Black Sheep Rising – Ep87 – Brick

Porcfest – Corporates taking over the event and why I didn’t go this year • Gov thugs try to shakedown Pfest vendors • Unlicensed free market vending • Brick: The Movie • City of Keene stuff: Good ol’ boy consultants, the great pension scam, increased tax rate, and mandatory raises forever! • Study claims conspiracy theorists will believe anything • Shaunna, Rapsher, and Joe join • Show notes at

KGO-AM San Francisco Interviews Ian About Robin Hooding + WKBK Discussion

KGO-AM Signal Pattern

KGO-AM Signal Pattern

The Robin Hood of Keene media coverage keeps rolling in. A major national TV news crew was in town today and last week I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on KGO-AM in San Francisco. KGO is what is called a “flamethrower” in the business. It’s the maximum legally allowed 50,000 watts on AM in one of the top markets in the country, San Francisco, with a monster signal that covers Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Salinas.

Here’s the KGO appearance:

Also last week, WKBK’s Dan Mitchell had local attorney Kevin Gordon on to analyze the recent Robin Hood Supreme Court decision.

RLS 052 – Green Screen Activism


Carlos Morales and Brett Veinotte joined us this week in the Rebel Love Studio. Topics this week include Carlos and Calvin Thompson’s new project, pro tips to avoiding copyright infringement on youtube, Shire Dude’s inspiration, Porcfest, Stefan Molyneux cult on Showtime, Carlos and Brett’s relationship, studio sex, Shire Dude’s trial, The Villians of Anarchy, Brett is punished for his anti-poly rhetoric, the podcast beef with Nick of Puke and the Gang, School Suck beef, and Walter Block eating babies. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday on LRN.FM at 10pm EST.

RLS 051: Anarchy, It’s not all about the Sex


The Seditious Sirens of LRN.FM join us in the Rebel Love studio for episode 51. Topics discussed include the recent copblock of a check point, how to look good copblocking in heels, livestreaming, we have the poly talk with Renee, Manch liberty and kink karaoke nights, polyamory taking over Porcfest with five poly events this year, Foundation for New Hampshire Independence’s “Brew & Sedition” event, Area 23 and Church of the Sword, Creamy D of the Freedom Feens MWD wants us to record an orgy for liberty in audio form of course, the Seditious Sirens react to Micheal W Dean’s threesome podcast, we share wildest sex stories, the future of the Rebel Love studio, using cell phones for recording activism, and porcfest plans. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM.