Black Sheep Rising – Ep79 – Should be Censored

The people vs Pumpkin Fest • The FHRITP phenomenon. The hell is wrong with people? • Feds spend $10mil on anti-obesity video game • Michelle Obama: No vote, no fried chicken • How to be a good slave…err citizen • Homeless advocates fined for feeding the homeless • W joins • Show notes at:

Rebel Love Show Ep 28: Sedition w/ Jordan Page


Recorded November 15, 2014
Jordan Page was the latest guest on the Rebel Love Show to perform “Modus Operandi”, “Sedition”, and “Song for Bob Dylan”. Topics we discuss include the way Jordan discovered liberty, why he stays in the US, we share cop block and TSA stories, building the cultural identity of the liberty community, support for the remnant, bitcoin, and the roles we play to promote freedom. The Rebel Love Show is a once a week broadcast from Manchester and can be found on Itunes and Stitcher.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep78 – Curb Stomping 101


Remembering Keenevention 2014 • Ballot selfie etiquette • Open carry. What could go wrong? according to some LEO • Are my kids too loud for you? How bout I punch you in the teeth for noticing • BSR: behind the scenes • Awesome map of the entire internet • Darryl, Steven, and Shaunna join • Show notes at:

Rebel Love Show Ep 27: #FullKeene


Recorded November 5th, 2014
Rich Paul and Lauren Rumpler aka Objectivist Girl visit the Rebel Love Studio to recap and discuss Keenevention including the Secession panel, Direct Action Panel, New Movers Panel, Ladies(Sexist) panel, keynote addresses, Conan’s bonfire, and Derrick J’s Hallowkeene Dance party. Other topics discussed include Free Staters winning state rep elections, latest new movers party, secession, April 420 rally, Rebel Love Show haters, Rich Paul pitches a new show, Rob and Lauren talk polyamory, full O-Girl, Rich Paul admits to never watching Shire Dude, making activism profitable, Rob shares a new mover story, and Rich’s role with The Rebel Love Show is a once a week broadcast spreading the LOVE of a liberated world and is available on Itunes, Stitcher, and Youtube.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep77 – Convention Fabuloso


Did you miss Keenevention 2014? No worries. We have all the juicy details for you • HallowKeene FB page • Just sell me three chickens! • No seatbelt? Probably gonna get shot • Derrick J’s 10sec victimless crime spree • the “still small voice” within you • W and Derrick J join the discussion • Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Ep76 – Brain Salad Symphony

Surviving Pumpkinfest 2014: a tale of redemption • Smart people listen to Radiohead • That rooster has got to go, Holmes • “get a job, hooligan!” • Pink water bottle catastrophe • Vin Diesel is Not gay • Jay and Shaunna join • show notes at: