Rebel Love Show Ep 32: The Free Keene of Atheism


Carlos Morales, CPS whistle blower and atheist activist joined myself and fellow Free Keene blogger and co-host Shire Dude in the Rebel Love studio recently. Topics discussed include his new book Legal Kidnapped, Russian oil prices, American fracking, walking the only beach in the Shire, Rob and Carlos discuss being recovering fat guys, Carlos discusses the cults he was involved in, Carlos discusses his activist career in the athiest movement, pros of the FSP and BRLP, why Carlos started his media out reach, and liberty activism for an untapped market.

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Rebel Love Show Ep 30: The Liberty Mecca


Beau Davis, the creative force behind 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, stops by the Rebel Love studios. Beau’s latest documentary is about the Free State Project here in the Shire and the reasons why you should move here as well. The last time Beau was on the show was during the filming of 101 in which the Rebel Love Show, Rob Mathias, and fellow Free Keene blogger Shire Dude were all featured in it. This is also the first episode recorded that we are officially on LRN.FM. Other topics discussed on this week’ show include the Shire being the libertarian mecca, dreaming big in the Shire, what will happen when the move is triggered, Rob and Shire Dude talk about how Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree inspired their move to the Shire, right to travel activism, who doesnt love Dave Ridley?, Beau discusses how his cannabis use has helped him and woke him up, Chalk the Police in Manchester, trespass of 12? Shire Dude evolution since living here, Beau pitches the Rebel Love TV Show and the Porcupine AV club, should activists wake others up?, are liberty media types historians, and Beau talks about future projects.

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Jennifer Schmidt’s Husband Threatens to Make Kids’ Lives A “Living Nightmare”

Matthew "Boston Strong" Schmidt

Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt

Irregularly for weeks, Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt has driven by the intersection of Leverett and River streets in his Amari Plumbing work truck and personal vehicles, laying on his horn and screaming “Get a job!” at the top of his lungs. Rich Paul, who lives in one of the homes at the intersection, decided to go down and confront Boston yesterday after he again drove by honking angrily.

To be clear, Boston has been engaging in this un-neighborly behavior long before his wife Jennifer Schmidt was recently issued a temporary stalking order for allegedly threatening to kill a 10-year-old boy with a knife. WMUR covered that story after it broke here on Free Keene, but WMUR did not mention any names in the case. WMUR also said that Jennifer Schmidt would not talk to the media until they speak to their attorney. In the video of Rich’s confrontation taken by activist David Crawford, Matthew broke the family’s silence in the case, alleging the boy in question was a bully, presumably towards their daughter.

When informed multiple times that his honking had disturbed children from their slumber, Boston was unapologetic. In fact, he further promises to, “make their lives a living nightmare.”

Despite seeming to have some grievance against what he calls the “shithole” on the corner, the Shire Free Church-owned LRN.FM studio and Keene Activist Center, Boston seems to think that all the neighbors who aren’t liberty activists really appreciate his loud honking and screaming. At one point he even claims, “Everybody loves what I’m doing. They love it.”

This delusion is typical of the local hater – because the people who they are close to appear to agree with them, they believe that “everybody” agrees with them. The reality is that people have different opinions. Some people in Keene dislike some things activists do, but like others.  Some people like some activists but dislike others.  Some love what we do.  Some hate what we do.  Anyone who’s not in an echo chamber of hate would understand that.  Of course if any of his friends or acquaintances actually disagree with him, they probably keep their mouths shut for fear of his wrath.

Regardless, Boston continues on his self-proclaimed campaign of “aggravating the shit out of people”, despite the fact that his antics seem to provide entertainment for people more so than anything else.  Here’s video of the confrontation from last night:

Black Sheep Rising – Ep80 – Catastrophe

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Black Sheep Rising – Ep79 – Should be Censored

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Rebel Love Show Ep 28: Sedition w/ Jordan Page


Recorded November 15, 2014
Jordan Page was the latest guest on the Rebel Love Show to perform “Modus Operandi”, “Sedition”, and “Song for Bob Dylan”. Topics we discuss include the way Jordan discovered liberty, why he stays in the US, we share cop block and TSA stories, building the cultural identity of the liberty community, support for the remnant, bitcoin, and the roles we play to promote freedom. The Rebel Love Show is a once a week broadcast from Manchester and can be found on Itunes and Stitcher.