Keene PD Employee Fintan Moore Assaults Derrick J Freeman

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Derrick J Freeman was assaulted by Fintan Moore.

The video below shows background, the incident and the follow-up, of the exchange. It was completed thanks to the collaboration of many of Derrick’s friends and the editing talents of Beau Davis.

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KPD’s Fintan Moore A Menace To Society

The Keene police officer who brutally assaulted Derrick J. Freeman earlier this afternoon is named Fintan Moore.  He lives at 12 Orchard Street here in Keene, NH and his home number is (603) 352-7195.

If a woman answers, it may be Fintan’s wife Maureen.  Be sure to tell her exactly what her husband did while at work today.

Fintan, a longtime New England resident, previously lived in Oxford, MA before moving to Keene in 1999.  His brother Rory Moore and sister-in-law Lisa live in Sterling, his brother Kieran Moore and sister-in-law Marianne live in Marlborough as do his sister Maeve Allen and his brother-in-law Tom.  His son, Fintan Moore III, is in the Navy Reserve and also lives in Keene.

If you know any of these people, please be sure to show them the video in the post below and ask them to talk to Fintan about his inappropriate and hurtful actions.

I forgive you, Fintan, and I am not angry at you.  I only want you to think about your actions and I genuinely hope you stop hurting peaceful people.  God bless.


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Police Scanner Audio of KPD’s Moore – Attack First, Ask Questions Later

Here is the relevant police scanner audio from this afternoon’s situation with Derrick. Note that it has been edited for time. It begins in the 2pm hour when the police get a call regarding liberty activists handing out literature at Keene High School. Tim Peloquin (called 129 or 29 in the audio) knows there is a trespass order for Derrick and writes one up and delivers it to him. After Peloquin says he’s serving Derrick with the no trespass notice, “121” or “21” aka Fintan Moore is off due to serving a different no trespass to someone at the Keene Inn. Later, Moore is investigating a car accident when Peloquin reports that he served Derrick.

It seems likely that Moore never heard the confirmation that Derrick was served. Later he calls in pursuit of Derrick for not pulling over, but never asks whether he was served. You see, being in the government means never having to say you’re sorry. Why do any due diligence and inquire prior to hassling someone? All Moore had to do was call dispatch and ask if Derrick had been served yet and he never would have had to pull him over, but instead he just uses his aggressive power and tries to stop him. There’s no penalty for Moore jumping to a conclusion – he doesn’t have to sit in a cage for making that mistake. He easily could have followed Derrick while inquiring with KPD regarding his status of being served, but instead decided to pull Derrick over – because he can.

It’s a shame too, because Fintan always seemed like one of the better KPD officers. I’ve seen him do the right thing when he didn’t have to (and thanked him for it), but I’ve also seen his temper flare up. Today was not his best day and as a result of his impatience and failure to do even a little investigation, (like Peloquin did – by ASKING prior to contacting Derrick), my friend is in a cage until further notice, while Fintan is sleeping in his home.

You can listen to the Keene Police Scanner 24/7 here.

AKPF #1 – Sentential

soviettank_akpfAnother Monday has arrived, and with it, another spellbinding episode of the most controversial cable access program on Cheshire TV; AKPF is still #1. This week begins with a throwback to the television gold of Wacky Delly, quickly followed up by a special newscast from the DPRK’s official teleprint, Keene Slantinel. Among the other noteworthy happenings in this entry include the ludicrous lemonade and iced tea arrest of rapper X in North Carolina, and a unique submission entitled ‘Illuminati Media Exposed’ produced by youtube’s own Vigilant Christian Mario. Check out the latest and greatest, episode 05 Sentential embedded below:

1. 00:10 Opening Wacky Delly Meets Parking Force
2. 01:36 An official newscast from official Keene Slantinel of DPRK
3. 02:06 Freddie P joins AKPF via chalk removal
4. 04:40 James is indoctrinated in matters of law by Off. Jason Short
5. 06:51 Garret is indoctrinated in matters of law by Off. Fintan Moore
6. 09:38 CC.FPP puppy interlude (Yellow Labradors)
7. 09:42 The Ballistic Engineered BEARCAT Attack Truck arrives from the Lenco
8. 10:59 James C intros ‘Environmentally Friendly’ prequel/followup
9. 12:07 Garret intros X’s Lemonade/Iced Tea arrest with Peace Tea (more…)