NH Supreme Court Attempting To Change Rules Before Losing Unilateral Rule Making Authority

Today the New Hampshire Supreme Court released an 111-page order proposing changes to the rules of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch. The proposal comes immediately before the voters of New Hampshire will have the opportunity to pass CACR26.

CACR26 is an amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that will allow the New Hampshire General Court greater oversight authority of the Judicial Branch rule making process.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re aware that journalist Jason Talley faced criminal charges because the NH Judicial Branch made “rules” restricting press freedom rights. The rules were enacted immediately after a judge was caught on camera conveying objectively false information to law enforcement to have someone arrested.

The proposal allows public comment about the rule changes until November 21st. Make your voice heard (and part of the official record) by emailing the NH Supreme Court at rulescomment@courts.state.nh.us.

Please get out to vote to pass CACR26 in November!!

(An opposing opinion.)

So… I’m Running For Sheriff

If you didn’t already know, I’m running for the Republican Nomination for High Sheriff in beautiful Coös County.  I haven’t posted about it here because I don’t think a person seeking a high political office should intertwine it with libertarian related activism.  Seeing as our campaign website just mysteriously crashed immediately after I posted this link to it, I figured re-posting it here on one of New Hampshire’s most highly viewed blogs would now be more than appropriate.

After you follow that link and watch the news report, read NH RSA 104:6 section II.

High Sheriff’s in New Hampshire can lawfully enforce the federal court order that stops the Obama Administration from behaving like a group of blac-bloc anarchists regarding constitutional law and federal court authority.  That’s right: Sheriffs in New Hampshire can even stop the United States Military from indefinitely detaining Americans without due-process by lawfully enforcing an Article III court injunction at the state level.

My friends in Keene should find out if all of their High Sheriff candidates will defend the rule-of-law against the Obama Administration by enforcing this particular court order.

Everyone in our nation should stand behind the ability of the federal courts to hold the Obama Administration in contempt of the Constitution.

(Donations still accepted here.)

Protect Your Rights At The Border

I recently was interviewed by the media regarding my attempts to force the United States Department of Homeland Security to respect the 5th Amendment at the international border.  It inspires me to re-post Attorney Paul Karl Lukacs’s blog titled “10 Reasons To Refuse Answering Questions at Passport Control.”

It is very important to defend your legal rights when traveling internationally…  so please do read this:


Give Yourself To The (Drug) War Machine


1) The “War on Drugs” is legally designed to never end, notwithstanding all the facts that it is unsupported by science.

2) The “War on Drugs” in New Hampshire, by law, is directly controlled by the United Nations.  This represents an affront to our state sovereignty.

3) The “War on Drugs” is designed to generate massive amounts of money for both the government and corporations, while people suffer from the associated disenfranchisement.

If you work in law enforcement or intelligence, use your training to investigate my claims so that you can try and prove me wrong.

(You won’t be able to.)

Questions For Law Enforcers/Drug War Supporters

Realizing that every law enforcement and intelligence agency from the FBI to the FSB now reads this blog, I have a question for the honest and good people who enforce or support the drug war:

Is it moral and ethical of you to arrest, prosecute, and imprison your people (and testify in favor of public policy indefinitely supporting the the same), while the United States Military is currently protecting the drug PRODUCERS in Afghanistan?

If the drug war was really about keeping people from using drugs, would this be official American policy?

How is that compatible with being a good person?

Have you read the Constitution?

PS New Hampshire: WMUR flatly refuses to cover the shameful judicial corruption that exists in New Hampshire. I used to trust the mainstream media, but now it’s obvious to me why people shouldn’t.

New Hampshire is home to many honorable judges. There are several that really need to be fired for, you know, corruption.

Just like in the police world, bad cops give the good a bad name.

The NH Police Academy taught me to “police (my) own,” literally. Perhaps the Judicial Branch needs the same?