More “Picketing” Trial Video, All Defendants Found Not Guilty!

As we reported here at Free Keene last year, nine peaceful activists were ticketed for violating the unconstitutional ordinance against “picketing” outside the NH governor’s house in Newfields, New Hampshire. All but one of the nine have fought the bullshit charge.

Last month, the first “not guilty” verdict came in the case of Frank “Footloose” Staples. Now, five more of the “Newfields Nine” have also been found not guilty. Libertarian attorney Seth Hipple filed a motion to dismiss where he argued the Newfields picketing ordinance is unconstitutional, but the robed woman ignored those arguments when finding the defendants not guilty, which means the illegal ordinance remains in place.

Here are the videos from the trials of five of the Newfields Nine, both trial dates combined into one video:

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  1. Does any one of you people who are unsmart; who think you’re smart, know why Monsieur Freeman keeps putting “picketing” in quotation marks?
    I did notice that some people speak on his behalf.
    Maybe one of those people can say why

  2. Jeepers Dave. I really have no idea.

    But since we’re all here to bounce ideas off each other’s skulls, do ya think you can explain to me why libtard weirdos believe that:

    1. Men can menstruate and “chestfeed?”
    2. Men can compete in women’s sports?
    3. Male criminals can be locked up in women’s prisons?

    I mean what a freakshow, am I right Dave? Makes me wonder if Pfizer can invent a drug that cures libtard weirdoism.

  3. This is good.. 🙂 ..

    I posted this ^ twice before but, the site didn’t post it

  4. I thought it was because not everyone considers a candlelight vigil as “picketing,” but yeah maybe Ian would answer that one if his bail conditions didn’t forbid participating here in the comments section.

    But yeah I’d like too see David’s answer on Silvia’s list of items. I’d add “free bleeding” to that list as well as it seems he may be in the know on that too.

  5. And this means what? What did you win? Everything is still the same. You cost tax payers more money yet, that’s all you complain about. Taxes.

    Ian, you weren’t even there. I would think you would want to lie low with a trail hanging over your head.

  6. Everything will be okay Jumping Jacks. You’ll see 🙂

  7. JJ .
    It mean that you are a Dummkopf

  8. David Crawford – Why don’t you stay in your own little world where it’s safe. You won’t say anything as stupid as you usually do because no one will be around to read it.

  9. I learned the word “dummkopf” from the show Hogan’s heroes…

    Then Google taught me how to spell it!

    Now, one appeared, so I was able to use that. 😉

  10. Gee whiz. Totally sweet burn there, Dave. You really got Jacks good with that one. By the way, glad to see you’re not having any more trouble posting here. Ya know, when Jacks has problems he’s usually giving the moderator what fer right about now – even though there is no moderator. What a loon, huh?

    Anyway, speaking of “picketing,” didja hear the news coming out of Amsterdam this weekend? Turns out those whacky Dutch covid lockdown nazis cancelled Christmas again and are now siccing dogs on “picketers” just cuz they can. What a bunch of assholes, huh? Too bad they didn’t know the secret to successful “picketing,” am I right?

  11. The proper word to describe the “no picketing ordinance” might be nepotism.

    As in, Sununu’s brother a local overlord (Newfields selectman) got a call from his brother Emperor Sununu who said, “hey can you make these scary peasants go away, me and my sychophantic neighbors would really appreciate it”

  12. David Crawford: The reason picketing is being quoted is because it’s the ordinance violation that is being accused yet the court found did not occur. In other words the individuals accused of picketing weren’t actually picketing no matter how much the police or prosecutor wanted to claim it.

  13. Jumping Jacks: Ian was at the trial. You are making false claims again. While Ian is under house arrest the conditions of his bail have changed because the judge agreed with the bail officer (yea, the government itself thought its conditions were excessive and the prosecution even agreed to the amended conditions the bail officer proposed) that the restrictions were far in excess of anything needed to ensure Ian show up for trial. He’s demonstrated behavior that evidences he’s not a flight risk as the prosecutor falsely claimed.

  14. Yeah Jacks also kept committing last year that Ian and Nobody would run if released on bail.

    Still no apology or admission he was wrong. Quite a character isn’t he? But we forgive him anyway because where would this comments section be without him feeding us trolls all these years? 😉

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