Activists Save People from Parking Tickets (Robin Hooding)

In this video Derrick and I (Rapsher) discuss and partake in Robin Hooding. One of our motivating factors is, like most people in the community, we’ve been compromised into paying various fees associated with driving. Robin Hooding is one way we believe we can neutralize our karma for paying a criminal agency. So, we’re not personally getting our money back, but we are preventing others in the community from having their money stolen from them by the city with parking tickets. We encourage you to do this in your city, or just come to Keene NH and join in the fun here.

Outrageous Bailiff Screams and Stares Activists Down

Several NH activists attend a NH Supreme Court public hearing on cameras In NH courthouses.  The recording took place in the court lobby prior to the hearing.  There was a Bailiff who’s actions were a little bizarre to say the least.  So bizarre that it necessitated an entire video of just his actions.  Two activists describe an incident where this man intentionally nudged past them.  The man then has stare downs with four different activists and a scream of rage directed at Kate Ager.