Bearcat Reconsideration Public Hearing is Happening, Thanks to Terry Clark

BearcatNo mention of this in the Sentinel, but at last night’s city council meeting it was revealed that councilor Terry Clark has brought up the Bearcat for public hearing at an upcoming meeting. Terry Clark, as you may recall, is the lone councilor who heroically voted against accepting federal money to buy a Bearcat armored attack machine in the first place. According to John McLean, city boss, the city council can re-hear an issue once a year, and when a councilor brings an issue forward, there has to be a public hearing. Unlike when someone recently presented 144 petition signatures asking for a public hearing on the matter, which were gathered over one weekend, and the council blew it off as “informational”.

Here’s a facebook event for the next City Council meeting. Come with signs and show your support for a peaceful, not militarized, Keene police.

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