KPD’s Officer Griffin Rides His Bike on the Sidewalk in Downtown Keene

Earlier this week, Keene Copblockers hit the streets and encountered KPD’s Matt Griffin as he violated town ordinance regarding riding bikes on the sidewalks in downtown Keene. Griffin does a fine job of establishing the fact that there are two classes of men – those who work for government, and the rest of us:

The War on Hats Continues!

The City of Keene’s War on Hats on continues and Judge Burke is making you (the taxpayers) pay for what he claims is ‘disrespect.’

This morning, while attending the court proceedings of other activists, Beau Davis was arrested for wearing a hat. This past January James Cemorelis and Matt Griffin, both who are employed by the Keene Police Department – with help from Peter Macy (Keene Bailiff), physically assaulted  Pete Eyre for wearing a hat. Those charges, issued by police, were later dropped by the District Attorney’s office.


VIDEO: Ademo Kidnapped for Speaking at Pete’s Arraignment

The full story is at Liberty on Tour and reposted below the following videos, thanks to Ethan Lee Vita. Michele and I captured video of Pete’s arraignment and Ademo’s arrest and then the following “Right of alocution” hearing where Adam is sentenced to 60 days in jail for speaking. (Please stay tuned to Free Keene. The second video is forthcoming but YouTube is taking HOURS to process it, so I decided to just post the first one in this post.

First up, Pete’s video arraignment and Ademo’s arrest on a “contempt” charge for speaking:

Finally, here’s a repost of the full story from Liberty on Tour:

This morning we had a video arraignment in Keene District Court for Pete Eyre, arrested yesterday for peacefully wearing a hat. We started the day at 8am and it wasn’t until around noon that Pete’s arraignment occurred. We spent the first hour from eight until nine passing out Don’t Plead Guilty flyers.

The video was set up in a way so that Pete could not see supporters in the audience. Earlier, people had asked a bailiff if Pete would be able to hear us and he paused, before informing us that he would, but that we should stay quiet. Michele Seven, filming the video and judge as an independent source, asked if she could say hi to Pete before the judge walked in, but was denied that privilege by the bailiff. (more…)