Live Tweets from James Cleaveland’s Trial for Recording Police

Darryl W. Perry tweeted live from James Cleaveland’s trial this morning. James is facing two years in prison for recording the police at the scene of this Summer’s suicide. Here are those tweets in reverse chronological order:

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Burke to take the case under advisement #Robinhood

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Prosecutor objects to Burke watching video provided by #Robinhood

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Burke hasn’t opened the envelope containing video evidence #Robinhood

DEA Raids Phat Stuff, Steals All Smoking Implements

DEA Agents Raiding Phat Stuff

Criminal syndicate members calling themselves “DEA” destroy the peaceful business.

Reports in national media claim the DEA has raided synthetic drug suppliers in 25 states, but Keene’s Phat Stuff hasn’t sold synthetic drugs since mid-2013. According to the sealed warrant, which you can see here, the agents were taking all smoking devices, as well as sales records from 2011-today.


Masked Man Exits Heist Vehicle

The approximately dozen agents spent five hours boxing up thousands of dollars in various pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and accessories. After 4pm, they loaded it all in the back of a Uhaul and took off with the loot at approximately 4:20pm.

During the raid, one agent stood out back smoking a cigarette.  I asked him if he found it ironic that he’s smoking a cigarette while he and his fellow thieves are stealing tobacco-smoking devices from the store.

At least two agents had balaclavas on outside the store, but not inside.  The cowardly man exiting the heist vehicle in the picture on the right, a Uhaul truck, will be seen in the videos without his mask on.  Stay tuned for that!

In response to us recording video through the storefront windows which had already been mostly obscured by newspaper and black tarp, agents papered over as much of the remaining viewable area as possible, in desperate attempts to avoid accountability for their craven actions.  Keene police officers Jason Short and Todd Lawrence took turns guarding the front door.


The gang members load the last few boxes before likely driving off to consume some alcohol in celebration of the successful heist!

As the agents loaded the getaway vehicle with dozens of DEA-branded cardboard boxes full of thousands of dollars worth of pipes and accessories, an angry group of Keene inhabitants gathered to give the agents a piece of their minds.  The agents were informed that they are not welcome in Keene or NH.

Here’s the Sentinel’s initial story that includes comments from store employees.

Here’s an edited video of the raid. Sneak a peek at some RAW footage as it is uploaded to the Fr33manTVraw channel.

Stay tuned to the Free Keene blog for updates.

Keene Sentinel Reports on City Council Arrests

The video of last night’s arrests is not yet available – stay tuned here to Free Keene for that. However, the Keene Sentinel’s Kyle Jarvis has written up his report:

Two men affiliated with the libertarian Free Keene movement were arrested Thursday night when they refused to dispose of what appeared to be alcoholic beverages during a Keene City Council meeting.

Ian Bernard, 30, of Keene, who goes by the name Ian Freeman, and Sam Miller, 34, of Keene, who goes by Sam Dodson, were arrested by Keene Police Chief Kenneth J. Meola during a recess of the meeting.

The men were part of a group protesting the city rules on having an open container of alcohol in public.

As the meeting began, approximately eight to 10 people associated with Free sat in the audience, some wielding video cameras, including Miller.

About half appeared to be drinking bottled beer, which they’d brought in a small cooler.

About 10 minutes into the meeting, Mayor Philip Dale Pregent announced, “We do not allow alcoholic beverages in council chambers,” and advised the group, “If you don’t dispose of the beverages, you’ll be asked to leave.” (more…)

Sentinel Publishes Feature Story on School Outreach

Monadnock Regional Middle and High School

Monadnock Regional Middle and High School

The Keene Sentinel published a well-researched article by Meghan Foley yesterday outlining the recent interactions between bureaucrats and liberty activists including me, Derrick J, Renee Kate, and JP Freeman at Monadnock Regional High School.  We were inspired to renew the school outreach project by Manchester activists who imported the concept there over the winter, plus MRHS student-at-the-time Fatima Smart who heroically refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance. Here is a copy of the Philosophy of Liberty flier we were handing out to the middle and high school students.

Kudos to Foley for citing my blog, where I point out that Monadnock school administrators lied to parents when claiming activists recording students who are outdoors somehow violated their privacy.  Derrick is also interviewed in the piece:


They came, they handed out pamphlets about “The Philosophy of Liberty,” and they left.


Ten days later, they came again, handed out the same brochures, and this time were told to leave school grounds by Swanzey police officers on behalf of Monadnock Regional Middle/High School administrators.

They left, and haven’t returned since. But that doesn’t mean these individuals associated with the libertarian-leaning, anti-government Free Keene movement, and their friends, won’t return to spread their message.


Derrick J. Horton, who was the main organizer of the two visits last month, said Monday he plans to continue the outreach at Monadnock Regional Middle/High School. (more…)

NH House Discussion on the Petition to Censure and/or Impeach Cynthia Chase

On January 30, 2013 the NH House of Representatives discussed the petition against Cynthia Chase. Representative George Lambert motions the House to hear the Petition for Redress against Cynthia Chase. Speaker Norelli rules that out of order, Lambert objects citing Part 1 Article 31 & 32 of the NH Constitution. Rep’s Vaillancourt & Richardson speak in favor of upholding the Chair’s ruling. (more…)