Patrick Shields found guilty, fine suspended on good behavior

At Keene District court today Patrick Shields, a resident of Keene, was put on trial by the State for charges stemming from the April 13th Court Lobby incident.  At the start of the trial Patrick was informed that the Disorderly Conduct charge was being dropped leaving only the Resisting Arrest charge on the docket.

The trial was very similar to the two held on Monday, July 27 where David Krouse and Nick Ryder faced charges of Disorderly Conduct from the same incident. Police Prosecutor Eli Rivera provided the State’s Testimony, repeating the same statements heard Monday.  Mr. Shields’ argument focused on the fact that Officer Rivera, the arresting officer per the summons, had no physical contact with Mr. Shields and because of this there was nothing to resist as far as a physical arrest.

Patrick also testified that his thought process at the time, given the situation, provided him with one moral option.  He chose to attain a purely passive state and not interact with the Officers.

Judge Edward Burke first congratulated Mr. Shields on his preparation for the trial and then found him guilty.  The punishment handed down was a $1000 fine – suspended.  Should Patrick be convicted of a Class B or greater misdemeanor or a felony within the next year he will have to pay the fine or serve roughly 20 days in jail.

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  1. Great…

    You guys sit in jail and we (the taxpayers) get to pay for it.

    I'm all for freedom of speech and I even agree with a lot of your view points (to a certain extent). But make your point on your own dime, not mine. I've got kids to feed and a mortgage to pay.

    Sorry but I don't have time to devote to the cause. I'm busy working two jobs to feeding those kids and pay that mortgage.

    Isn't infringing on our rights sort of contradictory to your movement anyway? Seems a bit hypocritical.

  2. Mr Lowe,

    I don't believe these gentlemen are infringing on YOUR rights, rather the government is infringing on THEIR rights. It is unfortunate that you as a taxpayer are being forced to pay for this incarceration, but should you not be mad at the people locking up the non-violent man rather than being mad at the non-violent man?

  3. Not mad at the non-violent man. Just think the plan of attack is a bit out of kilter.

    And as I said, I do have respect for the cause/movement but it just needs a little more thoughtfulness ingested into it.

    I know a centralized means of organizing the movement is somewhat against it's ideals. But perhaps a more centralized viewpoint and/or brain-trust is what is required. I think some of the participants just need some guidance (not suggesting discipline or command) at times from that brain-trust. Kind of a take it or leave it form of counseling. And I've read and heard via different media outlets some fairly intelligent prospects for such a brain-trust.

  4. "But make your point on your own dime, not mine. I’ve got kids to feed and a mortgage to pay."

    Obviously the activists the government put in jail unjustly don't have mortgages or people depending on them.

    I understand the frustration, but hopefully it opens eyes. Your money is being wasted. It is being used for things that the government thinks is best, but that is a complete waste. You can not blame the victim. You may think the activists were "asking for it" but it is not their fault that your money is being taken and mismanaged. They don't want to spend time in jail anymore than you want to pay for it. They would prefer to be left alone, just as you would prefer to keep your money.

  5. I really hope that an immediate appeal to Superior Court is filed. Firstly, why drop the "disorderly conduct" charge, but *NOT* the "resisting" one????….WTF?…There are some other grounds for appeal, also. One of the *BEST* reasons to appeal is the chance for a *JURY TRIAL*…///…And Perry Lowe, you need to remember something. If it wasn't for macho assholes like you working 2, 3, even 4 jobs, maybe guys like me could get 1 job…DUH!…(No, Dalebert, I don't want one of *THOSE* jobs!…thanks anyway…////….PS: Why is Perry Lowe complaining about "You guys sit in jail and we (the taxpayers) get to pay for it., when Patrick got a *suspended sentence*???…WTF?…TGIF…

  6. This can all go away if the men with guns initiating the violence simply decide to stop doing so.

    Perhaps if they did, they'd have plenty of time to focus on preventing murder, theft, rape, assault and other violent crimes and the public would respect them again as being "peace" officers.

    Maybe then they wouldn't just be paid mercenaries for the bureaucrats, shaking down peaceful individuals to finance the other unjust acts they commit on those very same peaceful individuals.

    So don't blame the activists for standing up for freedom and the rights of all human beings. Blame those would deny them (and you) their liberty by violent means.

  7. elkfart,

    MACHO ASSHOLE! How does working 2 jobs to support my family make me macho? I may be an asshole (sometimes), but macho. Oh well…

    "It's fun to live at the YMCA…Macho, Macho man, I wanna be a macho man"

    Have a good weekend elky 🙂

  8. Perry, I don't know if you are addressing my trial with your comment, but if you you are, I'd be glad to hear your own suggestions. My email address is If you didn't know, I didn't choose to get arrested that day. I wasn't even aware that passive resistance (going limp) was a criminal offense (and I'm still not sure if it is.) I did what I thought was best in the moment.

  9. Good point: conducting trials & hearings, filling out paperwork, and housing people in jail is certainly a waste of government money.

    Putting these perps to death is way cheaper.

  10. To outsider:

    Nice. Murder peaceful people. Should we expect anything less from a defender of the state? Maybe that's too much of a blanket statement. I'll leave my criticism for individuals who hide their identities online and then wish death on people they disagree with.

  11. …"elky"?…"ELKY"???…***W*T*F****????…no, dipstick, having 2 jobs doesn't make you macho…but being stupid enough to respond to my baited hook, & actually replying does…HMMMmmmmm?….GEE…I think i just swallowed my own hook….But, at least we all get to witness the birth of OF: ELKFARTtheTROLLSLAYER…WTF???,TGIF…Now, back to today's late breaking news: Sam's arrest…(To Lt.Peter Thomas, KPD: "Sturdy, you kids are just making a bad situation worse. You're provoking violence. You've been so used to getting away with anything, for so long, that you think you can get away with this petty, vindictive crap. But, you need to understand. There are consequences. If you keep this shit up, sooner or later, somebody is going to get hurt. Is that really what you want? For too long, good cops have covered for bad cops. That hurts *EVERYBODY*…Time to back down a bit, KPD. But, as poorly trained and supervised as KPD is,…Remember, just because you *CAN* do something, doesn't mean that you *SHOULD*…Try going to Church, or something. AND STOP PROVOKING THE F.S.P. PEOPLE!…LET IT GO…And Sturdy, I'm sure that Ms. Caroline Smith at the Keene Public Defenders' Office will be glad to slurp your willy….After all, she helped put that Manchester Racoon cop-killer on NH's Death Row, right???…OOOH! I'VE BEEN KILLED BY WORDS ON A SCREEN….grow up, get a life…why are you even reading this???…ELKFARTtheTROLLSLAYER!…woo. hoo./

  12. Hey Perry 🙂

    I do agree with others that the aggressive people should be blamed, not the non-aggressive ones, however I like your suggestion regarding input about strategy. There need not be any formal relationship — if someone thinks of a good idea and suggests it, I'm sure that a number of people will support and implement it.

    I hope that if you have good ideas or suggestions as to tactics or strategy you will post them — I'm sure they'd be welcome. As an alternative to getting arrested, what method would you propose?

    Not everyone has the courage or ability to get arrested, so I wager that suggestions for truly effective activism which do not include arrest would receive a lot of support.

  13. Also, does anyone notice the "suspended sentence" strategy? We're not going to fine you if you promise to be a good little serf, but step out of our lines, and the hammer comes down. Please stop doing activism? Pretty please?

  14. How can not resisting be resisting? More cognitive dissonance from the law society.

  15. Say it all together now in sing-song form: "Not a-ssisting is re-sisting."

    If we don't submit to their commands, well that's an effrontery of epic proportions that cannot stand! Do whatcha told, boy, and OBEY!

    Oh, Andy Griffith, wherefore art thou?

  16. He could be you if you ran for sheriff…

  17. I kinda like "Sheriff Zeus". . . it's got a nice ring to it.

  18. Okay, but it's gonna be tough finding a cowardly, statist deputy as unique as Barney Fife. Also, the jail will need to be moved, maybe next door the nearest barbershop, on account we'll only need 3 cells max. That and letting go of most of the force should cut costs by 80% or more. Not sure the voting populace of Keene is ready for it though. 🙂


  19. The population of Keene maybe ready to have their stolen funds refunded. But the police union won't be too happy about their over bloated police force being cut down to the bear essentials.

  20. This case shows why you should not even bother putting up a defense.

    You are guilty of what ever they want you to be guilty of. The charges are bogus just like their judgement is.

    Patrick did not resist arrest at any point, hut he is still guilty of resisting arrest.

  21. web glitch double post

  22. "But the police union won’t be too happy about their over bloated police force being cut down to the bear essentials."

    Yes, Michael, I'm sure the KPD will be chagrined (and indeed mystified) to have nothing but claws, enormous razor-sharp teeth, extensive climbing ability, etc. to work with.

    Instead of putting so much effort into harassing local folks who work for the city, perhaps a little time spent becoming literate would be of benefit?

  23. He makes a spelling error and you think that's worth belittling him over? Criticizing him as being illiterate over an error people unintentionally make all the time? How small and petty of you.

    At one point, I figured "Well, she may not agree with us but at least she's being civil and reasonable. Maybe we can have a decent conversation with her."

    Recent posts over the last week or two, however, have shattered that illusion. You're not only unreasonable, you're just plain cruel and spiteful. A shark looking for blood in the water.

    And I have to wonder: What kind of person, what kind of life must they have lead, to not only disagree with the philosophy of liberty but actively work against it just because they disagree with how others choose to fight against it? What kind of human being chooses tyranny and oppression just because we aren't yet living in a full-blown big brother police state?

    We point out every day through our various media outlets the evidence that this is exactly where this country is headed, each of us choosing whatever method we think is best to head that off at the pass or at least slow it down and yet there are people who not only disagree with us but actively work against us, spending their time to belittle people over trivial shit like spelling, in order to… what?

    What do you hope to accomplish? Demoralize us? Make us go away? What are you, a nihilist? Do you WANT this country to go belly up? Do you honestly desire a country where the state can take whatever they want from you, including your life? Where it watches you 24/7 and forces you to obey whatever diktats they command? Because we're already there and day by day it's getting much, much worse. Story after story. Bailout after bailout. Scandal after scandal, torture after torture, war after war, law after law.

    And in the face of that terrible reality — a reality where the founding fathers of this country would blow their brains out in despair if they could only see what their creation has become — and you sit there feeling it worth your time to write a spiteful post slamming someone for making a spelling error so you can bask in your cleverness.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, Serenity Vampire. Your wish will likely come true.

  24. …"Instead of putting so much effort into harassing local folks who work for the city, perhaps a little time spent becoming literate would be of benefit"…OH, come on, Ann A mazed reeder…You don't think Eli Rivera is gonna become truly fluent in Native American English, do you???…&Ann, bear teeth are *NOT* "razor sharp", nor are their claws "razor sharp"…you're such a stupid cunt…

  25. Hard to offend me elkfart but I heard a thousand openhand slaps to the grille when you used the 'c' word.

    Bad form

  26. Yes, Michael, I’m sure the KPD will be chagrined (and indeed mystified) to have nothing but claws, enormous razor-sharp teeth, extensive climbing ability, etc. to work with.

    weren't you here a few weeks ago spinning some passive-aggressive babble-shit black/white thinking about "black/white thinking", implying… well, implying all sorts of things?

    get yourself to a psych mirror, pronto as fuck, state trollop.

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