Pro-Peace Activists Pay a Visit to KPD Headquarters Regarding the BEARCAT

Video courtesy FreetheAgora:

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  1. Hey Ian, do you have insurance against bearcat demolition on your policy at the KAC?

    The bearcat comming to get you, the bearcat coming to get you! The bearcats coming to get you……….

  2. When did Frank Serpico join the FK????

  3. GODDAMN IT, SIMONDS, you MUST have an opinion! You MUST VOICE your opinion! You WILL TELL ME your opinion, even if you don't want to!

    You WILL TELL ME, Chris Simonds,

    WHAT IS your opinion! You are NOT FREE to keep your opinion to yourself.

    I dragged my skanky ass down here, just to harass and harangue you,



    Don't deny Kelly's CUNT…

    What do YOU think, Simonds?


  4. TANKS 4 duh mammaries.


  5. yada yada yada yaday

    yada yada yada yaday

    yada yada YO!

    yada yada YAY!

    yada yada

    blah blah blah

    blah blah blah

    Quick, Derrick, get my make-up shovel for me, will ya,

    and that extra tube of Clearasil, and my pimple kit, too…

    Oh, Derrick, sweety-kins, Kelly's CUNT so wishes

    you were man enough to steam clean these meat curtains…

  6. I am gross and perverted, I am obsessed and deranged,

    I have existed for years, but very little has changed, I'm the tomb of the government and industry, too, for I am destined to school, and liberate you,

    I may be vile and pernicious, but you can't look away,

    I'll make you think I'm delicious,

    with the stuff that I say,

    I'm the best you can get,

    have you guessed me, yet?

    I'm the slime oozing out of my SKANKY*CUNT*…

    _(…gee, looks like all that hatred and venom you ALSO spew, is having some effect on somebody, Kelly…we like your attitude, Kelly…it inspires US!……

    Keep up the CUNT work, Kelly, somebody has to do it, huh???….

  7. Oh Frank.

  8. LMAO….nice to see I have fans 🙂

  9. PMGO(puking my guts out). Too bad we have to see your flabby trailer trash.

  10. If only you were laughing at least some of your ass off.

  11. name,

    Your talk SPEAKS OF YOU.

    No one else.

  12. your talks speaks of the way YOU ARE.

  13. Talk speaks? Talks speaks? Can't quite figure which one is correct, can you david? Maybe when ian makes it to school board he can get some adult education in the school curriculum. You can take English as a second language, kelly and derrick can take beginning pole dancing, and ryan can take driver's ed.

  14. you know what I said as did everyone seeing this..mister "name" lol

    your dodge is OLD and everyone see through it lol mister "name"lol

    and I spoke the truth mister "name" your truth..and it aint

  15. your dodge is oldest of the old, and it's even way much more see-through on you

    david. you don't know squat truth, kid.

    don't speak or talk it out in type its all the same, dudge.

    and go bovine sponge yuour cow, too!

  16. I dont what turned you on fk brad but……seems like your convictions are subservient to your hatred ….. …

  17. ESL might be a good program for you, david.

  18. a Evelyn Wood manners class might be good for you "name"

  19. dont come back till you have it thoroughly studied

  20. dont come back till you have it thoroughly studied

    Tell you what david, you sign up for ESL, and I'll take a 'manners class'.

  21. your back… that was q order and your disobeying …. i dont need to be born again :i was born right the first time……

  22. Me naim iz david and me lykes eew alawt. u wana b mi frend???

  23. Born again? What the fuck does English as a Second Language have to do with being born again?

    Perhaps you need a speed reading class too. Know of any?

  24. think about it …

  25. Ironic that the man who considers the hypocritical manners of FK, who seem to be making a habit of harassing not only public officials but also normal citizens, to be ok is suggesting others learn manners.

  26. Aw, pyotr, why'd you have to go and bring actual thought into the discussion?

    Think about it david… No wait, that might be a little too hard for you. Just respond without thinking. Like you usually do.

  27. typos are simple mistakes that everyone does….saying nasty things is intentional and with malice .

    Saying nasty thing speaks of the person talking.

    Making typos could be the fault of the key board.

    But this is simple stuff we already know

  28. I cun-fess. Itz eye Hoo mayK-ss david tipe lyke dat…

  29. david on Sat, 11th Feb 2012 8:23 pm

    I dont what turned you on fk brad but……seems like your convictions are subservient to your hatred …..


    Uh, david, I thought Bradley Jardis WAS on you guys side? WTF?…….

    ? 🙁


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