RLS 069 – Keenevention Recap!


The Rebel Love Show is joined by the lovely Tela to recap Keenevention 2015. To describe Keenevention in a nutshell is simply Sex, Drugs, and Anarchy. Suffice to say, it was a blast! Topics this week included puke worthy and inspirational panels at keenvention, the HallowKeene Dance Party, agorist charity Shire Sharing, sauna karma, and free uber activism. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM and RebelLoveShow.com

New Hampshire Charity Feeds Children with Bitcoin

Shire Sharing is my favorite charity. It’s voluntary — People like you and me — NOT gun-funded government bureaucrats. The idea is simple: Raise money, buy bags of groceries, and deliver them to families who are less fortunate. Last year, they fed over 3,000 people! They even personalized each bag by household — because some have children, some are elderly and can’t cook anymore, and some have dietary needs like diabetes or vegetarianism. YOU can help Shire Sharing feed an entire family this Thanksgiving for just 35 bucks. They take bitcoin! (And of course credit cards too.) They have an all-volunteer staff, so 100% of your donation actually buys food. Compare that to 30% with government. Shire Sharing is Voluntaryism in action. Put your money where your heart is, and be the change you want to see. Learn more and donate today at ShireSharing.org

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Shire Sharing Bitcoin Address:


Bitcoin Discussion on Manchester Morning Talk Radio with WFEA’s Jared Goodell

This Summer, Keene native Jared Goodell launched a morning show on Manchester talker WFEA 1370 AM & 99.9 FM. Friday morning I was honored to have my first chance to appear as a guest on his program. Jared wanted to discuss the decentralized future of money and had some good questions about Bitcoin. The interview turned out to be a good short intro discussion for people new to Bitcoin. Feel free to share, as always:

NH Bloggers Weigh in on Seacoast UBER Civil Disobedience

FSP Early Mover Christopher David Makes the Headline Story in Portsmouth Paper

FSP Early Mover Christopher David Makes the Headline Story in Portsmouth Paper

This weekend, the Portsmouth Herald ran the news of Free State Project early mover Christopher David’s arrest as their above-the-fold feature story, Boston’s FOX 25 ran a piece, and now New Hampshire’s bloggers are weighing in with some solid opinions on Portsmouth’s hottest topic:

Chris also received national coverage of his arrest from Reason.com’s Brian Doherty on their Hit and Run blog here.

Finally, though the interview happened a week ago, if you haven’t heard Free Talk Live’s interview of Chris when he was in our studio post-Keenevention, don’t miss it.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep91 – Black Sheep Matter!! (Live at Keenevention)

Home school video gaming • Liberty creepers • gender roles • SatoshiDating.bitcoin • Beating the college scam • Genetic engineering • Netflix and /the horror • Vulcan Aspies • Moon landing Hoax • Space exploration • Floating cities • 9/11 in the media • The most important conspiracy theory? • Recommended Tweeters • Darryl, Shaunna, Katie, Ellen, and Brett join • Show notes at BlackSheepRising.org

Free Uber Activist in Portsmouth NH protest the Daniel Street Tavern

Christopher David was arrested by Dover Police on November 6th, 2015 for “wiretapping” charges for posting a video of his interactions while driving for Uber in Portsmouth NH. The people calling themselves the city of Portsmouth recently banned Uber from operating in the city. Christopher David and others continue to break the ban by driving for Uber. We live in a world where you can be kidnapped legally for using an app to drive drunk drivers home safe. The video above shows protesters and cop block presence outside of the Daniel Street Tavern. The wiretapping charges originated from the bouncer at this bar.

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