should you be a carrier.

    Get used to it. This is the world we live in today and it will remain as such for a very long time..

  18. Christopher – Am tired of reading the FSP scripts on liberty – You hit all the expected points 🙂

  19. There’s some medical communists here that apparently think they own our bodies and that they can force vaccinate us against their fake virus. Good luck with that idea comrades as forced death jabs will lead to a civil war as it’s a line in the sand for many people including myself, and please remember that in any war, there’s always casualties on BOTH sides. But forced vaccinations (and thereby population reduction) for all is definitely a major goal of the evil ones behind this whole worldwide Scamdemic!!!

  20. Victoria, why are triple vaxxed people still getting “covid” though ? Why are athletes and many other people having heart problems ?

    Why are many politicians caught out partying without wearing a fear mask and then acting all mask pious when the cameras are rolling?

  21. Say Victoria, don’tcha think it’s pretty selfish of you to want to force people to take vaccines that have a risk of crippling them with acute myocarditis just so you can feel the warm and fuzzies of not getting infected with a disease that 99.8% get over with without a hitch? I sure think it is. Bob does too. I hope you have an apology ready for us and stuff. I’ll take bitcoin too if you have it. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

    Guess what else, Vicky? Can I call ya Vicky? Turns out Germany isn’t an outlier at all. All those draconian lockdown edicts, contact-tracing apps, and concentration camps being used by your libtard weirdo friends in Australia and Canada haven’t been doing jack squat to curb the rate of infections either. Geez. Who’d a thunk it, huh?

  22. I hate to say it, but this is evidence that Free Keene has not had that great an influence on Keene.

    Is jury nullification a viable option here?

  23. I love to say it though. Free Keene dipshits can’t even stop mask mandates, let alone have New Hampshire declare independence from the U.S. lol

  24. Yes, and Talk Show host Phil Valentine spewed similar anti-vax nonsense. He also put his chances of dying from Covid at “probably way less than 1%”.

    After being hauled into a critical care unit in July, Phil said that he “regretted not being a more vocal advocate of the vaccination”.

    Sadly, Phil received his Darwin Award on August 26.

    Like, Phil, almost all Covid patients at Cheshire Medical are unvaccinated and most express the same regrets.

  25. Your deadly germs via a disease epidemic.. Are a aggression to me
    ipso facto
    a violation of the NAP..
    Thus the mask mandate is a must

  26. I have a solution to the anti-maskers: wear a mask and there will be no need for mandates.

    The anti-maskers are the cause of the mandate.

    People that refuse to wear a mask are what make the *mandate a necessity.

    Had they worn a mask *voluntarily*,
    there would have been no need for a requirement.

  27. John.. Shush, the adults are talking

  28. To the issue of selfishness.

    Is it selfish to not want your grandmother to die?

    I don’t want my grandmother to die; am I being selfish?

    My view is that the anti-masters are sort of being selfish, but they’re being stupid selfish, because they’re going against self-preservation.

  29. Vaccines only work for the people making tons of money from them. Manufacturers must love the legal immunity too.
    Forcing people to get vaccinated is a violation of the N.A.P. Oh look! Another soccer player just keeled over!

    Masks don’t work, unless you are fearful, ignorant and in need of a binkie. Then they might work.

    Fearful people demanding government (the poster child for N.A.P. aggressions) force others to wear masks, is a violation of the N.A.P.

    It could be argued that vaccinated and masked people who still get covid and then pass it onto others are violating the N.A.P.
    by hindering natural herd immunity.

  30. To: Flatulenting the curve.

    You aren’t a person to be taken seriously.

    ^That is stating the obvious

  31. David,

    You know a mask won’t save you if you have an adverse reaction to the gene altering jab and / or the bazillion lifetime boosters. right ?

    You know right on the box of some masks they admit the mask doesn’t protect from covid, right ?

  32. Did you see my previous comment? 🙂

  33. That’s cool, Karl. That’s cool. Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve thought about this much, but there’s one thing the Free Keeners could do to put a wrench in the works – refuse to comply. You know, just like the fine folks of NY are doing right this minute? Even the cops there are refusing to enforce Gov. Hochul’s mandates. Pretty cool of ’em, huh?

    Oh, and LFoD? Didja know that in South Africa, 1.7% of COVID cases in the current Omicron wave are being hospitalized compared to 19% in the previous wave? Oh, and they’re also saying that the vast majority of cases are fairly mild. Doesn’t sound like it’s something even libtard weirdos like you should be afraid of, don’tcha think? Ha ha. Just kidding, LFoD. Sowing fear is an everyday thing with you libtards, am I right?

    Oh, and guess what else? Turns out that the Omicron variant is vaccine resistant, too! I’ll bet you two’ll say that that’s the fault of the unvaccinated, right? Well it turns out that’s because you’ve fallen victim to what psychiatrists call the “false consensus effect.” It’s real dangerous too cuz it makes libtard weirdos like you believe in things that totally aren’t true because you’ve convinced yourselves everyone else believes them. Good thing ya have me and Intrigare around to set you guys back on the straight and narrow, huh? No need to thank us, either. We’re glad to be of help.

  34. These are facts that make me wear a mask:

    1: A mask *will catch some of the spit from flying out of my mouth! : FACT!

    2: A vaccine, it is well known and universally accepted, will diminish the severity of the disease. FACT

    3: I like wearing a mask and am glad it isn’t frowned upon like it use to be…

    None of these is a submission to “the man” you fricking wackadoodles

  35. “Can you comment on Keene in general? I often see that it leans left but it seems like there is a solid Free State presence.”

    Christopher: Sure can. Keene does lean left, but cities and towns in New Hampshire have limited powers. They can’t just pass any ordinance they want. It’s often the case that they will pass something that isn’t actually legal and the moment it sees a court room goes bye-bye assuming it even gets that far. Ordinances aren’t law. Laws in New Hampshire have to authorize the ordinance first.

    So for instance years ago New Hampshire passed a law authorizing towns and cities to pass ordinances if they wanted to banning the sale of cigarettes to those under 21. While most cities, towns, and villages didn’t pursue such an ordinance they were at least authorized to do so. For a decade even the the lefty town of Keene didn’t have such an ordinance even though they were authorized to pass one. Unfortunately the town did pass one recently although it was just before the feds passed national law on it I believe. In any event the if the state hadn’t first authorized that ordinance and you sold cigarettes those under 21 and were fined (no jail time for violations like this) you’d probably have to request a court date and then if it didn’t get dropped point to the fact that the ordinance wasn’t authorized by the state and therefore was null and void. There have been a number of times over the years when we’ve heard hearings where the city’s lawyer would get up and say “well, there is no state law authorizing us to pass this so it would be thrown out the moment someone challenged it in court”. Of course they might still pass it, but it doesn’t make it legal and you’ll win in court if you should challenge it.

    Anyway- Keene definitely has a solid set of hard core Free Staters. 4 of which were recently arrested by the FBI for defiantly selling crypto (even though they did so legally technically) and 1 other that lived in Keene prior. It’s likely those targeted were targeted because of connections to Free Talk Live rather than crypto even if each had some sort of a connection to crypto. But anyway. Point is yes- Keene is well known for its activism between the major media outlet Free Keene, Free Talk Live being run out of Keene among many other podcasts over the years, and various other activism that has occurred, and continues to occur. It’s a small town of 23,000 people mind you so it’s not got the #s in terms of population or Free Staters, but it does have many of the more prominent activists. Manchester and the Seacoast also have a lot of Free Staters too and there are more people and a different type of activism. It’s more political activism in those regions (people getting elected to office for instance) than in your face activism that tends to attract publicity and movers. ie Keene for instance is well known for it’s crypto activism, being #1 in the nation, and Portsmouth along the Seacoast is #2. Keene tends to be the place where you’ll find people doing podcasts and radio. Free Talk Live for instance is on 185+ radio stations. Free Keene is based out of Keene. etc. Cop blocking was also started in Keene and robinhooding.

  36. Why do you write so long

  37. David,

    You should be free to wear a mask if you like on your own face. Hang it on your car mirror and let it marinate in the unholy air teeming with killer germs!!! Oh no!! . Extra points if you wear it in your car and look very very seriously at the people laughing at your good sense. You know better than them!! Those fools!! Breathing air, what dolts!!!

    Free to obsessively wash your hands, stare fearfully at the unbelievers plotting to kill Grandma if you like too. Free to gasp and obsess over the people standing 5 1/2 feet from you in a grocery store line.

    Free to wear a mask to bed, free to wear a mask and gloves when you maskurbate and fantasize about calling authorities to make other people see the things you see. Free to have those lustful controlling thoughts until you climax with a gush of love for your authorities who will punish the unbelievers !

    You should be free to inject magical gene altering juice into your own body and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of your choice. Heck if the first 7 or 8 jabs don’t work, keep trying, right? I mean who really needs their own immune system ? Those selfish bastards!

    You should also be free to believe in the Easter Bunny, but you should not be free to insist other people believe in the Easter Bunny, nor ask men with guns (I love saying that, “men with guns, men with guns, men with guns” ) to insist nonbelievers eat the holy marshallow peeps.

    I am off now to find the flu. It’s gone missing and I’m getting a little concerned about it. Here flu, here flu, Oh fluuuuu, where did you go!?

  38. Here’s my written testimony that I sent in to the Mayor and the full council before they voted for mask tyranny. They can’t say they didn’t know as I’m sure many of us besides myself tried to educate them with some truth. As the saying goes though, there is no cure for stupid!!!

    Dear Honorable Mayor and City Councilors,

    Having heard all the public testimonies from last Wednesday, I completely agree with all those that presented religious, medical, and constitutional reasons why masking (like vaccinations and other medical interventions) should never be made mandatory, whether the illegal mandates come from governments, employers, so called private businesses, or anybody else.

    The flimsy throw away masks that most people wear do not seal to the face, especially due to large open gaps around the nose so most airflow bypasses the mask rendering the masks near useless. And the pore size of the masks is way too big to filter out anything as small as what a virus is supposed to be. Wearing these dehumanizing masks just shows that one is obedient and perhaps is a member of the “covidian cult.” And even if the masks could somehow work, they still wouldn’t offer much protection as a virus is supposed to be able to infect us through our eyes. So to offer any degree of protection, we’d need tight fitting goggles over our eyes to go with the masks.

    Masking kids amounts to government terrorism, especially if they are going to be muzzled all day in school or at other long instances. Kids have developing brains so they especially need plenty of fresh air rather than inhaling some of their exhaled air which has lower oxygen and higher carbon dioxide levels in it, as well as other wastes that the body is trying to expel in it.

    The only filter/mask we need to use is the one we were born with, our noses. If God wanted us to cover up his handiwork/our beautiful faces, he would have created us with masks over our faces instead of with our noses!!!

    This whole “COVAIDS Scamdemic” as I call it is based on the faulty PCR tests that can give anywhere from 0% positive test rates to 100% positive test rates, depending on how many amplification cycles they are run at. The Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, has stated many times that his PCR test cannot be used to diagnose any disease so using these tests has lead to many false positive test results which they call “cases,” even though most “cases” are for perfectly asymptomatic healthy people. It’s worth noting that Kary conveeeeeeeniently supposedly died from a pneumonia in August 2019 just a few months before the COVAIDS Scamdemic erupted in Wuhan China so he wasn’t around to condemn the use of his PCR tests as he had condemned their use back in the 1990s during the AIDS virus Scamdemic.

    Regarding COVID-19/20/21/22…, nobody in the world has ever isolated any COVID-19… virus so if they can’t show us the virus, then there is no virus. Of course some people are always getting sick, and of course we’re all going to die some day, but nobody is getting sick or dying from any fake computer generated COVID virus or any of the never ending fake computer generated COVID virus variants. More people are really dying in hospitals from the deadly treatments that the hospitals are giving to their COVID patients such as the use of deadly drugs that shut our organs down such as remdesivir, powerful sedatives, and powerful antibiotics. I’ve even heard that some patients are being deprived of water in some hospitals which of course leads to certain death over time as nobody can survive very long without water. And the hospitals are also depriving their patients of the benefits of various nutrients and safe anti-parasitic drugs such as Ivermectin (a derivative of natural avermectin) and HCQ (a derivative of natural quinine) that have been found to be very helpful for patients suffering from what’s called COVID.

    As I mentioned in my oral testimony, according to attorney Thomas Renz, the hospitals are being paid around $100,000 per covid patient, and a lot of that is money being paid to them is directly from the federal government so they are highly incentivized to diagnose COVAIDS. Indeed, last year the flu seems to have disappeared as everything was being diagnosed as COVAIDS as that’s where the money is!!!

    And as many people including myself mentioned at the hearing last week, mask ordinances will hurt businesses in Keene. I myself refuse to shop anywhere that enforces a silly mask ordinance. We already did enough damage to businesses in Keene in the past so it’s hard to believe that a mask ordinance is even being contemplated again.

    As far as the hospital is concerned, if they really need more staff, then they should drop their mandatory vaccinations policy for their employees. Many doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers in the state have been fired (or voluntarily quit rather than being fired) over a mandatory vaccination policy so there’s plenty of help out there available for them to quickly hire if they really wanted more help. I have little sympathy for them as their problems are of their own making!!!

    So there’s a war of Freedom versus Tyranny going on against the American people (and people around the world of course), and mandatory masking is only a very small initial salvo of that war as forced vaccinations for everybody is the more important battlefield looming here in the US and around the world. And if a civil war breaks out here in the US or anywhere else in the world, people should know that in any war, that there’s always casualties on both sides. In Australia, the police are shooting peaceful protestors with rubber bullets since the Australians are unarmed, but that will never be the case here as Americans will always be heavily armed!!! Thus far all the casualties have been on the side of “We The People,” but nobody should be foolish enough to believe that this will always be the case!!! I pray it doesn’t come to a civil war, but it may as the people will only tolerate so much tyranny before they respond in defense of their God given rights. As much as I love our state motto, the state motto of Virginia, Sic Semper Tyrannis, is also a great one!!!

    The final point I wish to bring up, and it’s the elephant in the room, is that masks and vaccines are all based on the “Germ Theory of Disease,” but the “Germ Theory of Disease” has never been proven scientifically for ANY disease. Scientists have long agreed that to prove that any germ causes any disease, one has to follow Koch’s or River’s Postulates, but whenever scientists have honestly applied these postulates, they have utterly failed to prove the “Germ Theory of Disease” for any disease that they were investigating, and each resultant failure has actually further disproved the Germ Theory of Disease and instead, those failures have proved the correct “Terrain Theory of Disease.”

    The Terrain Theory of disease states that it’s the conditions of our own bodies, our terrain so to speak, that actually causes disease, and mainly that it’s a buildup of toxins in the body and/or a lack of adequate nutrition that is the true cause of disease, not any germs.

    While germs may be present at the “scene of the crime” when we get sick, they are not the cause of the disease, and they proliferate at times of sickness to help us to cleanup toxicities and to help resolve the real causes of the sickness. So instead of trying to kill off the germs that are there to help us, we should look at the germs as the beneficial garbagemen, firemen, and police of our bodies as they do not create the garbage, start the fires, or commit the crimes. For example, the strep bacteria are normal residents in our healthy mouths so they shouldn’t be blamed for causing disease when we get sick with something like a “strep throat.”

    Here’s a list of some of the endless number of toxins that cause disease:

    Toxic metals such as mercury (found in dental amalgam fillings), lead (from many sources), arsenic (from some pesticides), and aluminum (from city water and the aluminum adjuvants in vaccines).

    Pesticides, herbicides such as glyphosate, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals found in our non-organic food supply. Genetically modified foods such as GMO corn and soy. Fake fats, fake sugars, and refined highly processed foods such white flour, and refined sugars in our food supply.

    Toxins in our water supply, especially city water supplies that contain fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, and other toxic compounds.

    Toxins in the air, especially in industrial areas such as the industrial smog in cities like Wuhan, China where COVAIDS supposedly began. And in the winter, few people ever open a window to get any fresh air in their houses so toxins will build up in their homes helping to cause a cold or flu.

    Emotional toxins such as fear, hate, despair, and mental stress in general can certainly cause the body to create its own deadly toxins, especially when these emotions are experienced for long periods of time. Just living in fear that there’s a virus out there that wants to kill us is enough to make many people stressed out and sick over time.

    Physical stress such as overwork and sleeping in a cold room.

    Poor lifestyle such as lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, lack of sunshine, overeating (even overeating otherwise healthy foods), obesity, and lack of exercise.

    Toxic drugs both legal and illegal, especially when one is taking many different drugs every day as nobody has studied how the various combination of drugs in these drug cocktails react in the body.

    Electromagnetic radiation sources of all sorts such as radio waves, dirty electricity, cell phones, WiFi, and especially new sources of radiation that our bodies have not yet adjusted to such as the current rollout of 5G around the world. It probably isn’t a coincidence that Wuhan China, where COVAIDS was first reported, was the first big city in the world to rollout 5G. While most COVAIDS “cases” are just perfectly healthy people testing positive for COVAIDS due to the use of the fake PCR tests, I do believe that some “electro-sensitive” people really are getting very sick and having extreme difficulty absorbing oxygen in their blood from their lungs from things like the rollout of 5G, especially if they are also toxic and/or nutrient deficient.

    And the things that probably cause more diseases than anything else are the very vaccines that some governments and “private” businesses want to force or coerce on people, especially the aluminum adjuvants in them. The late Dr. Andrew Moulden proved that the aluminum adjuvants in vaccines hyper stimulate our white blood cells which then leads to many microscopic strokes in the microscopic capillaries in the brain and all over the body. He correctly stated that every vaccine causes damage whether we notice the damage or not, and that the damage is cumulative!!!!

    Many biting insects and parasites can poison us with their toxins, but those toxins are not contagious germs that we can vaccinate ourselves against. You can’t vaccinate somebody against a rattlesnake bite!!! Taking anti-parasitic drugs when needed such as Ivermectin and HCQ can keep the parasite levels low in our bodies so of course they often times will help to prevent and cure parasitic related illnesses.

    Here’s a few examples of diseases that were supposed to be caused by germs, but were not:

    Polio was caused by the widespread use of the insecticide DDT, not any virus. When the use of DDT went down, so did the rate of polio paralysis. Of note, we’re still seeing paralysis nowadays, but instead of calling it polio, they call it things like Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and most (if not all) Guillain-Barre Syndrome is caused by the aluminum adjuvants in vaccines that I mentioned earlier that cause microscopic strokes in the microscopic capillaries in the brain and all over the body.

    Scurvy as we know today is caused by an extreme deficiency of vitamin C, yet for hundreds of years it was thought that scurvy was a contagious disease. Also noteworthy is that two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling stated that atherosclerosis is caused by a pre-scurvy deficiency of vitamin C. And many other diseases such as beriberi, anemia, and pellagra are usually caused by a simple deficiency of various B vitamins.

    AIDS is not caused by the HIV virus. AIDS was invented as an infectious disease due to the improper use of the PCR testing for the HIV virus. Although both healthy and sick people tested positive for the HIV virus, nobody ever scientifically proved that the HIV virus even existed or that it caused any disease. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, condemned the use of his PCR test to detect the HIV virus, and he correctly believed that many other diseases were being incorrectly diagnosed as AIDS due to the improper use of his PCR tests. The real cause of what is being called “AIDS” is drugs legal and illegal, other toxins, and very poor lifestyle, but it is not a single unique disease caused by any germ.

    The Spanish Flu was not caused by any germ either. During WWI, a team of physicians from the US Public Health Service tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers at a naval facility on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor with what they thought was an infectious agent from those suffering from the Spanish Flu. They extracted throat and nasal mucus and even lung material from cadavers and transferred it to the throats, respiratory tracts, and noses the volunteers, but none of the healthy volunteers got sick. Researchers even drew blood from the sick and injected it into some of the volunteers, but still none of the volunteers got sick. The sick shook hands with, closely breathed and coughed over the volunteers, but again, none of the volunteers got sick in any way. Horses also suffered from the “Spanish Flu” so similar experiments were conducted with sick and healthy horses, yet the researchers were unable to sicken healthy horses from the sick horses. So the “Spanish Flu,” instead of being an infectious disease, was proved to NOT be caused by any contagious germ.

    And my chickens know what is good for them and what isn’t good for them from their God given instinct. My chickens eat things like dirt and worms every day, and those things are all loaded with germs, yet my chickens stay heathy which also demonstrates that germs don’t cause disease. Now if that dirt they eat was poisoned with things like pesticides and herbicides then they would of course get sick, but their sickness wouldn’t be from eating the germs.

    So instead of always blaming a germ every time a group of people get sick, we need to investigate the real cause(s) of any disease.

    And if germs don’t cause disease, and they don’t, then we don’t need to protect ourselves with masks (or any toxic vaccines) to protect us from any germs.

    So for your own benefit and for the benefit of your constituents, please stop listening to the fear mongering Medical Industrial Complex representatives, and do some research of your own on the incorrect “Germ Theory of Disease” versus the correct “Terrain Theory of Disease.” And I would suggest that you start your research by reading the attached short pdf booklet called “Breaking The Spell” written by Dr. Thomas Cowan, and by watching the below two videos discussing the contagion myth:

    Thank you.

    Inline image

    John Schmitt
    31 Green Acres Road
    Keene, NH 03431


  39. To whoever that was that said my name, after my last comment:

    I generally don’t read peoples comments if they are too cowardly to put a real name to what they say.

    Because of that: I saw that you said my name at the start of your comment, but didn’t bother reading all the stuff after that.

    Please refer to my previous comments; as I’m certain! that whatever you said is addressed there

  40. Hey John,

    Brevity is the soul of wit. Nobody is reading that long winded crazy shit, lol

  41. Don’t be so sure that nobody is reading it Ghost of Karl Marx. I post it for those who might want to read some truth, not for those like yourself, who foolishly reject truth outright as they have no love for truth.

  42. That;s right David, keep your head firmly planted up your ass, your mask will save you!

    Use government to make others put their head up their ass too!! Good slave!

  43. Does it a vaccine greatly diminish the life threatening symptoms of COVID-19 ?


    Does a mask block spit from from flying out of your mouth?


    So yes, those are good things to do to make the disease go away.

  44. you guys aren’t posing arguments

  45. I have heard all the ersatz “arguments” that you all cling to.

    And what it boils down to is : “i want to do what I want to do and you cant stop me”.

    You cling to so called arguments that are subservient to a childish mentality : “I dont wanna and you cant make me”

    So the rabbit hole links come and the ad hominems (last two posts)

  46. Hey Karl, guess what else? Turns out that Omicron, which is significantly less dangerous than earlier variants, is now being used as a cover for vaccine failure and as an excuse to roll out even more mail-in voting initiatives in swing states. Boy, it’s really looking like you libtard weirdos are gonna have to use every trick in the book to get keep power through 2024, now aren’tcha? Good luck with that, by the way.

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