City Councilors “On the Fence” Regarding BEARCAT – Please Call ASAP

NO BEARCATI just got off the phone with a local business owner.  I was told that while at least a few city councilors have committed to voting against the BEARCAT, others have said they are on the fence. The vote is tomorrow night, March 1st. Please take the time to call as many of the city councilors as possible and tell them how you feel about the BEARCAT. Reports are that the pro-BEARCAT people are calling too and are trying to make this out to be a Free Keene-only issue. We know that the BEARCAT is opposed by the supermajority of Keene and FK is merely but one aspect of the opposition to this, but the councilors may not realize this, especially with the misinformation campaign being waged by the FK haters.

Here are the city councilors’ numbers. Please don’t delay. If we turn around this vote, we can make history by being the only place to ever refuse a BEARCAT, and perhaps we could start a trend of more refusals around the country.

Janis Manwaring 352-7185
Dave Richards 352-1084
Phil Jones 358-5016
James Duffy 357-8761
June Donegan 357-3827
Dave Meader 357-1340
Thom Powers 357-3738
Chris Roberts 352-1105
Dale Pregent 352-6736
Ruth Venezia 352-4822
Carl Jacobs 352-0421
Bettina Chadbourne 852-6173
Terry Clark~ AGAINST IT

If a councilor expresses support for the BEARCAT, you may want to inform them that you will campaign against them if they run for re-election.

P.S. You can buy “Thanks but No Tanks” T-shirts now at Corner News! Please attend Thursday night’s meeting at 7pm in city hall, but show up early to get a seat. Last time they stopped allowing people inside due to the large numbers of attendees. Bring a sign or wear a TBNT shirt, because you won’t be allowed to speak at this meeting. See you there.

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