DPRK Denounces Robin Hood Ruling

akpf_dprkappeal1xIn a followup to their previous two videos, one published to youtube and another to their official website, the bureaucrats behind the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene have crafted a new video message denouncing a Cheshire superior court judge’s ruling in their lawsuit against the merry people associated with Robin Hood of Keene. The ruling that was handed down on December 3 determined that no civil claims were legally actionable given the protections granted in the first amendment of the US lanekendall_bestmayordprkconstitution. The judge declined to elaborate on implications which may or may not be granted by the more eloquent NH state constitution.

The new piece of content by the City people is brief and to the point. Commemorating the re-elected person who won the mayor contest, the video also serves as a new year’s update from the officials and to the civilianry that is claimed representative dominion over. Meanwhile in DPRK, Robin Hooding continues unabated.

Ridley’s Non-Aggressionist Historical Analysis

gdubbs_amrevYesterday’s Ridley Report features an analysis of some United States history from the position of principled non-violent anti-aggressionism. It was produced in the wake of a tragic mass casualty shooting in the District of Columbia, which we have since discovered was perpetrated by a mentally disturbed veteran. Not knowing what the motivation for the attack was, the possibility that it may have been terrorism or an act of war lingered until details on the shooter emerged and were confirmed. Below is Ridley’s perspective on different aggressive incidents of modern history.

bdayhappyToday #S17 marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. USA Today reports crowds of around one hundred people gathered in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, participants report numbers approaching one thousand. Occupy New Hampshire would first assemble on the evening of October 6 2011.

AKPF #1 – Conspiritual

princejohn_clockworkelvesAKPF #1 episode 10: Conspiritual breaks new ground with fresh submissions obtained from the official Keene city bureaucrats. The first portion of the program sees Prince John and Jester Mullins take to the floor and lay out their conspiracy delusions for the entertainment of the civilian population. The videos obtained by and aired on AKPF #1 demonstrate a pattern of irrational paranoia on the part of high ranking officials, as CoK agents tipped their hand en route down the rabbit hole by accusing Robin Hood and the Merry (wo)Men of a civil conspiracy. After Prince John relays his account of recent history involving PKD, DMT, and clockwork elves, his jester sends a firm warning to renowned film director Robert Rodriguez regarding his Machete action/adventure series. Also included are updates from rapper Xstrav arrested for drinking iced tea and a trailer for FreeConcord’s Occupied Chicago: The NATO Summit Protest Tapes, which is scheduled to broadcast on Cheshire TV’s mature after-hours programming block soon.

1. 00:10 Opening Black/Death Metal Music
2. 01:47 Alex Jones introduces new revelations from CoK city bureaucrats and fans
3. 02:30 A royal proclamation by Prince John introduced by city crier
4. 02:44 Predictions of a new world globalist conspiracy order are imagined by Prince John
5. 05:03 Peace Tea clockwork elves cans
6. 05:48 Colt 45 40s in the 40s (and 50s)
7. 12:07 Court Jester Mullins issues a dire warning to acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez.
8. 13:36 Machete with a special cinco de mayo message for Arizona
9. 14:12 Introducing Don Johnson
10. 16:45 FOX corporate makes a boatload of money on all of it (more…)

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 10

This week we present an extra helping of juicy content for you all.  Find out what will become of Ji the unlicensed studio dog when the city finds out he won’t be participating in their little scam. Revisit the ‘liberty babies’ argument and find out why the ladies never go to Social Sunday.  Help us pick apart the injustice being done to some of the characters of ‘The Walking Dead’ all while discovering a packed pot pipe in your happy meal.

Camera Robbery Coverage on FTL

Chicago-police-punch2It’s been a hectic 36 hours since my camera was seized from my person by two armed men, one of whom rifled through my pockets with his bear mitts. In that time period, I’ve organized videos regarding the encounter into one source on Fr33manTVraw, and have followed up with legal professionals on how to move forward. The next step is finding out where the missing affidavit is, and if it even exists. I’ve since received a backup recording device from a friend, which I used today as I went Robin Hooding with visitors in town from Michigan. Fortunately, I have not been accosted by law enforcement since the robbery. I’m am still operating under the impression that myself or my property may be seized at any time while I am about, as there is no deadline on the surviving portion of the search warrant that was executed on myself yesterday morning.

Last evening, a good portion of Free Talk Live focused on the peculiar encounter with law enforcement, as I occupied the guest chair on the program, beginning at 0:21:34. In addition to the incident, we discuss AKPF #1, Robin Hooding, and toward the end of the show, the war on chalk is examined. The full episode is linked below, courtesy of the soundcloud.