Rebel Love Show 076 with Ellen Ball


Ellen Ball, one of the hosts of the smash hit late night radio show “The Anarchics” joins us in studio. Topics this week include anarchists going to college, our wish for LRN to be on AM radio in Manchester, FSP hits 95%, defining how to be a Free Stater, Liberty Phoenix skypes in, new year predictions, NH Independence, and Rob & Ellen geek out to Star Trek. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday 10 pm – 12 am EST on LRN.FM and

Free Keene’s Ian Appears on Jared Goodell’s Show on Manchester’s WFEA

Keene native Jared Goodell again had me on as a guest this week on his morning show in Manchester on WFEA 1370 & 99.9. This time, we discussed the recent lawsuit by the NH ACLU against the City of Manchester regarding their arrests of panhandlers.

I told Jared that the City of Manchester will be losing the suit, as they have across the United States. I don’t like panhandling, but as long as we have the idea of public property, free speech must be respected, and that includes asking for money. However, the solution to panhandling is changing all public property to private property. Here’s the full interview:

RLS 074 – Free Uber With Christopher David


Recorded December 22nd, 2015
Super activist extraordinaire Christopher David joins us in the Rebel Love studio this week. Topics include Christopher’s heroes journey through activism, the great Rand Paul debate, NH Independence, Free Uber activism in Portsmouth, Uber Grandma, sauna parties, Christopher David running for state rep? Merrimack county Sheriffs visiting the Rebel Love Studio, and going Full Keene in the Free Coast. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM and

Mayor Admits City Has Spent $78,000 in Legal Fees on Robin Hood Lawsuits

Sheriff of Nottingham

Hey, we’ve got legal bills to pay.

The last time we heard about how many taxpayer dollars the city of Keene has spent on their frivolous lawsuit to try to crush the rights of Keene’s Robin Hooders, it was December of 2013, the year they filed the suits against us.

Now, two years later, having lost at superior court in 2013, then mostly losing at the NH supreme court, and losing again at superior court this year, the city’s racked up a total legal bill of at least $78,000! This, according to mayor Kendall Lane in a recent interview on WKBK’s morning show.

Keene’s Robin Hooders were feeding expired parking meters in relative obscurity until the city filed its suit in May of 2013. That suit blew up into a huge storm of publicity, making Keene’s government the laughingstock of the world.

Charles Bauer

Attorney Charles Bauer is getting very rich from taxpayer dollars.

Determined not to show any good sense, the city gang continued to lavish tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on failure after failure in this case. They hired the go-to law firm for all NH municipalities, “Gallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell” (the same firm that lost the Gericke case, which upheld the right to record police). Hey, it’s not like it’s the city’s money – they stole it from Keene’s productive class – the people.

Now the case is going back to the NH supreme court on appeal, but mayor Lane claims the law firm is going to cut them a break on this appeal and do it pro-bono. How generous of Bauer’s firm! (Robin Hood attorney Jon Meyer has been pro-bono from day one.)

Will they successfully overturn the Cheshire superior court’s refusal to grant their requested injunction against Robin Hooders?

No date has been set for the hearing – stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this ridiculous saga.

RLS 070 – Who is your Mistress Now?


Recorded November 17th 2015
The Rebel Love crew discuss the Rebel Mistresses first time… Watching Star Wars! The young padawan shares her perspective and what she thinks will happen next. Other topics include Shire Sharing, bad dates, Uber activism, the Creamy D discovers the RLS commercial, domination and submission. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night on LRN.FM, IPMNation, and

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