VIDEO: Dozens of Cops Ticket Candlelight Vigil, Arrest One in Front of NH Governor’s House

Last week, the town selectmen of Newfields, NH illegally passed an unconstitutional ban on “picketing” outside residences. Monday evening, approximately two dozen state troopers were sent to crack down on a peaceful candlelight vigil outside “HIS EXCELLENCY” King Chris Sununu’s house. Here’s the insane footage, edited from multiple sources thanks to Vincent of Shire Free Media:

The video is a revealing look at how blatantly police will violate any kind of supposedly constitutional protections. There’s no penalty for them or the town selectmen for the illegal ordinance and enforcement. No one gets fired if they lose in court or have to pay any sort of price for their violations.

Also, observe how the cops are constantly telling the activists what to do: Don’t stand there, you have to move. You can’t move there. You with the cane, you’re getting a ticket for not moving fast enough. Stop moving. Keep your voice down.

Their show of force is ridiculous, with a dozen agents on the scene when the vigil arrives. The troopers don’t even let them light their candles. Then after giving a bunch of arbitrary orders, another dozen cruisers roll in with agents toting batons in a ready-to-engage stance. They surround YouTuber Savage Truth 603 to arrest him for “disorderly conduct” and “criminal trespass” and curiously order the other guy with a camera to back away. The remaining activists are left on the path.

They even ticketed a credentialed reporter from NH Journal, Chris Maidment for “picketing”. NH Journal’s editor says they’re going to court. As should all of the people who were issued tickets – which is everyone who was there, including a man walking with a cane. Even if they lose in court, hopefully the candlelight vigilists will not pay the $100 fines, as doing so only encourages the gang.

Also, hopefully they will get out of the habit of thanking the police for abusing them. It’s hard to watch, but that’s how people are trained. No amount of respecting the police for “just doing their job” is going to help protect anyone’s rights. No thank you, cops. I don’t want your “service”. Leave us alone. You’re hurting peaceful people and trashing human rights. It’s shameful. Don’t thank them when they hand you a ticket.

Later this week, Sununu canceled his public coronation out of fear for what he falsely labeled as “aggressive” protestors.

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  1. Only one arrested? Do you honestly think you were going to picket the governor’s house without consequences? There is only about 5-6 of you. It doesn’t look like there weren’t too many of you interested in this protest. The numbers are dwindling.

    The police were not the ridiculous ones, it was the activists who were more than likely freekeeners. If you think you freekeeners are peaceful, then you truly are ignorant.

    I always get a laugh when you people call yourself the “press” It never works in your favor. Besides, most of you, and I doubt any of you in this video have a college degree to call yourselves press. Reporters that have a college degree in journalism have integrity, morals, professionalism, ethics, and a job.

  2. If the Governor is going to “legislate” by executive order, he ipso facto becomes the legislative body. Thus airing grievances at “the State House” (his house) seems in keeping with the NH Constitution.

    [Art.] 32. [Rights of Assembly, Instruction, and Petition.] The People have a right, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their Representatives, and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.
    June 2, 1784

    Sort of looks like a triple play of constitution fuckery is going on here and that’s just at a glance…

    1) the legislators violated the constitution when they passed a law enabling the Governor to legislate via the apparently unlimited emergency powers statute they creatively fashioned granting him an all powerful magic wand to wave around.

    2 & 3 ) the Governor uses that law to legislate via “executive order”, which violate his oath to enforce against constitutional violations and then when the Governor DOES legislate he whines when people go to his house to air his grievances and shuts down “the people’s right to air grievances.

    [Art.] 37. [Separation of Powers.] In the government of this State, the three essential powers thereof, to wit, the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, ought to be kept as separate from, and independent of, each other, as the nature of a free government will admit, or as is consistent with that chain of connection that binds the whole fabric of the Constitution in one indissoluble bond of union and amity.
    June 2, 1784

    If none of that is viewed favorably, there’s always article 10. I like the arcane but cool references. I mean who wants to be slavish and absurd when public liberty is manifestly endangered ?

  3. Well geez. “Integrity, morals, professionalism, ethics and a job,” huh Jacks? Well it is true that many of them still do have their jobs. Not sure why, tbh. It’s not like liars are hard to come by in this business. And don’t get me started on that Brian Williams guy. Remember that asshole, munchkin?

  4. @Jumping Jacks “Do you honestly think you were going to picket the governor’s house without consequences?”

    Supposedly they could, Jacks, n the “land of the free,” the “live free or die” state with a constitutionally-limited government. That’s the point.

    And the police are already dealing with major PR problems what with the BLM movement and calls to defund the police.

    The more articles and videos like this that come out, the more aware the public becomes and harder it is for thr police to continue behaving this way.

    And yes the freedom of press applies to everyone, even bloggers. You didn’t know that Jumping Jacks? I thought anyone with a college education would know that…

  5. “Only one arrested? Do you honestly think you were going to picket the governor’s house without consequences? There is only about 5-6 of you.”

    Umm 15, but 5-6? Close enough. I mean lets just disregard accuracy and the fact hundreds have been at other individual protests in prior weeks, and that this has been going on for a while now. It’s not like you’ve ever tried to keep up activism week after week month after month. Unlike cops activists don’t typically profit financially from their efforts. Profit is a huge motivator.

    “It doesn’t look like there weren’t too many of you interested in this protest. The numbers are dwindling.”

    There will be a more significant protest coming up with hundreds. There are different groups and the free staters are only tangentially involved in this. Re-open New Hampshire has a larger base and of the 15 people at this vigil there was only one I believe free stater. Not that the general notion of government abusing people and using COVID as an excuse isn’t supported by libertarians and free staters alike.

    “who were more than likely freekeeners.”

    I can’t blame you for thinking that, but in this particular case it mostly wasn’t. There have been a few free staters and there have been mostly free staters at other similar small protests. There was a mini-protest at the attorney generals house for instance that was all free staters and libertarians recently.

    “I always get a laugh when you people call yourself the “press””

    Umm the literal definition of the press would include the public. Anybody reporting on a story is press whether you like it or not. Now maybe you mean accredited press, but that’s basically just whoever the state arbitrarily decides is press or those who jump through the states processes. The problem is that those involved in the libertarian migration movement have jumped through some of these processes and that includes So humorously you are already talking about accredited press per your own meaning of the words. This is how stupid you are.

    “I always get a laugh when you people call yourself the “press” It never works in your favor”

    The reporter who was ticketed in this instance was a mainstream journalist and not affiliated or supportive of the event.

    “I doubt any of you in this video have a college degree to call yourselves press”

    Umm Actually there are a handful of people with college degrees supporting Free Keene reporting and people who major’d in journalism at that. Free Keene may not be a significant media outlet, but it is more significant than any other small media outlet of its size and routinely is the breaking source of news in New Hampshire whether you like it or not.

    “have integrity, morals, professionalism, ethics, and a job.”

    Well, that part is certainly not something mainstream press have and the mainstream reporter in this case even said something to that end. He literally talked to protesters about how the media is bankrupt and they don’t do hard hitting journalist pieces any more. The stories they report on are basically copies of press releases rewritten or outright utilized and printed in whole. He indicated that they were little more than a mouthpiece for the state and most journalists don’t care. Whatever integrity you thought journalists had long ago disappeared. The only thing they have time for is taking stories and writing from what people send them or re-writing them based on public relations press releases. If it wasn’t for the luck of the draw and the story being handed to this particular journalist the organizers would have been ravaged as terrorists by his colleagues at his and/or other media outlets.

  6. @joe “I mean lets just disregard accuracy…”

    Joe, I see you’ve met Jumping Jacks. Have you heard about the time he claimed to spend thousands per year for his Physician Desk Reference, only to have it pointed out to him in this forum that the PDR has been free for years? He really is a riot sometimes. But he can grow on ya over time 😉

    As irrelevant as he may claim freekeene to be, he shows us that its at least relevant enough to have its share of loyal resident trolls like him.

  7. @intrigare Jacks is how you know Free Keene is having an impact. The trolls come with success!

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