AKPF #1 – Sentential

soviettank_akpfAnother Monday has arrived, and with it, another spellbinding episode of the most controversial cable access program on Cheshire TV; AKPF is still #1. This week begins with a throwback to the television gold of Wacky Delly, quickly followed up by a special newscast from the DPRK’s official teleprint, Keene Slantinel. Among the other noteworthy happenings in this entry include the ludicrous lemonade and iced tea arrest of rapper X in North Carolina, and a unique submission entitled ‘Illuminati Media Exposed’ produced by youtube’s own Vigilant Christian Mario. Check out the latest and greatest, episode 05 Sentential embedded below:

1. 00:10 Opening Wacky Delly Meets Parking Force
2. 01:36 An official newscast from official Keene Slantinel of DPRK
3. 02:06 Freddie P joins AKPF via chalk removal
4. 04:40 James is indoctrinated in matters of law by Off. Jason Short
5. 06:51 Garret is indoctrinated in matters of law by Off. Fintan Moore
6. 09:38 CC.FPP puppy interlude (Yellow Labradors)
7. 09:42 The Ballistic Engineered BEARCAT Attack Truck arrives from the Lenco
8. 10:59 James C intros ‘Environmentally Friendly’ prequel/followup
9. 12:07 Garret intros X’s Lemonade/Iced Tea arrest with Peace Tea
10. 13:14 X is arrested for drinking a mixture of lemonade and iced tea from Arizona
11. 18:14 Ridley say, Deter police abuse with long memories
12. 22:05 Graham interrupts this special report with a special report submitted by Christian Vigilante Mario
13. 22:11 Vigilant Christian Mario’s submission ‘Illuminati Media Exposed’ regarding Amanda Bynes and Dwayne Johnson
14. 27:19 Aqua Keene Parking Force #1 Chalk interlude
15. 27:30 Jane inquires the proper letteral arrangement of the noun, ‘speech’.
16. 28:29 End credits chalking

Special guest hosts in absentia rep the AKPF #1. Ep. 06 premieres Monday, June 24 2013.

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