Keene Crackdown at Pumpkin Fest

420 rally at City Hall during Pumpkin fest

Six individuals were arrested by police this afternoon at Pumpkin Fest.  The daily 420 event was moved to the area directly in front of City Hall due to the massive pumpkin display at Central Square.  Rich Paul of Keene took to the megaphone in front a large crowd and at the proper time lit a pipe presumably containing marijuana, a plant.  Police quickly surrounded Mr. Paul and placed him under arrest.  Noah Wood and Evan Pierce were also seen lighting up and were arrested as well.

Three other individuals were also arrested at city hall, when asked about the charge officers indicated that they did not know why they were arresting the three.  A witness reportedly saw one of the individuals attempt to enter the city hall building prompting police to arrest him.  It is unknown at this time exactly what happened.  Ryan Maddox, Dan Steward and Yadra, all from the Keene area.

Latest update:  Rich Paul, Noah Wood and Dan Steward have been released; Ryan Maddox, Evan Pierce and Yadra are reported to be at the Cheshire County Correctional Facility.

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