RLS 055 – Live From Polyfest(Porcfest) 2015


Recorded live at Polyfest (Porcfest) on June 26th, 2015 from Rogers Campground in Lancaster NH. Topics this week include hitting the strip club at Porcfest, pro male nudity, Shire days at Porcfest, Carlos Morales playing us out of our trip, preparing for the Big Gay Dance Party, Poly Party review, hippie flipping, Cody considers the move to Manch Vegas, the Porcfest vortex, the wide range of groups at Porcfest, and Luke and Murdoch discuss their Porcfest experience. Guests this episode include Derrick J, Ellen Ball, Cody O’Conner, Murdoch Pizgatti, and Luke Rudkowski.  The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM


Jared Goodell Interviews Free Keene Blogger on WKBK

Independent local newsman Jared Goodell has become the default fill-in personality for Dan Mitchell, the morning show host on longtime local talk station WKBK. On one of his recent fill-ins, he had me on for the 9am hour and it was lots of fun. I always enjoy the challenging questions from the WKBK callers. We covered the Free State Project, being hated, antics, chalking, the Phat Stuff raid, people’s opinions, school outreach, Robin Hooding, and taxes.  Jared’s an excellent interviewer – he’s not afraid to ask tough questions.  Here’s the full interview, with callers:

Black Sheep Rising – Ep87 – Brick

Porcfest – Corporates taking over the event and why I didn’t go this year • Gov thugs try to shakedown Pfest vendors • Unlicensed free market vending • Brick: The Movie • City of Keene stuff: Good ol’ boy consultants, the great pension scam, increased tax rate, and mandatory raises forever! • Study claims conspiracy theorists will believe anything • Shaunna, Rapsher, and Joe join • Show notes at BlackSheepRising.org

KGO-AM San Francisco Interviews Ian About Robin Hooding + WKBK Discussion

KGO-AM Signal Pattern

KGO-AM Signal Pattern

The Robin Hood of Keene media coverage keeps rolling in. A major national TV news crew was in town today and last week I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on KGO-AM in San Francisco. KGO is what is called a “flamethrower” in the business. It’s the maximum legally allowed 50,000 watts on AM in one of the top markets in the country, San Francisco, with a monster signal that covers Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Salinas.

Here’s the KGO appearance:

Also last week, WKBK’s Dan Mitchell had local attorney Kevin Gordon on to analyze the recent Robin Hood Supreme Court decision.