First, they came for the NAZIs: Cantwell Convicted, First Amendment Attacked

Chris in Simpler Times, Acting as Security for the Hallowkeene Dance Party in 2014.

Today a jury at Federal district church in Concord, NH returned two guilty verdicts for “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell. He’s facing up to 20 years in prison for felony interstate extortion and threat charges for telling another despicable Nazi over the Telegram chat app that Cantwell was going to fuck his wife in front of their children if the “victim” didn’t cough up information about another white supremacist. No doubt, it’s easy to hate Christopher Cantwell. He himself is a hater. He judges and hates other people for the color of their skin, their belief systems, among other things. He also hates himself. Cantwell is aware of his various faults and failures and he despises himself, punishing himself with drug abuse and distracting himself by hating others. How do I know this about him?

I know Cantwell – I don’t know whether he’d admit it, but I’m basically his minister. I try to minister a message of peace to a man whose name literally speaks to who he is – a man who Can’t-be-Well. He and I have spent countless hours together prior to and since him becoming a racist and Nazi. I have chronicled his story here on this blog from as far back as his early days. Before becoming a racist, he was a controversial cop-hating libertarian comedian that escaped from New York to move here to Keene, New Hampshire.

At one point, Chris admitted that his formula in life for financial success was the more people hated him, the more money he made. At another time, he publicly stated that Christopher Cantwell was a “character”. I’m not sure where the real Chris was in relation to the “character” of Cantwell, but I do know his fall has been tragic and also entirely preventable. The government gang deserves plenty of blame as well, and I’ll get to that, but for now let’s focus on three of Cantwell’s biggest mistakes:

1. Racism is stupid and inhumane. – When Cantwell was a libertarian, he would have judged people by their individual actions and character rather than by their circumstances of birth.  Sadly, around 2015 Cantwell started to become a racist as he was following an apparently similar arc by one of his prime influencers, Stefan Molyneux.  Cantwell likely believed that he’d be so hated if he became a racist that he’d make way more money than being a less-hated libertarian comedian.  He dove in deep to racism, destroying a ton of productive relationships.  For instance, I fired him from my radio show, Free Talk Live.  Cantwell had been one of our best hosts, before his fall to racism – he was really entertaining on-air.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after he became a racist until Cantwell completely abandoned any semblance of libertarian thought and totally embraced statism. This turn towards statism also left him with the delusional belief that the police could be a helpful tool.

2. Don’t talk to the police! – When he moved here as a cop-hating, crass libertarian comedian, Cantwell was likely being watched by the FBI for his public statements that skirted the line of advocating violence against the police. After he moved back to Keene in 2015, he had an encounter in downtown Keene which altered his views about the police.  In the encounter, KPD officers didn’t shoot Cantwell who had drawn his gun to defend a young woman from an attack by a drunken man. While it was good for Cantwell to stop hating and collectivizing the humans behind the inhumane role of “law enforcement officer”, it went bad for him because he went too far and actually started to embrace and trust the police. When he became a racist, he saw them as his future ally and tool of force to use to create his fantasy white paradise.


First they came for the racist assholes…

So, he started talking to them regularly, from a local KPD sergeant to FBI agents including Phil Christiana, the longtime investigator of various libertarian activists in Keene. Ultimately, Cantwell’s habit of chatting with cops led to him being charged and convicted as a political prisoner. Based on testimony I witnessed during a federal bail hearing and further testimony at trial – which was covered in detail by Hilary Sargent – it’s clear Cantwell sunk his own case. First, by admitting to the FBI that he was the person behind the account-in-question on Telegram and then further by using the term “threat” to describe the obviously hyperbolic chat in an email to his “friend” at Keene Police. Without claiming the account in his talks with the FBI, there may have been no way to prove it was Cantwell behind the account.  As one agent admitted under oath at the bail hearing, Telegram is not operating servers in the United States and the agents can’t subpoena them for information like IP addresses for its users. Cantwell’s own admissions to police likely were factors that sealed his fate in this case. Speaking to police is a grave danger to your freedom.

3. Don’t make haters your hobby. Ignore them as best you can. – With publicity comes haters, it’s just part of life. Per his life plan, Cantwell relished every opportunity to engage his haters in the hopes they would hate him even more, and spread his product around. At one time his product was a libertarian radio show and various blog posts. He had his haters in his libertarian days, but it wasn’t until after he became a racist that he met haters willing to sink even lower than Cantwell himself. Always a divisive figure, but intelligent and well-spoken, Cantwell quickly rose to prominence in the white nationalist community.  True to his form, he got into internet conflict with various racist people and groups including the “Bowl Patrol”, a group of Nazis that were even more detestable in their opinions than Cantwell, if that’s possible. The group took its name from the haircut of Dylan Roof, the mass murderer at a church in South Carolina some years ago. Originally Cantwell fans, their honeymoon with Cantwell ended and they turned on each other. Bowl Patrol raided Cantwell’s phone lines incessantly with awful prank calls during his online radio show, among other online targetings. The point is, Cantwell became obsessed with them, trying to identify who the members were and spending time telling the police all about his issues with them. At one point Cantwell even called Child Protective Services on “CheddarMane” aka Benjamin Lambert, the supposed “victim” in the case in which Cantwell was convicted today. Had Cantwell just ignored and blocked the haters rather than engage them, none of this would ever have happened.

Political Prisoner, Christopher Cantwell

Political Prisoner, Christopher Cantwell

Cantwell’s tragic myriad of errors aside, the Federal government gang deserves plenty of blame here too. Cantwell’s ridiculous “threat” to have sex with the wife of another Nazi is clearly just tough talk from a keyboard warrior. Anyone who knows Cantwell around here knows he’d never follow through on such a promise and has seen him say much worse online to various other people over the years. His old business card from his libertarian days used to proudly proclaim him as an “Anarchist Atheist Asshole”. People say mean things on the internet all the time, whether it be trash talking between players in an online game or just people going too far in whatever conflicts they are having with each other. The fact that a couple of racist scumbags having a spat on the internet resulted in criminal charges and now a conviction for one of them is very disturbing precedent against free speech.

Keep in mind that not even Lambert, the supposed “victim” here, thought much of what Cantwell said. Lambert never reported it to the police. According to testimony, an FBI agent saw a screenshot of Lambert and Cantwell’s chat posted to an online Bowl Patrol group the agent had been assigned to watch. The federal gang used the information to bring felony charges of “Extortionate Interstate Communications” and “Threatening to Injure Property or Reputation” against Cantwell, raided and searched his home, and jailed him without bail pending trial. Now with a jury’s conviction, Cantwell will be sentenced to federal prison on January 4th, 2021. He says the sentencing guidelines could result in several years behind bars, though there is no minimum sentence. To be clear, in the supposed “land of the free”, a man now faces a maximum of 20 years in prison for internet tough talk.

“First they came for the Nazis”, to borrow a concept from the classic anti-war poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller. The poem was written about the Nazis rounding up – and ultimate extermination – of various groups of people in Germany, so it’s ironic that now they have become the victim of history repeating itself. That is the real story here. The federal gang’s attack on freedom of speech online is clear to those of us who are able to look past how ugly a person Cantwell is. We know that freedom of speech for the detestable must be defended, or all unpopular speech is at risk. That is the reason why Cantwell is a political prisoner. His prosecution is another in a series of attacks against the freedom of speech.

It wasn’t just the free speech of racists that has been under attack recently. We’ve seen the entire set of rights supposedly protected by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights under fire this year, all “due to COVID”. Various state gangs have locked people down and prohibited gatherings in violation of the right to assemble and the right to religion. The right to petition for redress of grievances has been made more difficult now with various government meetings now happening online, it’s harder than ever to exercise your supposed right to physically observe and participate. Finally, my experience at the Federal church building in Concord this week made it clear there’s also an active attack on freedom of the press.

Cantwell Storms Out of Studio

Cantwell Storms Out of Studio During “She-Male vs NAZI”.

I had tried to attend Cantwell’s first day of trial as a member of the supposedly “free press”, but was prohibited from entering unless I would go through the state religion’s new ritual of masking one’s face. Given I have both a religious objection and medical objection to said masks, I wrote a motion to the robed priest-judge pointing out my medical and religious reasons for not wearing the masks. I also identified myself as media and requested the robed man allow the trial to be viewed online if he was going to deny my supposed right to access the supposedly public trial. The motion was denied.

The robed man, Paul J Barbadoro said they would set up a special viewing room in the court just for me and I would not have to wear my mask in the room, but demanded that I wear a mask in the hallways of the building if I were to accept the viewing room offer. They couldn’t possibly allow someone to walk around the building without a mask on – what would people think? It could break their precious illusion of total compliance.  Given my objection is to the wearing of the mask at all, obviously wearing it in the hallways is completely unacceptable, so I filed an objection and motion to reconsider, which was also denied. You can see both of my motions here. This, while I am also a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit filed in the very same court building – against mask mandates! So, only the Masked Media is allowed to see “public” trials in the federal church building now. All the COVID crackdowns have created two classes of serfs, the privileged mask people and the lower-class unmasked. The first amendment has been thrown in the trash and many will cheer it on, until their group is next to be targeted. By then, it will be too late.

Our best answer is to secede New Hampshire from the United States as soon as we can, as recently suggested by Cheshire County Sheriff candidate Aria DiMezzo. Were she Sheriff during Cantwell’s arrest, DiMezzo says she would have arrested the federal agents for even setting foot in Cheshire County without her permission. Cantwell had been a guest on her internet radio show last year and amusingly stormed out of the studio during their episode, “She-Male vs NAZI”. I asked her to comment for the story and she said, “Anyone who knew Chris Cantwell knew that his career was not just circling the drain, but was beyond recovery. Nazi groups are full of infighting, and he’d lost enough of their support that he was the sacrificial lamb for the FBI to appear to be doing something useful. So they did what predators always do: they targeted the weakest one, and that was Chris. They are doing nothing about the groups that idolize Dylan Roof and Brenton Tarrant. Instead they went after the Nazi that even other Nazis have disavowed, effectively for saying what we hear kids say in gaming voice chats…This was a waste of everyone’s time, and Chris should be released.”

Federal Church Concord

The evil federal state church building in Concord, NH wherein Cantwell was offered recently as a sacrifice.

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  1. So sad- but people are stupid. Not much we can do about it. When ordered into a cage most will go willingly. Stockholm syndrome is alive and well in America.

  2. You know, it comes in waves. Libertarian fans have to fight off the unstable far-right loonies posing as ‘real Libertarians’ then a wave of far-left posers doing the same as we’re seeing today. Both are often egged on by the misguided cops.

    A real problem, as Libertarians have pointed out, is Federal statutes overreach combining with the pseudo-common law system where Federal judges basically pick the juries from compliant federal bureaucrats and retirees. Cantwell’s apparent mental instability should not be a 20-year crime.

  3. It is the lower classes that wear masks. Consider the underpaid “essential” grocery clerk, or the nurse practitioner who just got a pay cut. They wear masks all day, breathing their own exhausts, shortening their lives. Each outrageous demand is to shepherd them to a costly injection (you like taxes?) which they will be job-required or shamed into taking. On their skin now, under it next. (“We do it for each other” is the most insidious propaganda I’ve ever seen, “We’re all in it together” another one).

  4. And the injection has no liability for the profiteers, as it is allegedly a public health measure. More taxes compensate for injection injuries. Safety? Sorry can’t be known, damage could set in at any time, years later maybe. And often taxes have paid for the research to develop the alleged medicine, while the profits go to crony capitalists.

  5. In a legal system a person can be “punished” to the full extent of the law.

    In an actual justice system, a person would restitute their victim(s) to the level of harm they caused them.

    I don’t agree with Cantwell’s point of view and am put off by his rude and faux tough guy demeanor, but I don’t think his words were meant as a literal threat. I hope for justice sake the judge considers that when sentencing him.

  6. I use to have a guitar; a Aria with Demarzio pick ups. That thing rocked!

    Yea, cantwells gf AT THE TIME HE WAS SPEWING RACIST BILE ABOUT JEWISH PEOPLE, was in fact Jewish! Ian knows her!
    I’ll give a hint: she use to call the show with trial reports.
    I think it was for Ross ulbrite.
    Get name begins with a I
    If Cantwells cop buddy was Tenney..
    I been saying he should be in jail FOREVER (Tenney)
    Just goes to show you smart people can be stupid

  7. I can’t blame Cantwell for thinking he could win, and not taking the plea: Jesus Christ, it’s the FIRST AMENDMENT!
    The most important one!
    It *should have* won!!!
    A report from inside the trial, would be cool.
    Did the public defender suck?
    Where did it go south?
    Well the ACLU consider it, if not, …anyway…

  8. Joe its the people who don’t want to get sick, and that don’t want to spread sickness, that wear masks.
    That’s all.
    It’s VERY simple and sight forward!
    It has nothing to do with anyone else.

  9. Ian You started your article off very well. You talked about Cantwell and gave great insight. Why did you go off on a tangent about wearing masks and how everything affected you.

    The last half of your article was nothing more than a complete bull session. I believe everyone knows your objections about wearing masks and have for a while. Why go off about how everything affects you and not stay on topic about Cantwell. Wasn’t Cantwell the subject of this article?

    By the way, Cantwell put himself in prison. This trial was not about free speech. It was about an individual who made very serious threats towards another person and his wife. I’m quite sure free speech was not made to include these kinds of threats.

    Cantwell can sit in prison and rot. He knows what he did wrong. His only defense is he got caught.

  10. Joseph Mirzoeff – Nurses, Dr.’s CNA’s etc… have to wear masks around specific patients who are immunosuppressed, or are infectious. It’s in the hospital’s protocols and they would get fired if they didn’t wear a mask.

    How is that so different then wearing masks around others so you don’t pass on or get the covid virus.

    If masks decrease infections, (which has been proven) how can you state wearing masks are for the lower class and the government is manipulating you into wearing one yet, it has been proven they work.

  11. FBI interviewed me last year, because I said mean things about Jews online. Unironically, this was shortly after I had some words with Cantwell on GAB where I called him out on his BS. I proceeded to laugh at them and tell them to fuck off. What I did not do is decide to become a Federal asset so I could help the FBI attack free speech (FBI literally said I was engaging in ‘hate speech’ and accused me of being the next mass shooter,) improve my own position and attempt to eliminate my competition/detractors using State power.

    Cantwell was a Federal asset who grew increasingly unhinged and drunk on the power he thought he had. But, he was sloppy and his actions made the Feds look bad. They decided he had more value as an asset to be put on trial.

    Let’s be honest. This wasn’t some random shitposting on /pol/ or shit talking on an anonymous video game. Cantwell knew Cheddar Mane, he doxxed him, had pictures of his family, threatened to harm his life and his family in an attempt to extort him and then followed through with a false CPS report based entirely on the fact that Mane was engaged in politically protected speech. Then he sent logs of all of his conversations to the LEO/Feds. Cantwell either committed these crimes of his own petty accord or did so on behalf of the FBI, but the crimes still remain.

    Is the FBI engaged in unconstitutional suppression and intimidation when it comes to free speech? Absolutely. Should we care about Cantwell? Absolutely not.

  12. The jury only took three hours.
    The state of race relations, now can’t have been any help to his defence. Even if some jurors wanted to descent, I can imagine doing so would be very tough

  13. @Jumping Jacks.
    Why does knocking the idea of wearing masks masks offend you so much? It’s not like there’s anyone in NH getting hospitalized for covid these days. Shouldn’t that be the metric to consider before threatening violence on people to make them wear them?

  14. Ian Freeman, you are a good man. Kudos to you, sir. I am 100% serious.

    I know that Ian has known Chris for a long time, and I know he strongly disagrees with the direction in which Chris drifted, but in spite of this, Ian is being fair and balanced, as he acknowledges that Chris has been unfairly convicted.

    It is not cool to lock anyone up on false charges, and/or for victimless crimes.

    Just because you may not like some of the things Christopher Cantwell says, it does not justify locking him up on trumped up charges. If this can happen to Cantwell, it can happen to anyone. You could be next.

  15. The Entirely White Man – There are approximately 52 positive coronavirus infections per day in New Hampshire.

    Masks do work. They aren’t perfect but they do work. Look what happened in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, etc… WHen people stopped wearing masks and became more social, the infection rate of Covid went up dramatically and thousands became affected and thousands have died from it..

    I have admitted patient’s to the hospital with covid. I have also seen a couple die. It is tragic, and sad. They die alone. They cannot have visitors or family come to see them. Many are often too sick to carry on a conversation. The pediatric ICU has similar problems. They have to limit visitors to only one and in other places a family member is only allowed to visit three times and then not allowed into the hospital Now flu season is fast approaching and it will make things even more difficult.

    Wearing masks are not going to be 100% effective. But studies have shown they are effective most of the time. Why put yourself or someone else through this just because you think your rights trump everyone else’s What rights will you be exercising if you are in a hospital on a ventilator?

    No one is infallible to infection.

  16. @Jumping Jacks.

    “There are approximately 52 positive coronavirus infections per day in New Hampshire.”

    How many of those cases have lead to hospitalizations? By the way, we also know the death rate in NH is about zero per day, so you might want to work a little on your scare tactics, champ.

    “Look what happened in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, etc… WHen people stopped wearing masks and became more social, the infection rate of Covid went up dramatically and thousands became affected and thousands have died from it..”

    Covid cases went up due to the increased number of people being tested. The number of hospitalizations and deaths remained constant. Those are the only metrics worth caring about, dipshit.

    Oh, and then there’s of course this shit:

    “I have admitted patient’s to the hospital with covid.”

    So you’re a hospital receptionist, then? Wow. That sounds super exciting. I’ll bet that pays really really well, huh?

    “I have also seen a couple die.”

    A couple, huh? Wow. So are you seeking counsel for PTSD?

    “It is tragic, and sad. They die alone. They cannot have visitors or family come to see them. Many are often too sick to carry on a conversation.”

    Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm. Yeah. I can tell you’re really broken up about all of that.

    “Wearing masks are not going to be 100% effective. But studies have shown they are effective most of the time.”

    Uh huh. Except Jeffrey Smith’s and Vittoria Offeddu’s studies came to different conclusions. The science here is hardly settled. Thanks for playing, though.

    Smith, J.D. et al. (2016) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks in protecting health care workers from acute respiratory infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis,” CMAJ Mar 2016.

    Offeddu, V. et al. (2017) “Effectiveness of Masks and Respirators Against Respiratory Infections in Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 11, 1 December 2017, Pages 1934–1942.

    “Why put yourself or someone else through this just because you think your rights trump everyone else’s What rights will you be exercising if you are in a hospital on a ventilator?”

    Simple, retard. Because the mathematics make it clear the risk to me and to others is pretty close to zero.

    “No one is infallible to infection.”

    Christ. You really are a shitty writer, aren’t you? The word you were looking for was “insusceptible,” dipshit.

  17. All these white supremist leaders look like frauds with semetic genetics.

  18. The Entirely White Man – First off, I’m a nurse practitioner. Your name calling and childish rants mean nothing but to expose you as the hateful person you are. You are not infallible to covid and for that matter neither is your family and friends.

    Why risk it? If you don’t want to wear a mask then that’s on you. If there are consequences for not wearing a mask, that is on you as well.

    “The word you were looking for was “insusceptible,” No it wasn’t. .

  19. @Jumping Jacks.

    “First off, I’m a nurse practitioner.”

    Uh huh. Sure you are.

    “Your name calling and childish rants mean nothing but to expose you as the hateful person you are.”

    Ha ha ha. You’re killing me.

    “You are not infallible to covid and for that matter neither is your family and friends.”

    You’re right, dipshit. We’re not. We’re “insusceptible” to it.

    “Why risk it?”

    Simple. With a 99.99% “infallibility” rate, the risk to me and to others is pretty close to zero. Ha ha ha. See what I did there? So funny.

    “If there are consequences for not wearing a mask, that is on you as well.”

    Mmm hmm. Except there are no measurable consequences. Not health-related anyway. Only the risks of what society’s virtue-signaling busybodies and government goons might do to me if I disobey. Your favorite part of all of this, isn’t it Jumping Jacks?

  20. that picture of him as a bloody cop is horrible. He’s negative… that’s why he’s in a negative situation. That plus petty, serious, law men.
    And talking to cops, like Ian said.

  21. They should come for Jesus

  22. i thought cantwell was getting sentenced on the 4th… it says that here… No updates?

  23. I knew Cantwell was a problem the first time I met him in DC. When he got to Keene, and wasn’t immediately rejected, I knew the slid towards hatred and selfishness I’d seen gaining traction in the “liberty” crowd was going too far for me.

    And I do not think his conviction was over “free speech”. He threatened people. He made good on some of those threats, and so it was safe to assume he’d make good on others. Doing so or not, threats of physical violence are not “free speech”. Making personal information public to a known violent faction of extremists is not free speech. Calling government agents on people as a form of harassment is not free speech.

    And this is the problem that eventually drove me away from the movement: when laws are made to restrict liberty; they are done under the guise of safety from criminals. So when you defend liberty at all costs, you end up embracing criminals. And because those of us who won’t associate with that leave, all that’s left is a message of desire to be free to be hateful and selfish and defend the worst parts of humanity.

    No thanks.

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