Soon to be Seen in the Streets of Keene: the “BearCat”

On a recent trip to Manchester, Keene activists happened to be walking by the police station when we got a preview of the intimidating “BearCat” that the Keene police will be given by the federal gang. See it up close:

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  1. I'm really not a fan of the giant translucent "Free Keene" banner that takes up half the size of the video… just sayin

  2. It's only about 1/3, and it's called a watermark.

  3. Killing machine, yet is strapped almost exclusively with rescue equipment..

  4. Whatever terminology suits the FreeKeene propaganda………

  5. Well that was nice… you have a pleasant cop come out, with untold possibilities of having a decent convo – and Mark Talley has to be a prick with his usual I hate you tone – "None of your business". As if answering the question that seemed purely conversational in spirit would have been detrimental to everyone's freedom.

    Talley's mom: "Goodnight son"

    Talley: "None of your business"

    ER Doctor: "On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the pain you are experiencing?"

    Talley: "None of your business"

    Stranger in the street: "Oops – sorry I bumped into you, are you okay?"

    Talley: "None of your business" *feigns surprise at such a rude question*

  6. Why do they call them "grants" and "free money" from the Federal government? Doesn't somebody have to pay for this? Hmmm.

  7. Hopefully, Keene's Lenco Bearcat will have much better security than the boneheads in Manch have given to THEIR "counter-attack truck"….

    If *I* had been there, I could have easily slapped some C4 under the vehicle,…..

    …a strong electro-magnet, activated / energized next to one of the processors, resulting in a FRIED electrical system…(…it's not shielded from EMP, is it…???…

    …nail blocks slipped under the wheels…

    …a coat of annoxic di-hydrazine chloride sprayed on the exhaust system…

    ….etc., etc., etc.,….




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