LENCO Sales Reps: Keene Has The Most Passion

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It was an amazing night. (Video to come.) Not only was it awe-inspiring to see so many people pouring out from Keene and the rest of the Monadnock region in favor of peace, but the LENCO reps actually commented afterwards that Keene was the place where they had experienced the most passionate response to their BEARCAT.

Some had suspected that LENCO had never experienced anything like Keene, as evidenced by their desperate attempt this week to cover up their Bearcat promo video. Their military-fetishizing video was subsequently re-posted to several youtube channels, ensuring it will never go away entirely.

Who testified in favor of the BEARCAT? Why city staff and former cops on city pensions, of course. Among us non-aggressors, the supermajority of the audience and speakers were in opposition. This is not speculation. I asked during my speech to have the audience raise their hands if they opposed the BEARCAT. I hope someone got a picture or video of the huge response.

Before the rest of the story, I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out last night. The city council chambers were standing-room only. Derrick J will be releasing video of the police preventing him and others including Nick Ryder from getting in because the room was at “capacity”. How often does that happen at a city council meeting?

After going for hours, everyone finally had a chance to speak. Especially the state agents and the retired cops. For some reason, they were given a large leeway on how long they could speak in comparison to us serfs.

The commission decided to take the night’s testimony as “informational” and pass it back to the full council. Terry Clark, the heroic lone councilor who stood for peace tonight, will not be at the next city council meeting on Thursday, and requested they postpone any vote on the matter to the following council meeting the first Thursday of March. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. If they don’t, the council can just accept it as “informational” and the issue is off the table again. As you might imagine, it will be necessary for those who support peace to contact the full council and share their feelings and thoughts on this matter.

After the meeting, while outside conversing with liberty-oriented friends, the LENCO sales reps, including their head of sales, Jim Massery (Here’s his blog he mentioned to us tonight.) came outside and talked with us. All the while, a line of Keene cops curiously stood in the background with their arms crossed. I suggested to a friend that they were there as an escort for the BEARCAT salesmen, but it was more in jest. Turns out, that’s likely why they were there. When the LENCO people left, so did the cops.

The LENCO salesmen shared with us that the reason they came to Keene (besides trying to save the sale of a BEARCAT) was to experience what was the most passionate and organized opposition they’ve ever had, in the history of all 300+ BEARCAT sales they have made to police departments around the country.

That’s worth repeating.

The LENCO people recognized that Keene was the most significant of all the opposition they’ve ever encountered! The word passion was often used. It was a tremendous compliment to the peace-loving activists who inhabit this beautiful place. I’m so grateful to be here amongst you all.

Thank you to everyone who has written letters to the editor, called radio shows, spread the word about attending, spoken at, and attended the city meetings. There is much more to be done. Rumor has it the city councilors are just going through the motions and have their minds made up. Who on the council will act on their conscience, support peace, and reject the BEARCAT and the fear-based mentality associated with it? Only time will tell. Use that time to share with them your perspective.

Again, here’s the Facebook event for the upcoming full council meeting where they will address this issue. Please share it with your friends and come out to oppose the BEARCAT. Remember to bring signs as you will not be allowed to speak at these meetings. (Except during breaks, then you may be able to talk to a city council member one-on-one. Though, you can do that now via their contact information.)

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  1. Hopefully, that "passion" will translate into the government doing one thing right.

    I like results.

  2. Doubtful, knowing how the council tends to be. But, ya never know.

  3. Excellent.

    Always a hat-tip when your opponent has to give you respect (even if grudgingly) for your efforts.

    I see this as a win-win. Either the council does the better thing, and turns down this silly APC, or they openly defy the obvious opinion of the general public whom they claim to represent, which will wake some folks up to the ridiculousness of the government's claim in that regard. Whichever of those choices the council makes, it is a win for liberty…

    Also, as an additional comment, I find it amusing how the trolls have been adamantly opposed to the anti-BEARCAT group. The trolls have always said that they don't like the tactics used by "FreeKeene" (as if that were a monolithic entity), but here we have a situation where, as far as I can tell, FK members have behaved exactly as the trolls said they should (collecting petition signatures, writing letters to the editor, attending government meetings and speaking rather than mocking), and the trolls are still condemning FK.

    So, kudos to those who just proved that these bigots are just using their complaints about tactics as an excuse; in reality, they simply hate liberty and anyone who supports it, and will demonstrate that fact even when the tactics used are exactly what they've said are the few "acceptable" ones.

  4. Hmm…hard to tell the cops from military these days isn't it?

    Federal Grants must be magic, you know like "free money".

  5. wow… Man!, a PICTURE of the KEENE pd with arms folded behind the Purveyor of war machines.

    "we must protect the man we REALLY care about " The war machine seller..

    That sound like a powerful picture.

    Um we should definitely show up at the council meeting because though there ARE tv cameras , people should be there with signs : EYES looking at them as they cram this war machine down keene's throat

  6. The LENCO salesmen was just shining you on… it's a tactic.

  7. I could see that Thom, but why? Why would he do that ; to what ends?

    I really see no motivation for him…..which makes me tend toward the blogger's view.

  8. I'm not saying that it wasn't true… I'm saying the way for him to deescalate the situation was to act like we aren't at cross purposes. He wants less opposition to his sales.

  9. When the militarization of America is complete, then, and only then, will the COUP begin…


    RON PAUL 2012

    RON PAUL 2012


  10. HA! Yeah, only here in safe little Keene could the FreeWeenie Rabble and Riff-Raff Club find safe sanctuary. If ya told the TRUTH, Ian, you’d point out that there are other BearCat models that are dedicated SWAT Trucks, with battering rams and weapons. But that is NOT the model BearCat Keene is getting. Keene is getting one that is NBC / CBRNE capable. That means it has monitoring and detection equipment for various chemical, nuclear&radiological, biological, and explosive materials. If a tanker truck carrying flammable chemicals collides with a truck carrying hospital – grade radioactive waste, and there’s release of toxic substance, the BearCat can handle that. While safety of operators and crew is first, the BearCat is equally able to provide that protection to ANY citizen who needs it. Yes, Keene’s BearCat will be lovely. Peace through strength.
    Thanks to you FreeWeenies, for giving such a good workout to the Lenco Rep. If he can sell Keene a BearCat, he can sell ANY town a BearCat. And Keene is getting a BearCat… And no, sorry, david, Chief Meola will NOT be letting the BearCat come crashing through the wall of the Keene Activist Center. You can keep hanging out and smoking dope with your other Cult buddies. When the Police finally shut down that nest of vipers, regular cruisers will suffice. (For people who keep spouting that “non-violence” crap, you sure are a bunch of rude, disrespectful, ignorant, provocative, and immature jerks. What’s up with that?…

  11. Start letters of protest to Congressman Bass, Senators Shaheen and Yyotte. Your so call representation in Washington approved funding the LENCO7w2, to enslave you, future generations, . Tell them you want the grant rescind NOW, not tomorrow. The grant was not theirs to give away. Grant money is your tax money. It is an election, all of you can impact the outcome.

  12. This thing would be easily defeated by anyone that had the inkling to do so with about 5 dollars worth of ammunition (to snipe out the gunner) and about $25 worth of gasoline (to roast the morons inside that thought it would keep them safe)

  13. There a lot of incidents of toxic chemical tankers colliding with radioactive waste trucks in Keene, Slave King? Or are you just jumping at the opportunity to go full retard in fellating the state on this?

  14. "There a lot of incidents of toxic chemical tankers colliding with radioactive waste trucks in Keene, Slave King?"

    Hey… it /could/ happen.

    I think Keene should get an anti-aircraft missile installation, in case of an attack by Mothra…

  15. We're working on a new 4G Stealth BearCat model.

    It will look just like a bunch of illegals smoking meth in a Supra…

  16. All I could think of when I saw the clip on this machines capability's,was WACO.

    You remember that right? Where the federal agencies gathered to shoot ,gas and

    burn to death many men ,women and children, for the purpose of possible child


  17. @David Chessler

    Wow you’re smart aren’t you? No gun you can buy would pierce the bulletproof glass on a Bearcat. I’m sure it’s fire resistant too.


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