Good times at 4:20 in Keene Commons

The announced cannabis smoking event went as planned with no intervention from the state.  As many as a hundred people showed up at Central Square in Keene to live as free men and women.  Many cameras and cigarettes were seen in hands of an upbeat crowd of people.  The smell of marijuana wafted in the air for a few moments here and there as I passed through the throng.

In between fits of laughter and cheering, people were heard pointing out the Keene Police cruisers circling the center.  Officers did not step upon the center but instead stayed on the street and were seen talking with activists and locals; no arrests were made or summons handed out.  Reporters were on hand from both the Union Leader and the Keene Sentinel as well as a video crew from the Obscured Truth Network.

This event is scheduled to take place everyday at 4:20pm.

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