When Bureaucrats Attack

The now infamous camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby of the Keene city hall has expanded again. OTN camera crews are attacked by Keene District Court Security with a metal door.

All this happens right in front of a Keene policewoman who refuses to even take a report, much less arrest  the out of control court employee.  Plans for a massive camera civil disobedience event are in the works. How much longer can this behavior go on, and how do you feel knowing you pay them to treat you this way?

I would like to add, this video quotes laws that I do not personally believe in.  The purpose of this video (along with our requests to “arrest that man” in the video) are used rhetorically to shed light on the hypocrisy of “government law”.  I think it was made profoundly clear the government only serves to protect itself, even at the expense of the safety of “the people”.

I do not advocate the use of force against another for non-violent acts; however, I feel defensive restraint is acceptable to prevent further harm.  In this case, I believe measures should be taken to see that Sam receives restitution, and the court security officer in question should be removed from his position.  This is not the first time this man has used violence for his own amusement, and I fear it won’t be the last.  Someone has told him he is allowed to use physical violence against his fellow human beings without recourse, and he seems to take pleasure in that.  He has become a danger and should have been removed from his position AND the building immediately following this incident.

At the very least, he should be ashamed.

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