DEA Raids Phat Stuff, Steals All Smoking Implements

DEA Agents Raiding Phat Stuff

Criminal syndicate members calling themselves “DEA” destroy the peaceful business.

Reports in national media claim the DEA has raided synthetic drug suppliers in 25 states, but Keene’s Phat Stuff hasn’t sold synthetic drugs since mid-2013. According to the sealed warrant, which you can see here, the agents were taking all smoking devices, as well as sales records from 2011-today.


Masked Man Exits Heist Vehicle

The approximately dozen agents spent five hours boxing up thousands of dollars in various pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and accessories. After 4pm, they loaded it all in the back of a Uhaul and took off with the loot at approximately 4:20pm.

During the raid, one agent stood out back smoking a cigarette.  I asked him if he found it ironic that he’s smoking a cigarette while he and his fellow thieves are stealing tobacco-smoking devices from the store.

At least two agents had balaclavas on outside the store, but not inside.  The cowardly man exiting the heist vehicle in the picture on the right, a Uhaul truck, will be seen in the videos without his mask on.  Stay tuned for that!

In response to us recording video through the storefront windows which had already been mostly obscured by newspaper and black tarp, agents papered over as much of the remaining viewable area as possible, in desperate attempts to avoid accountability for their craven actions.  Keene police officers Jason Short and Todd Lawrence took turns guarding the front door.


The gang members load the last few boxes before likely driving off to consume some alcohol in celebration of the successful heist!

As the agents loaded the getaway vehicle with dozens of DEA-branded cardboard boxes full of thousands of dollars worth of pipes and accessories, an angry group of Keene inhabitants gathered to give the agents a piece of their minds.  The agents were informed that they are not welcome in Keene or NH.

Here’s the Sentinel’s initial story that includes comments from store employees.

Here’s an edited video of the raid. Sneak a peek at some RAW footage as it is uploaded to the Fr33manTVraw channel.

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  1. Waiting all day for this report. Thank you for being there.

  2. Was the raid at 4:20 a.m.?

  3. its been going on all day, This is a 25 state operation the DEA is cracking down on Synthetics. From what I read Phat Stuff had stopped selling Synthetics in 2012 or 2013. So I am kinda wondering WTF

  4. I hope Phat Stuff brings a lawsuit if they did nothing unlawful.

  5. Ive tried several Synthetics and I’m healthy. You’re blanket statement against Synthetics is no different than racism. A few bad chemicals spoil the whole galaxy.

  6. I’m mainly talking about K2.

    The “average user” has no clue how deadly and damaging it is.

    Anyone who sells K2 and knows how deadly it is, is not a peaceful person.

  7. K2 is an unlabeled mix of plant material sprayed with JWH and other synthetic cannabinoids. It is unregulated and varies from batch to batch. The solvents used to spread the Synths onto the plant material are also present in varying concentrations. Anyone can mix up a batch and print a K2 sticker. And yes I do agree that bathtub K2 incense is dangerous. Let the market decide is the old Libertarian Addage.

  8. Not for nothing but what the hell is “District of New Hampshire”? As per NH constitution it is State of New Hampshire, a member state of the Federal Union.

  9. I think the market has been deciding in this case, people dont want their 16 and 17 year olds dying from cheap easy poisons.

    A few years ago there were 11,000 emergency room visitis from the synthetics being sold in gas stations.

  10. A short video of the agent smoking a tobacco cig outside the raid site might be amusing. I encourage people NOT to buy/use the synthetics. Some might indeed be safe, but I’m pretty sure that none is safer than the real thing…

    And maybe it’s me, but I’m sitting here and looking at these DEA branded cardboard boxes, and wondering just how much more those cost than plain cardboard boxes. Probably quite a bit, but it’s clear they got them in bulk.

  11. Most shops where responsible and sold it to 18+ only.

  12. So much for obama not going after small time marijuana smokers. They want to know who’s bought a pipe, because you know having a bong makes you a trafficker

  13. I don’t know anything about K2, I would imagine smoking something made in a factory would be dangerous. But what the the government refuses to acknowledge, if marijuana were legal, K2 wouldn’t exist

  14. 2/3rds of the hospitalizations were people over age 18.

    Dude you need to get off this stuff, you are a human guinea pig lol. Long term effects won’t be known on this stuff for probably another 10-15 years.

  15. I think ill decide whats best for me. You know nothing of this topic, go play NannyState somewhere else.

  16. I personaly like to eat JWH-18 it makes you trip for hours. As for smoking something made i a factory, Have you ever seen a commercial marijuana growing operation? there is nothing natural about it.

  17. Opening in the market for supplier of pipes. Maybe direct marketing part time for a student or 3?

  18. I’ve read alot of what inventor of synthetics John Huffman says about them. He says he created them for rats, not humans.

  19. Someones kid is going to have a good summer on Ebay.

  20. Rats only drink water made for rats Humans only drink water made for humans. 2 legs good 4 legs better.

  21. “The agents were informed that they are not welcome in Keene or NH.” Hahaha you Keenesters amuse me. They don’t give a shit what you think, and they don’t have to.

  22. Panos knew what he was selling and he just didn’t care. I have no respect for that man at all. Synthetics are extremely dangerous.

  23. Marijuana is legal in Colorado and synthetics have run rampant there. Greedy people who do not care about the health or well being of others are why synthetics exist. Period.

  24. Phat stuff is all about illegal drugs and they do promote their products as drug paraphernalia

  25. If Marijuana were legal, you would notice that most wouldn’t mess around with synthetics. As for this raid, well if they stole pipes and other smoking devices then they are thieves, and charges need to be filed. If the shop was selling these so-called banned products then take those products and set-up a meeting in a court room. But to just take shit so as to make his business go out of business is bullshit. The folks that had their faces covered, well lets get those faces out in the open for ALL TO SEE.

  26. And people have been stabbed to death with knives. That does not mean that selling knives is a violation of the NAP.

    Folks have died while using household chemicals to clean, or to poison pests. Doesn’t make the sale of cleaning chemicals or rat poison violations of the NAP.

    And, just in the realm of drugs, Tylenol makes these things look as safe as candy. I don’t see you claiming that anyone who sells Tylenol is violating the NAP.

  27. they havent sold synthetic since they operated in winchester.

  28. theres no winning a debate between smokers and non smokers.Non smokers dont have much experience to go by, to them its a dirty drug habit.Smokers see the health benefits,and like to use in social gatherings.Some prefer a glass of wine with dinner,others enjoy a joint.I cant wait for marijuana to be completely legalized because this is just ridiculous.Ive never once heard any drug term be used in that store in all the years ive known it,all employees were very professional and strictly by the book. Keene never wanted that store on main street because it hurt the character of the town,so the irony of how this played out amazes me lol

  29. Kdiemond does being one of those misinformation bloggers for the feds pay pretty good? Wondering cause I too was thinking of selling my soul

  30. Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, guess I will just bookmark this page.

    Hookah For Sale

  31. What do you mean payed? Kdiemond sucks government pole and pays, taxes like a good Obot.

  32. I don’t care what side of the argument you are on – Phat Stuff is all about the drugs and they do not care about this community one bit. They are in your face about it. The pipe they use for their facebook page is a marijuana bud. And they happily sold synthetics to the locals with no conscience whatsoever. No respect for this business at all — and for the record – I think smoking pot is stupid, but I am a supporter of medicinal marijuana and decriminalization.

  33. marijuana is legal in Colorado and there is a massive issue with synthetics there – the two issues are not related – that is just an argument used to support legalizing marijuana – but it is not a strong argument at all

  34. Can you link me to any articles highlighting this issue with synthetics in Colorado since marijuana’s legalization? I see lots about stores being raided for selling it, but nothing about abundant use.

  35. “Non smokers dont have much experience to go by”…. Untrue. I smoked pot throughout my 20s, but don’t any more. I don’t have all that much to say against it, however, I don’t have much to say FOR it either. Non smokers are not the same as Never smokers, and those of us who have quit… well… I’ll leave it at that we have learned something that you haven’t yet.

  36. People always forget about the allure of things that are forbidden. Once pot becomes legal (and I believe that that is inevitable) there will be a different illicit drug to take it’s place because that is the way of thing. The one surefire way to get people to try something is to tell them that they cannot have it.

  37. im FIFTEEN and i now this is wrong. FIFTEEN and i see the injustice done by our beloved “federal government”. They are thuggish horrid people. i wish i was old enough to do something about this, but keep fightng the good fight. My respects go out to anyone affected by the “protection” displaye today.

  38. You’re just upset because you’ll have to find somewhere else to buy your drug paraphernalia. Run along little boy and let the adults talk.

  39. Seriously … Shut the fuck up, you moron.


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