1st Amendment Auditor “Press NH Now” Visits Keene

First amendment auditor “Press NH Now” came to Keene this week and stood outside Samson Manufacturing on Optical Avenue, simply recording video in public and had Keene police gang members called on him. Press is experienced at interacting with the cops and doesn’t answer their questions, putting them in their place. Watch the video here:

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  1. Well the KPD got 2.7 stars on google reviews so they must be doing something right ;D

  2. Really? Some fly by night with a camera drove through Keene. That means what? All of these people with cameras think they are something special because they appeal to the conspiracy people. Sorry freekeeners.

  3. I made a mistake. It should have said, “because they appeal to the conspiracy people. Oh I mean freekeeners”

  4. Your incoherent paranoid rants fall on deaf ears, Jumping Jacks 😉

  5. Well, I agree that Manchon committed no crimes and should be ignored. But, he is simply a rude, obnoxious douchebag driving around New Hampshire with a camera trying to provoke people. When the wimp was pushed out of a building in Charlestown by a 69 year old Selectman, he started yelling like a little girl that he was being assaulted and then he called the police. This all reminds me of the harassment of Keene meter maids. Yeah, it isn’t illegal but it is simply bad behavior. Get a job.

  6. “But, he is simply a rude, obnoxious douchebag driving around New Hampshire with a camera trying to provoke people.”

    Hmmm that sounds remarkably similar to the police. Could it be that Manchon is just imitating them?

    And you know we’re recorded pretty much everywhere in public right? But it’s “bad behavior” when this guy does it… Ok

  7. Ya know LFoD, I don’t think you’ve really thought this through. Thing is, if we all got jobs then who else would be showing you libtard weirdos things like rude, obnoxious 69-year-old politicians assaulting people? Not CNN I can tell ya. You should be thanking us instead of whining like a little bitch about it, don’tcha think?

  8. Wow-you really are a smarmy, ridiculous, low I.Q. Jackass. Do you call everybody a “libtard” ? I am a Republican and a Conservative. You don’t like Crawford because he is a liberal. Of course, you don’t like us either. We are “statists” and patriots.
    And you hate the United States. Oh, you like Bob C. and Intragare. Cool. And, yes, the 69 year old cabinet maker/Selectman/volunteer made a little mistake in taking the bait. Actually, I wish that he had punched the dork and smashed his equipment. Maybe that will happen in your police free utopia.

  9. Ha ha ha. Sure you are, LFoD, sure you are. God I love you libtard weirdos. Always pissing in everybody’s faces and telling them it’s raining, aren’tcha?

    Anyway, now that former Vice President Joe Biden has pretty much derped us into WWIII, we’re now one step closer to that mandatory military service you’re so impassioned about. Totally awesome, am I right LFoD?

  10. You’re a Republican and Conservative, eh LFoD? Are you sure? Because lots of those talk about secession. Like Ted Cruz. Do you think he hates the US too?

    Anyway, queue Silvia and her posts that latest updates about insane things libtards are doing for our reading pleasure 🙂 Don’t you love those, LFoD?

  11. Say LFoD, speaking of all that insane stuff you libtard weirdos are always doing, didja get your fourth and fifth covid boosters yet? Cuz the Covid Pope’s been doing the rounds on the cable news networks again and he’s been promising that all those extra shots are really, really, really gonna work this time. No foolin’.

  12. Intrigare-Most New Hampshire Conservatives are somewhat Libertarian. I am.And I can remember being pleased to hear that the Free State Project had chosen New Hampshire.

    But, Free Keene was not what we expected. A bunch of idiots, losers, and clowns showed up harassing meter maids, chalking, and making asses out of themselves with the police and other Municipal workers. And then came Ian’s disastrous support of legal sex between adults and children.

    Mark Edge described a “bunch of recalcitrant, autistic children running around yelling at each other”. Exactly. Conservatives weren’t impressed by characters like Garrett Ian, Chris Cantwell, Rich Paul, Creepy Crawford, Aria etc. That is why 1400 people joined Stop Free Keene. Many are conservatives. Look at Creepy’s moronic letter in yesterday’s Keene Sentinel.People connect that to you.

    So, yes, to your point-Free Keene could have had conservative allies and common ground…if not for the childish behavior, as demonstrated right here by Silvia.

    And I simply disagree with Cruz on secession. Agree with him on other stuff.

  13. Uh huh. Weird how you keep lying about this kind of stuff, LFoD. Cuz your past statements paint a completely different picture.

    Unlike the Cruzinator, you’ve frequently advocated for all sorts of big-government things – like economic lockdowns, mask mandates, and compulsory military service. None of those things are conservative positions by anyone’s standard of measure, now are they? Unless of course you happen to be one of those RINOs – you know, like that butthole Mitt Romney? 😉

  14. Well, yes, I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. Who did you vote for ? Vermin Supreme ?

  15. I thought the camera person could have been more polite and done a better job of describing what his goal was in being there.

    Even tempered but firm or even absurdity can be more effective than angry. I think his message didn’t give the people he filmed anything to think about and they left with the impression he was just being angry and weird.

  16. Ha ha. Elmer Fudd, obviously. I mean don’tcha know what the penalty is for shooting a fwicasseeing wabbit without a fwicasseeing wabbit license? It’s pretty steep, I’ll tell ya. But if elected, the Fuddster promised to do away with the licensing requirement. I just couldn’t say no to that, LFoD. Boy. Those politicians and their promises, am I right?

    Anyway, so you voted for Mitt Romney, huh LFoD? The same Mitt Romney who authored “Romneycare” and who’s recently been running interference for the Pentagon after it was discovered they’ve been providing funding for 25+ biological weapon research labs in the Ukraine? Wow. Now that there’s a paragon of conservativism if I’ve ever heard of one. Good for you.

  17. That’s what I thought. You talk but you don’t vote.

    Well, then, beyond your verbose, childish rantings, you gave half of your vote to Barack Hussein Obama. Who is the libtard, stupid ??

  18. Uh huh. I’m sure the Mittster’s poor showing against the Obamanator had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was in every way inferior to Ron Paul. Stolen primaries have consequences, am I right LFoD?

    Anyway, I think you’re being a bit hasty with your deductions there, LFoD. Cuz given the choice between Libtard Weirdo (D) or Libtard Weirdo (R), you pretty much just flipped a coin. I on the other hand was smart enough to recognize that I was being given a false choice and decided to go for the Fuddster instead. Too bad it never occurs to you folks to do the same, huh?

  19. I think in 2012 I voted for Darell Castle (Constitution Party Candidate). Proud to say I didn’t waste my vote on anyone running inthe two-party duopoly 😉

    So not your brand of activism… Okay fair enough. What kind of activism works for you, LFoD? Or are you like Jacks here and against activism altogether?

  20. My “activism”(and financial support) is for children, veterans, sports, and Second Amendment rights.

    But, I like Governor Sununu and the State of New Hampshire and the United States and support the police and most municipal workers.

    And I see no reason to drive around with a camera being rude and hassling people and hoping that somebody gets mad and acts inappropriately so that you can then humiliate them. This fool is not doing your cause any good. He is just creating enemies.

  21. Yeah. I like sports, too. Especially figure skating. Ya ever watch that, LFoD? My favorite’s Adam Rippon. Didja know he sews his own outfits? It’s true. Hand to God. He also has this super-awesome tortilla wrap recipe made of salami, pepperoni, hummus, cole slaw, and pickles. I saw him make it on the “Today” show a few years back. It’s totally the shit. You have no idea.

    Anyway, guess what else, LFoD? Turns out that First Amendment auditors actually provide an important service to the public. You’ll never guess why, either. It’s cuz being able to record police without the expectation of retaliation is actually a hallmark of a free society – mostly cuz it reflects the public’s ability to ensure that police are not abusing their power and are making informed decisions concerning enforcement policy. Pretty cool, huh?

  22. You voted for Darrell Castle in 2012? That’s pretty forward thinking, seeing as he wasn’t nominated until 2016. I’m sure you just misremembered though…lol

    Also, thanks for providing yet another exhibit about how you all pretend to dislike the right wing and yet have no problems jumping in bed with a religious conservative party. Of course, when somebody points that out you’ll squeal that you can’t possibly be right wing because you like drugs and don’t like war. lol

  23. Yup. Those creeps sure do suck, Karl. But it turns out we hate you libtard weirdos the most. Mostly cuz you won’t stop stealing elections, sexualizing children, and driving up the prices of gasoline and natural gas just to save worthless critters like Rocky Mountain reticulated ferrets or some shit. Ya know, if I were Empress for a Day, I’d have you all stuffed into radiation hazard barrels and rocketed into the sun. 😉

  24. Ha Ghost you got me… Honestly I don’t remember who I voted for in 2012… I just know it wasn’t Obama or Romney… Because well I’ve never voted Republican or Democrat (Republicrat/Demoblican). I take pride in that… But if you don’t believe me, that’s ok. I’m not sure you’re really a ghost either, or even a Marxist, so we’re even 😉

    As for your “exhibit,” since when have I pretended to dislike the right, or for that matter the left? I love both. After all, libertarianism takes the best parts from both. I just don’t like when others try to force me to do stuff. Can you blame me, Marx?

    And voting for Darrell Castle isn’t exactly “jumping into bed with a religious conservative party.” If you’re a researcher by trade then why not do your homework before trolling me? Have you read his positions on drugs and foreign policy? He is more libertarian than most in the Libertarian Party there bud.

  25. Ha ha. Ya know Intrigare, I’m surprised that Karl here isn’t more outraged over the fact that Castle’s first name was culturally appropriated from modern-day African-American naming trends. 😉

  26. Hehe now that would be pretty forward-thinking on Karl’s part, wouldn’t it? 😉

  27. 🙂

  28. All I think of is a tax audit.

    Is a first amendment audit the same only for the first amendment.

    They will probably put up a resistance if he wants to look at the books.

    Hey speaking of audits.
    I posted a shit load of Laurie list cops over on the Facebook NH General discussion page..

    That’s a good audit.
    Even though it’s redacted to a great degree.
    Grr… I got the link to it from one of the sentinels recent articles.
    I wrote a LTE calling out long time School board member. On that News Paper too
    It’s pretty excoriating

  29. Nice activism David.

    Hey, did you see what LFoD said earlier about your LTE? Do you agree with him that people connect what you wrote to FreeKeene?

  30. My name is connected to fk.. because I use to be..
    So it’s probably that.
    It’s been a while but people don’t forget.
    Not that I care they forget.
    It’s fine with me that they connect me to free keene.
    Free keene did good shit.

  31. “Of course, when somebody points that out you’ll squeal that you can’t possibly be right wing because you like drugs and don’t like war.”

    “Have you read his positions on drugs and foreign policy? He is more libertarian than most in the Libertarian Party there bud.”

    Like clockwork. You guys are so predictable. lol

  32. “Ha ha. Ya know Intrigare, I’m surprised that Karl here isn’t more outraged over the fact that Castle’s first name was culturally appropriated from modern-day African-American naming trends. ?”

    What does his name have to do with black people? It’s not even African in origin. Do you just have a hankering to show off your racism for some reason?

  33. Oh, and Intrigare, my favorite policies of his are the ones where he wants to close off the borders and make English the national language. How libertarian. lol

  34. Ha ha ha. Ya got that, Intrigare? Karl here still thinks it’s totally racist to make fun of obvious ethnic stereotypes and stuff. Boy, what a putz, huh? I’ll bet if he ever got an earful of my Richard Pryor collection, his self-righteous libtard weirdo head would fricking explode, am I right?

    Oh, and Karl? How’s that gerbil of yours doing, ya sick fuck? I heard it took a team of surgeons and a garden tractor to get that poor thing out of your caboose. 😉

  35. I think thats goodchild in the preview pic; he *seems* like a good guy but hes a Keene cop so… those two things are mutually exclusive
    I think there are gradations …maybe hes …

  36. I voted for Obama
    And was part of his Keene nh election office staff…For the first campaign

  37. Being a hater isnt “living free”, lfod

    being a hater is living controlled

  38. also his numbers for that crew of hateful, xenophobic, dunces known as “Stop free keene” ….which probablt counted to about 12 people at its height.
    Those numbers he cites are vastly inflated lol
    now buzz off you dimwit
    and quit defiling the word “free” you dimwit
    and im glad my letter got to you
    that, though not the intention, is a plus

  39. Lfod… Is full of ignorance

    He’s one of those hateful “conservatives”
    Who’s fuel is hate and negativity and dislike of his fellow man.

    Also lfod you spineless twit.
    At least you expose your stupid ass to being in Keene it seems

    But you’re too freaking cowardly to put your *name* to your words, which is why this will be the last time I address you; the only reason I *am addressing you is because someone else pointed out that you referenced me.
    But I’m pretty sure you’re in Keen because you read the Keen sentinel you spineless coward.
    You’re a troll

  40. I’m a liberal and I voted for Obama.
    Stick that in your hateful pipe and smoke it you coward.

    A *man* puts his name to his words.

    You spineless twit. That’s to lfod.
    Over and out.

    No more feeding the trolls

  41. “Like clockwork. You guys are so predictable. lol”

    Lol ah come on Karl, you know I only mentioned those because I was answering your post and you mentioned them. Predictable? Ok fine I guess…

    Castle is weak on borders, yes. And I still voted for him— shit. I guess that means I’m a dyed on the wool right wing extremist eh Karl? No matter who else I voted for? Ok well if Conservatives are the same as libertarians except on borders, then I guess it’s okay if people think I’m a right wing extremist. Man you really pinned me on that one Karl. That and on being predictable and stuff. Whew… Play hardball much?

  42. Just a fyi to the reader.
    His number of “1400”
    Which actually shows that he’s in Keene.
    And might be the creator of SFK (stop free keene)

    But that number.

    A few members of stop free keene would *join people to the group unbeknownst to them.
    He’s probably one of them.
    Because his hate fuel is still strong
    He should get over it.
    And move on

  43. Yeah sounds accurate Dave. What about JJ? What’s his motivation? I’m thinking he’s paid

  44. Creepy Crawford wrote a crazed, drunken letter blaming Chris Coates for all of the problems at Keene High and attacking the Keene School Board.

    This occurred because Chris hung up on him during his Saturday morning radio show.

    Chris Coates is the Administrator for Cheshire County and has nothing to do with the Keene School System.

    That is how moronic and stupid Creepy really is. An embarrassment to Free Keene.

    It isn’t even possible to evaluate what Creepy was trying to say because he was too dumb and incompetent to even know what Coates actually does for a living.

    As everybody in Keene knows, Creepy Crawford is a real piece of work.

  45. Haha looks like you hit a nerve with LFoD there Dave 🙂

  46. I am happy you agree, Intrigare. Hopefully one less libertarian to complain when somebody correctly calls you all out as right wingers.

  47. Ok sorry for being distracted by a troll; in my previous posts.

    I watched the video;

    I dont think very many people know what it is like to not kowtow to the intimidation tactics of the popo.
    It takes serious fortitude and knowing your rights.
    As I said; in the face of police intimidation tactics.

    Also: Guess who would have been in the back* of that police car if he hadn’t had a camera?

    Only thing is… What was the point? What was the point of filming outside that place? They were all in the wrong and he had every right to do that; and bet your bottom dollar that he’d have false charges because of false accusations if he hadn’t had that camera.

    Whats his justification of doing it though? If you are going to get people’s hackles up; might as well have a good reason but i don’t see the reason in this post or video

  48. That dumb lady that came out could get charges for false reports to the police;
    She charged up to HIM,and he was on public property.
    If anyone was hostile it was her.
    If anyone should be charged with anything it should be her

    He might have been charged because of her lies.
    Saved from her lies by the Camera

  49. I can see why you voted for Darrell Castle, Intrigare.

    He supports the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, pulling out of the UN, and abolishing all foreign aid as well as other types of international interventions.

    Castle’s also a strict Constitutional constructionist – hence his position on securing borders.

    Plus he’s also from the south and has a totally gangsta first name – two things which are totally alarming to Karl.

    Oh, and unlike Trump, I’ll bet he’d have totally locked Hillary up. And Bill and Chelsea and every other hoser in the Clinton Foundation too, am I right?

  50. The more I think about this the more insane it is!
    It would be comical if it wasnt so serious!
    “there’s a camera fifty feet away on the sidewalk” “Call the cops! Arm yourself! Get the attack dogs, sick Karen on him!”

    Its like “there’s a squirrel :arm yourself! call the cops! get the attack dogs!”

    it would be a joke; if him being thrown jail for it wasnt on the table

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