“Don’t Be Courteous”

Here’s a better video from this morning’s encounter between friendly FIJA activists and the armed men known as sheriffs:

This is the additional video shot by Eric, one of my old neighbors from Texas who is planning a move to Keene.

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  1. These cops are insane. Really, classic definition. Holding the door open for someone is impeding them? I mean, they are absolutely mad. Utterly mad.

  2. Well, when holding the door open, it is nice to hold it open as wide as possible and that wasn't done in the video. If Ian holds the door open in the future, maybe he will do a better job.

    Nevertheless, it isn't (shouldn't be a crime). Ian was clearly trying to be nice and I do see that he hurt anyone from the video.

  3. You mean at 5:40, Keith? That door is at least 90degrees open. Talk about a nitpicker.

  4. These guys clearly do not listen to themselves speaking and do not even care. The arguments are irrelevant. They go out there in defense of something – their system. Complete "us vs. them" mentality. Have to find a way to defuse that or you will never get through to them.

  5. 1. It's all about control. They just want a little compliance to re-enforce that they're still in control. Like when a cop makes up an arbitrary distance he wants me to stand from a traffic stop.

    2. Only a certain sub-section of the Disorderly Conduct RSA requires a complaint from a private citizen. Other sub-sections can still be applied without it.

  6. I smell a C.R.A.P. Video!

  7. Courts Require Avoiding Politeness

  8. LOL, You write it we shoot it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Stop being courteous or we will charge you with a crime! I haven't seen the "divide and conquer" approach from the government stated so bluntly. (If people are nice to each other, they make us irrelevant—quick, put an end to that!)

  10. This would have been a great time for a 'laugh at them' moment.

    You can't hold open that door, its impeding traffic.

  11. His first name is "Kelvin". Yes, that is spelled correctly. He is not a bad guy, he has simply been around government jobs far too long to risk anything. He likes to believe that his job is infinite as the world crashes. He's also not stupid (but he is government, so he's not apt to think too hard).

    If I'm not mistaken he has never had a "real job" in his life. Perhaps as a youth but not since his first taste of what it means to be government. Please don't twist what I'm saying to mean he is a bad guy. He isn't. He's actually pretty good, but like I said, he is a government guy. He has the mentality. Sorry Kelvin. I really like you buddy. I do think next time you will do the right thing, or at least some day. I know you are trying hard. Please try harder.

  12. Second best moment: the people having to wind their way through the deputies who are actually blocking the door.

    Best moment: Sam's "Can I get that for you?" as he holds the door open for Deputy #4 (with the camera).

  13. By deciding, and stating, that they won't have a discussion, and at the same time continually lying, they're setting themselves up to just be ignored. I wonder how they'd feel about someone ignoring them, and making any comment to the camera. I'm sure it's against some statute to ignore the cops.

  14. I like Russell Kanning's attempts to be non-confrontational when he talks to people he disagrees with, hopefully lessening tension and maybe reconciling the issue. Like Ian does on Talkback. We need to convert individuals to our way of thinking, including those that work as confrontational sheriffs.

  15. HAHA! wow another fun video. i want to come up there and be your friend and do stuff like that with you. i dont have to work or anything like that do i? btw i still want a bumpersticker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. When the Deputy came out with the video camera I heard Ian say something about Counter Terrorism. If what the Deputy was doing was counter terrorism, then that would mean we are the terrorists? I gues IAN said what he was really thinking in his mind, but doesn't say with his mouth. Ian get it straight next time. We are not the terrorists. Even thought most people ( including you obviously) believe so. Thanks Sam Dodson

  17. Clearly you are not Sam and I didn't say anything of the sort. That was the real Sam that said that, and I believe he misspoke.

  18. Sam,

    On April 7th you blogged the story, "The City of Keene is Here to Serve You!". The last line of the story you wrote, "Stay tuned, this will not go away."

    I understand that bu your own admission, the blog post you wrote is substantially inaccurate. When are you going to clear the record, or is accountability only for others?

    Love and bell-bottoms,


  19. Ian, what do you mean that clearly I am not Sam. What you don't thnk there are more than one sam in this world? I guess we will never know. And since you don't have any video on who said the "supposed" mistake about the counter terrorism, then I will stand with my first statement about you saying it. Boy it sure is tough when you are caught on video audio saying something that totally goes against what you are trying to prove wrong. I have an idea. Why don't you go back home to your daddy that abused you and caused you to hate everything that is controlling. Oh ya he would just kick your ass again. Enjoy. Thanks Sam Dodson your committed Terrorist that wants to overthrow the government and cause complete caos.

  20. Re: "Sam Dodson"

    It was a joke — tongue and cheek. Often, when bureaucrats object to FIJA activsim, or filming, they express concern about "terrorism". This is what happened to George Donnelly, for example.

    Sam (the real one), was making a joke about the absurdity of using "terrorism" as an excuse to crack down on such an obviously peaceful event.

  21. Paul, just for your knowledge, I am the real Sam Dodson. The person you are refering to as the real Sam Dodson, well his "real name" is Sam Miller. So who is the real Sam Dodson? I believe it is me who's name is really Sam Dodson and not the person that didn't like his name because his parents gave it to him (shame on them for doing that ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and decided to change it from Miller to Dodson. Anyway what was said was said and is now forever on video and the internet. Enjoy. thanks, The REAL Sam Dodson.

  22. I find it hard to believe that your name really is Sam Dodson. But, if it is, I suggest you choose a moniker that will differentiate you in some way, since, as you must know, a rather prominent participant here already uses that name. I'm sure you wouldn't want to cause confusion.

  23. Well I am going to continue to use my name since it is my real name and not one that I have decided to call myself. So will the real Sam Dodson please stand up ( that would be me) and the imposter Sam Dodson ( that would be Sam Miller) please sit down. Thanks , the real Sam Dodson…

  24. I am amused by the real Sam Dodson. So where do you hail from "real Sam Dodson?" Please tell us more about yourself and how you are not like the imposter!

  25. Maybe just use the name 'Real Sam Dodson',and the other one could be 'the New Sam Dodson' ,like Coke did a few years ago.Fortunately,I am the only- —bil

  26. So now I am being told how I have to distinguish myself from others. My name is Sam Dodson given to me by my parents. that is the only name I want to go by. So maybe Sam Miller should use his real name and that would solve the problem. Why change your name from Miller to Dodson if you don't have something to hid. Just a thought.

  27. Actually, many, if not most people, in media and entertainment use pseudonyms. It doesn't mean they have something to "hid". You're being both petty, and silly.

    If you have a substantive disagreement, I suggest a substantive discussion, rather than childish behavior.

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