Good times at 4:20 in Keene Commons

The announced cannabis smoking event went as planned with no intervention from the state.  As many as a hundred people showed up at Central Square in Keene to live as free men and women.  Many cameras and cigarettes were seen in hands of an upbeat crowd of people.  The smell of marijuana wafted in the air for a few moments here and there as I passed through the throng.

In between fits of laughter and cheering, people were heard pointing out the Keene Police cruisers circling the center.  Officers did not step upon the center but instead stayed on the street and were seen talking with activists and locals; no arrests were made or summons handed out.  Reporters were on hand from both the Union Leader and the Keene Sentinel as well as a video crew from the Obscured Truth Network.

This event is scheduled to take place everyday at 4:20pm.

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  1. Congratulations to the activists and participants, and thank you!

  2. W00t

  3. This is awesome. I personally don't use drugs, unless absolutely necessary, but bravo to those of you that were there, and peacefully undermined the aparatus of the state.

  4. Thanks for the update! Wish we could have joined y'all but we know you guys and gals did it up right.

  5. I hope this continues until they decide to stop enforcing stupid marijuana laws. Keene is the place to be for liberty activism.

  6. Having a celebratory smoke in NE tonight; congratulations on making Keene freer.

  7. Congratulations on a job well done.

  8. Very Impressive.

  9. Wow. I pray and hope that people everywhere see what those of you in Keene are doing and find the courage to stand up for themselves as well and say NO MORE! to the violent thugs lording over their lives.

    Simply awesome!

  10. Cheers from Michigan.

    Good stuff, folks!

  11. You people are destroying the freedom movement! Why don't you spend all your time trying to beg the legislator to give state permission to some people to smoke cannabis in secret with a prescription? Why not run for governor yourself seeing how he's vetoed it. Our duly elected representatives make the rules. IF WE DON"T OBEY THEM WE WILL MAKE OURSELVES LOOK FOOLISH.


    Good job guys.


  12. Bravo! I wish I could be there! I wouldn't smoke, but I'd sure as heck carry a big @#$@ sign 🙂

  13. Huge! Hahahahah!

    Who is worse? A person who makes bad laws? Or the people who follow them?

  14. "This event is scheduled to take place everyday at 4:20pm."


    You all are setting a great example. Stay peaceful!

  15. This is really amazing stuff! Great job!

  16. …Here's exactly how it went down today: I was strolling downtown Jumanjiville/Keene today…I saw a guy sitting at a table in front of Luca Paris-THE LIAR's cafe – Luca's(I busted my ass washing dishes for the woman-hating Luca Paris for 8 months – $7.50/hour – no raise. He fired me, I went to file unemployment, he lied, said I quit, just so I couldn't get the unemployment that I worked for…so it goes…). I recognized Randall J. "Randy" Tefft, thank-God now retired Keene *PIG*…I was most prepared to just walk right by him…He saw me…got his big-ole shit-eatin'grin on…I figure he's gonna say hi…he sees me, & invites my response by smiling at me(maybe he was making fun of me. Whatever…) So I walk up to his table. I look him in the eye. I say, "Tefft, you're a fucking piece of shit." Or maybe, "You're a fucking piece of shit, *TEFFT*"…Whatever…I'm waiting for something, anything out of Tefft. At first, he thinks I'm kidding, maybe. Then he sees the non-expression on my face…He says, "You're serious, aren't you?" I say, "Yes, you're a fucking piece of shit, Tefft." All of a sudden, he whips out his cell phone, says, "I'm gonna call the Police." (Gee, Tefft, aren't *YOU* the police???…)So I say, Well, then, I'm just gonna turn and walk away…See, Tefft has falsely & fraudulently conspired to fabricate charges against me. Worst case was Christmas Eve, 2005…Tefft & Eli Rivera dupe officer Lundin into joining them in falsely arresting me. Tefft and Rivera both LIED IN SWORN STATEMENTS. That's OK. Perjury by cop is acceptable evidence in Burke-the-jerk's Kangaroo Court…Tefft is a real macho tough guy when he's got his gun. But little old me? Never attacked anybody? Tefft gets all girly-man! Can't even shit-talk me back! PROOF, that those two BULLIES-WITH-BADGES, Tefft & Rivera, are COWARDS AT HEART! Fuck you, Tefft, LEAVE *ME* alone, asshole!////////the 420 Rally was AWESOME!!!

  17. Point of information: The gathering was at Central Square. The "Center At Keene" is a different place.

  18. Oh, and there was a reporter there from WKBK radio (me). My video is at

  19. my last comment didn't post… test test test

  20. Is there some kind of filter for posts? Or did my comments get moderated? Are there any rules, like i used at one point. is that prob?

  21. May the junk-looking email address you posted with triggered the spam filter. That's where I found your post.

    It will also knock out posts with a certain number of links, but that wasn't present in your post, so I don't know for sure why it was marked.

    Thanks for participating here at Free Keene!

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