Black Sheep Rising – Ep83 – Believe That!

Flaming Freedom 3.0 • Waging war against the Keene School District plurality • Derrick’s message to his sisters: “Rise up & Drop out of government school” • Silly activists protest city snow plows – Who believes this sh*t?  Turns out quite a few • MTV quality ISIS videos – Who believes this sh…never mind • What type of activism should I try when I get to Keene? None. Get a job • Jimmy from AZ calls in  • Erotic toliets • Darryl, Shaunna, and Derrick J join • Show notes at:

Rebel Love Show Ep 36: Truth over School Podcast


Carlos Morales and Brett Veinotte join RLS this week for our second trek live on LRN.FM. The show starts off with Liberty Forum updates. RLS will be recording each day at Liberty Forum at 2:30pm March 5th, 6th, and 7th in Manchester NH at the Radisson hotel. Carlos and Rob will also be doing talks at Liberty Forum. Topics discussed on the show include the great Dunkin Donuts debate, Carlos goes on a food rant, Shire Dude invents the signed selfie, Brett doesn’t care about his listeners, RLS does school sucks outreach, activism in Manchester, online vs in person activism, chilling out in the Shire, podcasting learning hospital, transhumanism, Shire Dude is confronted about being the mastermind behind @IanGoogling on twitter, Rob and Carlos discuss ISFLC, Carlos talks about his dislike for Ron Paul, and the need for more art in the liberty community. RLS broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10pm EST on and you can watch us live at

Rebel Love Show ep 35: Sedition is Sexy


This episode was the Rebel Love Show’s first live broadcast on LRN.FM. It is an absoulte honor to broadcast on the network. The show opens up with Liberty Forum updates. RLS will be recording live at Liberty Forum in Manchester NH every day March 5th – 7th. RLS is also hosting the Liberty Forum party at the Quill on March 7th at 10 pm. Rob will also be doing two talks at Alt Expo that is a part of Liberty Forum with the artist formerly known as O-Girl. The guests for this episode are the Seditious Sirens. Topics discussed on today’s show include Rob’s tinder activism, school outreach we did at the local Manchester high school, Rob will be taking the city of Manchester to court, planned 420 outreach, RLS and Seditious Sirens hitting up ISFLC, the origin story of the Seditious Sirens, multiple Keenevention miracles, the difference between Full Keene and Full Manch, Shire time explained, living in an Eskimo family, can you be a good Free Stater with out a bitcoin wallet?, Renee is going to bring back the Shire Choir, Ann shares her experience with activism, and Cop Blocking in Manch.
If you are not listening to LRN.FM on Tuesday nights, you can still find the Rebel Love Show on Itunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook.

Keene Voters Enslave Their Neighbors

The Free Staters are upsetting local bureaucrats again. This time they tried to return freedom to the people by limiting the amount of money local politicians can demand from them. The politicians weren’t happy.

One of the school board members said, “We don’t need a very small minority of people in this community — that do not in any way represent the will of the people — telling us how to do our job.”


Black Sheep Rising – Ep82 – Bawlz


Why am I paying for this crap! • 4 New warrant articles. School officials concerned • Problems with the education system? You should totally run for school board. /Vomit • @IanGoogling • BallGate, autotune, and you’ll love my nuts • Patriarchy wins!!  At least on Survivor • The Penguin circa 96 • Jay, Darryl, and Shaunna join • Show notes at:

Rebel Love Show Ep 34: Gods & Masters


Calvin Thompson joins us in the Rebel Love studio this week and Liberty Forum updates start off the beginning of show . RLS will be recording at Liberty Forum each day of the conference in Manchester New Hampshire. Rob will have two talks at Liberty Forum via Alt Expo with the artist formerly known as O-Girl aka Lauren Rumpler about secession and another talk about polyamory. Shire Dude will also be recording an episode of Shire Dude and ItsLikeThisToo episodes at Liberty Forum. Topics on this week’s show include Calvin’s journey to the FSP via Carlos Morales, a post BillyRock age, Shire Dude and Calvin are co-workers, life being outed as a Free Stater, dealing with closed minded co-workers, Calvin’s anarchist RPG tabletop game God’s and Master’s, Calvin’s religious southern past, the ancom/ancap debate, Rob discusses running into an ancom in the wild and having a moment of solidarity, Rob longs for stuffed pizza from Chicago, local business reaches out to accept Bitcoin, Shire Dude refuses to release his Bitcoin activism, Rob’s latest video of being pulled over, and should the Rebel Love Show be live on LRN.FM? You can find the Rebel Love Show on Itunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.