NH to Cage Peaceful Nurse

The Associated Press reports:

New Hampshire’s highest court has upheld a woman’s marijuana-growing conviction, ruling she had no reasonable expectation to privacy in a wooded area of her property from which police observed her house and detected the smell of marijuana coming from a vent.

Patricia Smith of Haverhill was charged in 2009 after police raided her house and found a pot-growing operation and 120 plants. During court proceedings, a superior court denied Smith’s motion to suppress evidence.

In appealing to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Smith’s attorney argued that police violated Smith’s constitutional right to privacy and protection from unreasonable searches when they essentially conducted a stakeout in the woods behind her home.

Watch the following videos produced by myself and Garret Ean of Free Concord. When watching, ask yourself if you want to see Patricia Smith caged for growing her own medicine, in her own home. If you’re a citizen of New Hampshire or the United States this is being done in your name, with your money.

Fr33Agents.TV will be releasing two more videos this week from the same conversation that Bob Constantine and I had with Nurse Patricia. Footage from these conversations can also be found on the January 30th episode of Free Keene TV.

Click on the images in this post to view the three previous videos that Bob and I produced to bring more attention to the plight of a peaceful woman whose had her life destroyed by the State.

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