NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 2 – State House Testimony Videos

Liberty Lobby‘s Darryl W Perry and other libertarians converged once again on the New Hampshire state house and legislative offices last week for more testimony on various bills. Here are some video highlights as well as full hearings:

First up, liberty democrat Elizabeth Edwards’ HB 287 would merely create a study committee to look at decriminalization of prostitution, but NH police and prosecutors packed a two-hour hearing to plead with the house criminal justice committee to stay ignorant and reject even STUDYING the issue! Luckily, there were some stalwart advocates of freedom also in attendance who spoke in favor of the legislators having more information, not less. Here’s the full hearing video:

Also, state representative Dick Marple presented his bill, HB 292, that would allow the victim of a tax lien on property to demand a trial by jury. Here’s the full hearing video:

Finally, here are some highlights of libertarians speaking on several bills from week 2, including:

  • HB 223 – A bill that would make it harder for bureaucrats to lobby the legislature
  • HB 83 – Would prohibit family members from serving on the same government committee.
  • HB 161 – Would force businesses to pay tax on alcohol sold at farmer’s markets.
  • HB 151 – Removes hemp from the list of controlled substances

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for more Liberty Lobby videos!

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