NHexit.com statement on Kremlin invasion of Ukraine

1) The Russian government’s act of all-out conventional war is wildly excessive. Any individual or voluntarily funded institution wishing to help defend Ukraine against this overstep is far within their rights, recent Kremlin threats against this non-withstanding.

2) The initial success of the attack on this Western-leaning nation…is a reminder that Washington cannot be relied on to defend New Hampshire. Counterintuitive as is sounds, NH would be better off – and the Western world should benefit – if we handled own defense and diplomacy. Instead of being tied the weirdly aggressive-yet-impotent D.C. zombie, we would find a wide range of better options for our security. These range from the happily de-militarized neutrality of Costa Rica to the gun-heavy but non-aligned preparedness of Switzerland. We would also have the option of doing something better for future nations-under-threat like Ukraine: We could insist that any government we ally ourselves with…free its own people from invasion-enabling gun control laws:


3) Ukraine’s government has made this invasion practical by doing something most European governments and even American governments are still doing: They limited the private possession/carry of firearms up until the week of the invasion, when they finally let civilians carry them without permission. This is roughly what happened in the ill-fated Spanish Republic during the 1936 war. Ukrainians are now reported to be desperately mobbing gun stores, for good reason but probably too late. GunPolicy.org lists Ukraine as having only 7 civilian firearms per 100 persons…a foreign invader’s dream. Civilians in the average U.S. state, including New Hampshire, reportedly possess over 115 per 100.


4) Washington has unnecessarily provoked Moscow over the last 30 years. By moving NATO so close to Russian borders and arguably sponsoring a Ukrainian coup in 2014, it ignored the Rodina’s security concerns. Since 2001 especially, it has bombed, blockaded and invaded many nations with little good reason but much abuse of local civilians. It has cast away the relative ethical high ground, against the wishes of most New Hampshirites. It has also become a direct physical threat to all of us with its unconstitutional rules and raids inside our libertarian-leaning state. It has become incapable of credibly condemning Russia’s actions the way it did during the Kremlin’s invasion of Finland in 1939.

5) U.S. ruler Joe Biden’s statement of Feb. 24, 2022 is partially worthy of condemnation: “Putin chose this war, and now he and his country will bear the consequences.” By speaking in this manner, he equated the Russian people with their quasi-dictator…that would be like equating General Franco with the Catalan anarchists he so victimized in the Spanish Civil War. Individual Russians and the Russian nation should be treated as potential allies against Putin; many have already risked their lives this week to protest against him

6) New Hampshire, unlike Switzerland and Costa Rica, is currently on the nuclear target list as a result of its membership in the United States system. This would be one thing if the U.S. were generally in the right and generally humane. It is not and thus is not worthy of *our* lives. Both D.C. and Moscow deserve opposition; neither deserve support.

7) Moscow’s move may be designed to divert attention from a planned attack on Taiwan, where invasion-friendly gun laws are even more severe than Ukraine’s.

8) The appropriate New Hampshire move is to peaceably declare independence from the U.S. (as Rep. Sylvia’s current legislation at Concord is attempting to do). Then it should set a clean foreign policy of its own crafting. This policy should be one that does not overextend and does not aggress but does keep faith with foreign allies by insisting (as a minimum condition of continued partnership) that their governments end all the gun controls they are imposing on their people.

Dave Ridley
“Independence without enmity”

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  1. It figures Ridley wrote this. How can you compare our government to your living in New Hampshire to this invasion of the Ukraine by the soviet union? You really need to stay away from the activist media.

    Why aren’t hauling your ass over to the Ukraine and helping out? This article is nothing but hearsay and paranoia at it’s finest.

  2. NH is small and surrounded by the USA:
    The USA wouldn’t tolerate NH being wared at.
    Even if NH was its own country.

    If NH was it’s on country, the USA would probably just point guns at it and they could take over easily.
    They’d just go up to the main office of the soveriegn country of New Hampshire, If it still called New Hampshire, then they’d just maybe have to shoot a few people and sit in the big shots chair and say “okay this is ours now”

  3. Obama and H. Clinton INSTALLED Zelinsky (a RUSSIA HATER) in Ukraine. It’s ALL their fault.

  4. “How can you compare our government to your living in New Hampshire to this invasion of the Ukraine by the soviet union?”

    Gee Jacks. You are aware that the Soviet Union fell over 30 years ago, right? Do get that brain thing of yours checked out there bud.

  5. “If NH was it’s on country, the USA would probably just point guns at it and they could take over easily.
    They’d just go up to the main office of the soveriegn country of New Hampshire, If it still called New Hampshire, then they’d just maybe have to shoot a few people and sit in the big shots chair and say “okay this is ours now””

    Yeah they could just do that. Like in Afghanistan.

  6. Rightwing parrot alert..Kay Jae

  7. If you can’t see that was Russia did was wrong and if you don’t stand with the Ukrainian people…you are a traitor and a coward.

    And while I am completely pro-gun and glad that the Ukrainian population is armed, that is really not the point. Russia could completely destroy Ukraine from the air and with missiles If they chose to do so. And that it not even discussing their nuclear arsenal.

  8. I Remember when I was in school, and this is gonna date me, Asia was the biggest hugest mass of land on earth as far as I could see.
    And basically all of Asia Had USSR across it.. In huge Letters.
    So with asia being the hugest biggest mass of land on earth bigger than Canada Bigger than anywhere And it was supposed to be Russia mostly. That’s why I was confused when people started calling Chinese people Asians because Asia is massive and all of it was USSR
    I know all those people didn’t migrate to china.

  9. yes im not well versed on history of the world

    I’m a little better at the history of the USA

  10. “Russia could completely destroy Ukraine from the air and with missiles If they chose to do so. And that it not even discussing their nuclear arsenal.”

    That would create a bit of a PR nightmare for Russia, much much worse than what they’re dealing with now.

  11. I been asking this question, so I’ll ask it here, Dave seems knowledgeable: If forcibly taking over a country is wrong, why is the USA righteous about Israel and support Israel with Lawyers guns and money.
    I’m not well versed and it Israel Palestine situation.
    But I did do a Google image search and it shows that Israel took a whole big old massive swath of land mid last century.
    And Palestine gets smaller and smaller all the time and it sure doesn’t seem willingly.
    So how is that different?
    If the USA is righteous about supporting Israel why isn’t it righteous about supporting the takeover of Ukraine.
    Because I guess it’s the USA supports takeovers; military takeovers.
    Dave why is that?

    This question is for smart intelligent mature people.
    Not the dim-witted immature stupid people that also have free reign here, and want to act like they can play with the big boys

  12. Dave you get any smarter and you’ll start sounding like Vladimir Putin 😉

    He pointed out similar examples of US hypocrisies in his speech when he started the invasion. Did you read it?

  13. it’s a question… That seems to show an inconsistency of principal and I was wondering about it so I asked the question.
    If I have the facts Incorrect
    Then somebody can point that out
    You didn’t answer the question you just said I’m like Vladimir Putin

  14. It’s a simple question: why is one right and one wrong

  15. No I didn’t read itit; I presume it just rationalizes while his violent takeover of another country is right.

    I just don’t know why if the USA thinks Israel is right why don’t they also think Russia is right ,it seems to be the same situation

    But I don’t know maybe there is a distinction that differentiates the two. As I said I don’t know that much about history that’s why I’m hoping Dave Will chime in, he seems to know lots.

    My simple view is if somebody’s living somewhere and theyve been there for thousands years or however long it’s been in both instances then it’s not right to beat them up and kill them and throw them off in both instances.

    So I don’t know why in this instance that principle seems to apply but with Israel that principal doesn’t apply.

    So I’m asking the question because maybe I’m missing something

  16. Obviously I want the letters “USA” … To have moral integrity.
    Seeing as all all of us in the USA in the so-called USA are represented by the actions….. So I was looking for something that would share one is right and the other is wrong.
    An out I guess

  17. “Share”=show


  18. Dave did you want me to answer that question? For some odd reason I felt you were trying to disqualify me. Btw good luck on that quest to find smart people. Lol

    That’s interesting you think Ridley is smart and knows lots about history though. What led you to that conclusion?

  19. Although guns in the Ukraine are not regulated by statute, Ukrainian citizens effectively are not allowed to own or operate firearms under normal circumstances. Zelenskyy has been arming his citizens over the last few days because he wanted to use them as meat shields so he could flee Kiev to relative safety in Lviv. Boy, that was super brave of him, huh LFoD?

  20. Trump’s favorite buddy, Putin, is going to have a nuclear war

  21. trump is the worst president in US history

  22. Yeah he’s right up there with Biden to be sure

  23. You are a moron

  24. It’s just wrong, that’s all

  25. Ya know Dave, one of my favorite parts of Trump’s presidency was when he called all those libtard weirdo enclaves in the world collectively as “shit countries.” What’s your favorite?

  26. Nah my favorite must be every time he called the leftist fake news media outlets fake news. Wasn’t that wonderful, Dave?

  27. My favorite part was when he said “grab them by the pussy” amiright!

  28. naw
    My Favorite part was when he said “grab them by the pus*y”
    amiright dave?

  29. Ha ha, Intrigare. Yeah. That’s definitely my second favorite. Of course my third favorite was every time Trump said the word “China.” So funny. 😉

    Oh, by the way, my least favorite part was when Trump promised to “lock her up” and then didn’t. So lame, am I right fellas?

    Anyway, what’s your favorite, Dave? And don’t say “covfefe.” Cuz that’s what everybody says.

  30. Trump won and hes right about Putin and Russia too
    Trump in 2023!

  31. Yeah if he had actually locked her up that may have actually earned him my vote for his reelection. Missed opportunity there I tell you.

  32. Totally.

    But ya know Intrigare, I don’t think Biden has been as bad as people think. I mean get this – last week he was telling the press that the real reason people don’t realize what an amazeballs job he’s done is because the psychological impact covid has had on the public’s psyche has made it impossible for them to understand just how good he’s made our lives.

    Wowsers. He’s like a living saint, isn’t he Intrigare?

  33. You clowns seem to have done all the hits…

    I guess my favorite part is how Trump keeps saying that The election was stolen from him!

    Basically calling the American people liars and crooks!

    Its great every time!

    Of course that includes when he sent the. mob to violently stop the count of electors!

    Off the chain!

  34. Letting rod blagojevich and Kwami Killpatric go was sweet too!
    “let mah people go”

  35. sorry you guys probably don’t *know* who they ^ are… just Google them… Trump gave them a get out of jail free card… that’s probably not on you guys radar

  36. I know, right?

    Oh, and then there’s that time when Trump kept Putin totally in check and stuff for his entire presidency. Then the guys who control Joe Biden took over and… well you know…

    Anyway, so how are things, Dave? Got that bomb shelter well-stocked for the impending nuclear apocalypse? You can bet your ass my family’s ready. In fact, we just bought an extra thousand cans of chocolate pudding to hold us over through next year. That’ll keep us sittin’ pretty when the New World Order tries to take over. Smart, huh?

  37. No its not “smart”.

    I’ve called you stupid more times than i than count.

    And in more ways than I can count.

    I guess you are too stupid to notice. ??

  38. Oh Dave. I know you don’t mean any of that. A little early for the booze, though, don’tcha think?

    Anyway, have ya heard the latest out of DC? It’s been reported that while the Bidenator was walking on the White House lawn after his restful weekend in Delaware, he was asked this important question by a reporter: “Are you worried about nuclear war?”

    His response was typical Joe Biden – he pretended to not hear the question and walked away.

    Got that? Ignoring reporters’ legitimate questions and then walking away – the defining image of Biden’s presidency. Well, besides all that unchecked ballot fraud of course, am I right Dave?

  39. That you are *stupid* Is as *true as the sun is shining above 🙂

  40. Uh huh.

    Ok, so we’ve been talking a lot about our favorite Donald Trump moments, but next to nothing about the Bidenator’s. Let’s fix that, shall we?

    Personally, my favorite Joe Biden moment was last summer when he casually informed reporters that his butt had been wiped. I mean who does that? And when did US presidents start having their own butt wipers? Reagan maybe? And most importantly, how do ya even interview for a job like that?

    Anyway, what’s your favorite Joe Biden moment, Dave? I’ll bet it’s when he called Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy a “stupid son-of-a-bitch,” am I right?

  41. Trump is *the* worst.

    He is a horror show that refuses to go away.

    And dullards like you are too idiotic to take his cock out of your mouth.

    How stupid is that?

    You must like being a psychophant to the worst traitor that the USA has ever known.

    You are absolutely, unequivocally, idiotically stupid, and I don’t know how you can think otherwise!

    God knows I’ve done my best to disabuse you of any notions otherwise!

    You moron.

    Now go away, you dummy

  42. “Ignoring reporters’ legitimate questions and then walking away – the defining image of Biden’s presidency.”

    I’m not sure which I like better– that, or Trump’s style of reminding reporters that he is President of the United States, and they are just lowly fake news reporters lol.

  43. Really, Dave? Wow. I knew it.

    Anyway, didja hear it’s now safe to take off your mask? I’m not kidding. It’s totally true. Hand to God. Ya see Dave, apparently the Biden Administration suggested to the CDC that they update their guidelines pre-SOTU and guess what? They did just that! Awesome, right?

    Geez. Even NY’s foremost libtard weirdo Gov. Hochul is finally dropping all the mask mandates. The day after Biden’s SOTU speech, of course, but oh well, better late than never, huh Dave?

    Oh, but get this, no one’s told FEMA that the science has changed! So in the event that nukes rain down on us in the next month or so, FEMA wants us still all masked up and six feet apart. Cool, huh?

  44. And to be fair to Trump, he did say well in advance that if he lost the election, its because its rigged. So he followed through and stayed consistent on that one at least hehe

  45. Ha ha, Intrigare. Ya know what would be the best? If the Bidenator had a total melt down and challenged Doocy to a push-up contest or something. I would full on shit my pants. 🙂

  46. Yeah Dave, so no more doomsdaying or saying antimaskers don’t care as much about human life or deny science or any of that needed anymore, Dave. Your rulers have spoken. Isn’t that great?

  47. Trump is like a Rock Star though, you gotta give him that. Like President Camacho, am I right?


    Biden in comparison is like the Granndad who wants to just sit in a rocking chair and tell stories, after his nap.

  48. y’all are are what i was talking about when i posted this:

    This question is for smart intelligent mature people.
    Not the dim-witted immature stupid people that also have free reign here, and want to act like they can play with the big boys

    ^^^^that’s you guys ^^^

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