NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 2 – State House Testimony Videos

Liberty Lobby‘s Darryl W Perry and other libertarians converged once again on the New Hampshire state house and legislative offices last week for more testimony on various bills. Here are some video highlights as well as full hearings:

First up, liberty democrat Elizabeth Edwards’ HB 287 would merely create a study committee to look at decriminalization of prostitution, but NH police and prosecutors packed a two-hour hearing to plead with the house criminal justice committee to stay ignorant and reject even STUDYING the issue! Luckily, there were some stalwart advocates of freedom also in attendance who spoke in favor of the legislators having more information, not less. Here’s the full hearing video:

Also, state representative Dick Marple presented his bill, HB 292, that would allow the victim of a tax lien on property to demand a trial by jury. Here’s the full hearing video:

Finally, here are some highlights of libertarians speaking on several bills from week 2, including:

  • HB 223 – A bill that would make it harder for bureaucrats to lobby the legislature
  • HB 83 – Would prohibit family members from serving on the same government committee.
  • HB 161 – Would force businesses to pay tax on alcohol sold at farmer’s markets.
  • HB 151 – Removes hemp from the list of controlled substances

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for more Liberty Lobby videos!

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  1. DavidJurist

    Again, good job everyone and good job to Miss Mullins!

  2. Brian J. Stone

    Come to one of my hearings. I’d love to see you guys.


    That familiar looking guy commenting around 1:53.00  in the prostitution study bill had a nice way of putting the discussion in the proper perspective.

    It seemed like the cops were full of non sequitur and had a hard time understanding what was being proposed.  Not to mention their arguments were contradictory, if they want to stop people from engaging in nonconsensual and forcible acts why would they forcibly prevent consensual acts of sex which involve a consensual exchange of money ?

  4. Jumping Jacks

    The last person anyone would want speaking is Darryl Perry. His rants and raves are way out there. Thinking New Hampshire would pass these bills is outrageous. All these people are doing is throwing a pacifier to Darryl and his “minion” and waste time and tax payer dollars.

  5. Jumping Jacks

    DavidJurist Did you get your driver’s license back yet Mr. Strong?  Have you bonded and licensed yourself so you can do your bitcoin thing?

  6. Free Keene

    Brian J. Stone, what committee?

  7. Free Keene

    Or do you mean for legislation you sponsored?

  8. Free Keene

    We’re there weekly

  9. Brian J. Stone

    I have a hearing on medicinal marijuana HB222 on Wednesday at 215pm in rep hall. Would be great if someone from your organization spoke

  10. Brian J. Stone

    I’m in municipal and County gov committee. Show up to HB212 at 10am in room 301 of the LOB on mandating asking for and paying for police attendance at public events.

  11. DavidJurist

    Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Hi Jacks. I don’t want a driver’s license and I prefer to travel in my multiple rides without one. The Bitcoin vending machine is do very well BTW. Thank you for your continued support of Free Keene by reading the blog. We greatly appreciate it.

  12. DavidCrawford4

    WEEDA CLAUS imo  cops job security is more laws…..  and if laws go away their jobs go away..

  13. DavidCrawford4

    the thing about marple is…i dont think most people know what he is saying,i know i dont ….i hope the committee does 🙂

  14. DavidCrawford4

    for someone getting paid to lobby….darryl sure misses alota bills…..i dont think people who donate to darryl get their monies worth;  i remember a  “tour”  he was going to do …he got alota $ for it and never did it…..i think stuff like that has happened other times too

  15. DavidCrawford4

    imo ian could tone down his rhetoric “rediculous cop”….  is a  bit much imo….. the opinion of the cop could  be made easier….let the reader decide….i agree  the cops   are ….whatever they are but….i dont need to be lead to say  that

  16. Drac Vermell

    Jumping Jacks These guys certainly don’t respect your opinion very much, now do they Jacks? Why they just keep doing their own thing no matter how often you make a fuss. It must be very upsetting to you.

  17. powertool

    DavidCrawford4 I hope you write a lot of letters to your legislators, Crawford.

  18. powertool

    DavidCrawford4 I’m sure you’d do a much better job, Crawford. Why not start your own lobbying group?

  19. Jumping Jacks

    Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks It doesn’t matter to me what they think. This little group of freekeeners  can’t change anything. Darryl Perry’s rants and raves will see to that.

  20. Jumping Jacks

    DavidJurist Jumping Jacks In other words, you can’t have a drivers license until all the charges from court are dealt with. 

    How am I supporting freekeene? I guess that is why you are in such a mess. You read into things that were never there.

  21. Drac Vermell

    Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Oh Jacks, you’ll never tell the truth when a lie will do, will you? You’ve made it perfectly clear that you’re very much interested in what these guys think. And they’ve certainly made inroads with their unique brand of activism, now haven’t they? Remember the bitterness and resentment you shared with us when the Robin Hooders defeated the City of Keene? That was really funny.

  22. DavidJurist

    DavidCrawford4 What’s not ridiculous about them? Cops are pigs and domestic terrorists.

  23. DavidJurist

    DavidCrawford4 Darryl can only do so much. Perhaps you can go with him and help when he attends these hearings.

  24. DavidJurist

    DavidCrawford4 I do agree that he can be difficult to understand when explaining things but he tries.

  25. DavidCrawford4

    DavidJurist DavidCrawford4 i have been up there …i just dont broadcast it
    and ive contacted them …powertool stfu…no one asked you….. what i said regarding darryl stands

  26. DavidCrawford4

    DavidJurist DavidCrawford4   ok ian worshiper

  27. DavidCrawford4

    DavidJurist DavidCrawford4 maybe he could just find new words ;….he over uses ridiculous

  28. DavidCrawford4

    DavidJurist the problem with Ian saying someone is “ridiculous”…:One, the word  has as part of it  “ridicule” …so he is not just disagreeing he is ridiculing ,so he is ridiculing  while simultaneously  and in the same sentence, claiming a moral high ground.
    The hypocrisy is right  in his statement:How can you claim a moral high ground at the same time  you are NOT JUST DISAGREEING  but ridiculing…  And morally looking down your nose at the person. Show me ,dont tell me, he is leading the witness.
         Ian  should stop acting morally superior  he is very far from that… If  Ian is the test case for libertarianism ,libertarianism  fails

  29. Free Keene

    Sorry, Brian J. Stone – I was running around signing stuff at that time. We’ve definitely gone to MCG before and surely will again.

  30. DavidCrawford4

    DavidJurist  Also, whats more powerful,showing  someone something or telling them something?  We saw the  video.  Your name has “jurist” in it: Objection! ,Ian is leading the witness….

  31. DavidCrawford4

    why did you do that bill?….was there situations you were close to …that made you  decide that bill was needed?


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